ACP Destroys- I mean.. saves.. Christmas

Hey guys its me speeder! Tommorow we are gonna start filming for the movie. Ok so here is the info.
Time- 2 pm EST 11 am PST
Date: Saturday December 5th
Ok so i hope you all come. If you have a part or want to be in the movie come. Also i havent seen our camera man ST1 on lately so if you have hypercam let me know so you can film and send it to me.
I likes apple sauce
Geesh, someone make this kid a contrib already!!

Monster’s Retirement Post

Boomer: Monsterfully has decided to stay with us!

Hello, you may be wondering why I’m retiring here’s the reason:
Today, Snowballpink broke up with me, and if I see her on chat, I’ll just break apart, I don’t want to break apart, I’m sorry Snow for whatever I’ve done to you. Here is the people I would like to thank:
Oagalthorp: If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have confidence in myself and still be a noob on the streets, thank you for making this army for noobs to become mature soldiers in this army.
Boomer20: My first major army leader since April 1st, 2009. You’re a great person to look under, thank you for being such a good leader.
Dryvit: You supported me from time to time, thank you.
Packer1Nfl: Meh buddeh! Never really see you on, but we’re still buddehs! Thx dude!
Matre10: You’re so awesomez! Have a successful life! Good luck with being ACPTR leader!
Sorry I missed some people, but most importantly:
Snowballpink: I love you, and I understand thank you for sticking up for me, I appreciate it.
I would be here for 1 year on April 1st, 2010, but I guess that won’t happen.
Bye my friends,

Practice Session #1 Review

The practice session was EPIC!  Our so chat was over 60 the entire time maxing out at 66, and we had 2 chat rooms.  On Club Penguin we had at least 50 in each room throughout the battle with close to 80 on the server at the peak!  We really did excellent moving and charging from room to room and staying together!  Here are the pics:

We started off at the Snow Forts, where we had over 50 in the room:

We got into two lines, one at the top and one at the bottom, and had both charge at the same time, setting up a devastating joke bomb:

We quickly regrouped and repeated it, this time with a clover bomb:

We then regrouped into an impressive circle in about 20 seconds right after a charge, a bit tighter than usual, but over 60 soldiers strong:

From the previous charge to the circle charge, it only took about a minute as we closed down the circle on the would-be doomed army:

We moved to the Ice Rink, where we made another nice circle with 55 soldiers:

Closing down the circle for a massive joke bomb:

We then marched to the Plaza, which we packed with over 50 soldiers:

Charging into the Stage with 50 soldiers:

Back to the Plaza with 50 soldiers:

A nice square around the pool with close to 55 soldiers:

A solid clovers bomb:

We filled up the entire Mine with nearly 60 soldiers!  This is the definition picture for spreading out:

The Boiler Room used to be one of the major battle locations for ACP in Oagal’s era, but this room wasn’t built for this ACP unit of nearly 55:

Up into the Dance Club with close to 50:

We charged out into the Town:

Then we marched from the Town to the Beach, which we packed with over 50:

Into the Ski Village with close to 50:

An awesome circle around the Iceberg with over 50 soldiers:

We then headed back to the Town for some recruiting:

And finally ended the practice with some recruiting at the Gift Shop:

Here’s a pic from chat.  We were 3rd largest with 66 people!

My experiences being locked out of the main chat room of ACP chat o_e

Great job guys!  The practice was amazing!  You should all be very proud of what we have accomplished.  We will continue to work to get better though, because just being good is never enough!

Comment if you made it!


Practice Session #2

Click HERE to choose what we do tomorrow!

Everyone who attended the practice session yesterday MUST comment HERE to get credit towards a promotion.

By the time this is posted, we will have finished our practice session covering Charging and Regroup (click HERE for tips).  Since the focus of that practice was in one location, I am scheduling another practice where we will practice similar things while moving around a server.  We will practice charging into rooms as a unit and spreading out while charging once we get there.  Here is the info:

When: Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Snow Forts

Chat: ACP Chat


12:00 pm PST

1:00 pm MST

2:00 pm CST

3:00 pm EST

8:00 pm U.K.

