ACP Interviews Part 2

Hey all, Larry here! I will usually only do one interview a week, but due to the many requests I’m going to do two this week. This next person is one you all know. He has a very controversial story, he was demoted as 2ic! Most say he deserved it due to how inactive he was, but some thought he was too harsh. It’s time we here from the man himself. On how he’s dealing with life after ACP, the best part of his ACP experience, and how he feels on his friends turning on him. Ladies and gentlemen, Larry Guy Interviews is proud to present KTMAN, UNCUT AND UNCENSORED:

L: Thank you Ktman for agreeing to doing the interview, first off, how are you doing after retirement?

K: I’m doing well, I’m now working with the popular CP army news CPA Central.

L: Great! How’s that going?

K: Great. The current staff is happy for me to be a part of it, and many of the soldiers and leaders here in ACP were happy for me.

L: Let’s talk about yours demotion,  how did you feel when you found out?

K: Sad, angry, and shocked. First off, I had been writing a post at the time which was a lot of irony and shock, I was angry because I thought I didn’t deserve it and though I was being messed with, and sad because I saw my friends agreeing with the leaders on my demotion.

L: Why do you think they demoted you?

K: I think that some people wanted my spot and in order to get someone to power, you have to get rid of someone. Anyone would have wanted that spot. That’s why all my so called “friends” agreed with the demotion, they thought they were next in line in my opinion.

L: What was the best part of your ACP experience?

K: The friends. I loved meeting all these great people on chat.

L: Like who?

K: I could go on for a long time, but I always like hanging out with you, and fox, and packer, and batin, and thom and ias, and boomer… I could go on and on forever…

L: Haha I’m sure you could. Any final thoughts?

K: I’d like to say thank you for a life changing experience ACP, the good, and the bad. Could I be back some day? Maybe.

L: We will see where your road takes you. Thank you Ktman and best of luck in future.

 Well there you have it, the words of Ktman. Thank you all for tuning in and don’t forget to comment! Here’s a preview of next week’s segment: “In a world where men mainly dominate ACP, one girl stands to be the different and prove that she is fit enough to hang with the boys. She may be shy sometimes, but she has potential!” Who is it? Comment along with your post and make your guesses! Thanks again! Until then, Larry out!

Larry’s Edit: I will be on a family vacation until Monday. See you all then!

Active Senate Post

This is an active senator post so this way i know that you know that you are with us. Only people in the government can comment (excluding ambassadors). Do not post anything stupid or silly just a confirm. I am strict about this. Also there will be a senate meeting this saturday at 7:00 est.

7 est

6 cst

5 mst

4 pst

ok hope you all will be there.

Practice Session #1


Tons of recent posts, make sure you read them:

We will be having a practice session this Friday (today).  The focus of the practice is going to be charging and regrouping.  Here is the info:

When: Friday, December 4, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Snow Forts

Chat: ACP Chat


3:00 pm PST

4:00 pm MST

5:00 pm CST

6:00 pm EST

11:00 pm U.K.

Because of Club Penguin’s faulty programming, giving commands on Club Penguin has become more difficult.  For this reason, I ask that you keep an eye on chat, and I will give the command first there, and then I want all of you to repeat the command on Club Penguin and carry it out.  Here are some more tips.

Charging and Regrouping

  • Watch for the signal to charge on chat (I will give a countdown).
  • If you are on Club Penguin, keep an eye on me and I will step out of the way, say the command, and wave when it is time.
  • For charges, try to run in a straight line as opposed to all converging on one point.  This creates a wall of soldiers on the charge instead of just a single-file line.
  • When you charge, carry out the direct type.  There is an emote bomb (do clovers by hitting  “E + L”), a joke bomb (hold down “J”), and an ACP bomb (copy and paste the word ACP repeatedly).
  • Keep spamming the enemy until I direct you to regroup (you must keep an eye out for me so you know when to stop).
  • After I call for a regroup, everyone stop spamming and move back towards me.
  • When you have reached where I am, stand in a group, but spread out!  We want to look as big as possible.  I will not proceed with a second charge until we spread out.
  • Once we have regrouped sufficiently, we will charge the enemy again before they have a chance to regroup themselves.
  • You can repeat these steps over and over until your enemy is completely obliterated.

Also make sure you are on chat, I will be explaining in more detail different types of charges and grouping formations.

Comment if you can make it!  Also make sure to check out the post about our 2nd practice session on Saturday HERE!