Practice Session #1


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We will be having a practice session this Friday (today).  The focus of the practice is going to be charging and regrouping.  Here is the info:

When: Friday, December 4, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Snow Forts

Chat: ACP Chat


3:00 pm PST

4:00 pm MST

5:00 pm CST

6:00 pm EST

11:00 pm U.K.

Because of Club Penguin’s faulty programming, giving commands on Club Penguin has become more difficult.  For this reason, I ask that you keep an eye on chat, and I will give the command first there, and then I want all of you to repeat the command on Club Penguin and carry it out.  Here are some more tips.

Charging and Regrouping

  • Watch for the signal to charge on chat (I will give a countdown).
  • If you are on Club Penguin, keep an eye on me and I will step out of the way, say the command, and wave when it is time.
  • For charges, try to run in a straight line as opposed to all converging on one point.  This creates a wall of soldiers on the charge instead of just a single-file line.
  • When you charge, carry out the direct type.  There is an emote bomb (do clovers by hitting  “E + L”), a joke bomb (hold down “J”), and an ACP bomb (copy and paste the word ACP repeatedly).
  • Keep spamming the enemy until I direct you to regroup (you must keep an eye out for me so you know when to stop).
  • After I call for a regroup, everyone stop spamming and move back towards me.
  • When you have reached where I am, stand in a group, but spread out!  We want to look as big as possible.  I will not proceed with a second charge until we spread out.
  • Once we have regrouped sufficiently, we will charge the enemy again before they have a chance to regroup themselves.
  • You can repeat these steps over and over until your enemy is completely obliterated.

Also make sure you are on chat, I will be explaining in more detail different types of charges and grouping formations.

Comment if you can make it!  Also make sure to check out the post about our 2nd practice session on Saturday HERE!


65 Responses

  1. first 😛 and i can come

  2. pshh 2nd and i can also come

  3. not sure if i can

  4. i can make it

  5. I can make it,


  6. I may make it

  7. ill make it to

  8. Ima be there!

  9. I can make it, Boomer.

  10. Sorry, I can’t make it.

  11. try to make it

  12. Can’t make it.


  13. Um… I don’t get it. Whenever I try to make it for a battle the December 3rd battle was at Walrus at the Snow Forts and I try to make it and watch but when i got on at like 2:30 and I checked the site it said that the next battle will be at December 4th does that mean the Dec 3rd one will continue and you just putting up a warning? or does it mean that the fight was over?

  14. Yeah! i’ll be there!

  15. I can make it!

  16. I will be there

  17. I might be able to!

  18. I’ll will be there yeah i do think we need to work on some stuff so lets do our best guys!

    Rock on acp!

  19. i think i can make it

  20. I’ll make it.

  21. I think I can come
    Dan Popper
    Rock On!

  22. I think I can make it


  24. No reason I can’t make it but… no guarantees.

  25. As usual, I can’t make it.

  26. i will make it

  27. You can count on me sir!

    Brigaider General~Happyman444

  28. I will be there, count on it 😉 !

  29. Errrr sorry guys i got school

  30. i can make it

  31. I’m sorry, i cant be there. I have a school dance until then, and then a Christmas party at my dad’s work right after.

  32. I can probably make it.

  33. yes sir i will be there and u still need to add me to the ranks i just joined today a cople of hours ago and met up with some soilders today sir thank u sir

  34. I hope I can be there

  35. ill try to make it

  36. I should be able to make it.

  37. i think i can

  38. I can make it 😉


  39. ill be there count me in long live acp

  40. im coming!

  41. nope 2:00 AM my time
    -Xxshadowxxh “Flaming Shadow” 😎

  42. I am retiring ACP

  43. This is my retiring speach please post it

  44. Today I am retiring I am thanking Boomer for his great leadership and all the ACP soldiers for being very kind you might see me on clubpenguin Thanks for all your greatness ACP. From Mrchatterbox

  45. i ll try to come idk

  46. dear acp i was wondering if i could put my adveritsemnet on your wesite
    plz reply for more info

  47. CP Army World is hosting a Christmas tournament if you want to join comment here

  48. 11 that is too late i have to go to bed at 10 so no i cant

  49. Nevermind i am not retiring i sitll got a logn way to go i am stayign in ACP

  50. I am staying in ACP i am not retiring i changed my mind

  51. ill be able to make it for sure

  52. sorry i wont be able to make it today but tommorrow ill make it for sure.

  53. i canz make it i think

  54. I don’t know if I can make it, I am pretty sick.. I threw up about 5 times earlier, but I’m feeling a little better so I might be able to make it.

  55. srry Boomer I cant make it
    just to let u know I recruited 7 people yesterday!
    ~Mr Dunning~

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  57. I MADE IT 😀

  58. I’ve been trying to get on for and hour, but Club Penguin won’t let me log on. Sorry.

  59. sorry i missed this one i had to do some stuff after school but i’ll try to be more active in battles and practices now

  60. I can come sorry I did not put this comment up earlyer


  62. sorry boomer i surrenderd to the spartans.
    it was me against 7 of them wat else was i gonna do!?

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