Executing Charges Across a Server

  • Stay alert at all times, if we are moving rooms, you need to be ready to follow.  There is not much point to moving around if we will be leaving soldiers behind us everywhere we go.
  • Keep an eye on chat, it is really important that you know when we are moving.
  • I will give a command (probably with a 3 second countdown), for example “All ACP to the Plaza”.  As soon as you see this, repeat what I said on Club Penguin, and move as a group to the next room.
  • As soon as you enter the new room, you need to spread out.  Remember what we practiced about finding an open space.  We are large enough that we should be able to fill an entire room as long as we don’t stand on top of each other.  If there is a white space in the room, I want it filled by a green penguin.  You should always be looking to fill a more open space.
  • DO NOT group around me.  If there is one thing you can do that is more damaging to ACP than anything else, it is stand around/on top of me.  People need to see me and my commands at all times and if you are covering up me and my commands, ACP stands little chance in a real battle.  Don’t be the soldier I call out in my next post for doing this.
  • Once we have regrouped in the room, I will give the command to charge somewhere.  The charge could be within the same room, or into another room.  Listen for the command on chat first.
  • Repeat the regrouping and charging steps in as many rooms as needed.

Hopefully these tips are helpful, and comment if you can make it!


How to Organize a Tournament

I noticed a recent post on the IW site about how CPA Central scheduled an end of year tournament in which ACP and IW faced each other in the first round.  Agreeing with IW, yes, that sounds like a fail.  That means one of the top two armies will be eliminated in the first round…

Here is how you organize a tournament.  A typical tournament is organized by some sort of rank.  The Top 10 Army list seems like a good ranking system.  In a tournament (take the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament for example), the top ranked team plays the lowest ranked team, the second highest ranked team plays the second lowest ranked team and so on.  If the tournament consists of the Top 8 armies, it would look something like this:

#1 plays #8

#2 plays #7

#3 plays #6

#4 plays #5

If we were to organize this by the current Top 8, our tournament would look like this:

Round 1

Bracket 1

ACP (1) vs. UMA (8)

Nachos (3) vs. Tacos (6)

Bracket 2

IW (2) vs. FW (7)

HSA (4) vs. GW (5)

Assuming that the higher ranked army won in every battle, Round 2 would look like this:

Round 2

ACP (1) vs. Nachos (3)

IW (2) vs.  HSA (4)

The Finals would then look like this:


ACP (1) vs. IW (2)

Doesn’t it make sense for the Top 2 armies to meet in the Finals?  That seems like a better plan to me.

Note: This is how we will organize the Christmas Tournment.  Don’t worry about who won what battles here, this was an example.  It is perfectly possible for a 6th ranked army to upset a 3rd ranked army, etc.  It should be a lot of fun.  Hope this helps future tournament-schedulers.


New Clothing Catalog & Pin Cheats

Hey ACP!

Before we Start on the Cheats,Most Penguins haven’t noticed about an Event that happens during all the month of December,It’s that Favourite Winter Server,Yes! Im talking about Christmas It is always full during December. Here is one pic that talks by itself

Now lets go with the Catalog Cheats

Today Club Penguin Brought a new Catalog with some Christmas Clothes,Here are the Cheats:

Click on The Coins for Change Donating Booth to get the Stocking Cap!

Click on the Top of the Tree for the Long Johns

Click on the Drumsticks you see in the Tree to get the Drumsticks!

Click on the Trumpet you see in the Tree to get The Trumpet!

Click on the Acoustic Guitar you see in the Tree to get the Acoustic Guitar!

Click on the Snare Drum you see at the Bottom of the Tree to get it!

Click on the “R” on Penguins at Work for the Black Superhero Mask

Click on the White Puffle to get The Dizzy

Click on the Dojo At the Background to get the Red Viking Helmet

Click on the Dojo At the Background 4 Times to get the Blue Viking Helmet

Click the Mushroom on the Right to get the Black Cape

That’s all for the Catalog Cheats!

Now For the Pin Cheats ❗

The new Pin is a Christmas Bell,and you can find it at the Forest!

Have you looked at the Telescope? Someone Is Coming! But he’s not a normal Penguin,He’s our Favourite Pirate…Yes! Rockhopper!

His Ship looks Green coloured for Christmas,The Penguin Times said he’ll bring some Awesome Coins for Change Furniture! Wait for his arrival at the Island on December 9th.