ACP Destroys- I mean.. saves.. Christmas

Hey guys its me speeder! Tommorow we are gonna start filming for the movie. Ok so here is the info.
Time- 2 pm EST 11 am PST
Date: Saturday December 5th
Ok so i hope you all come. If you have a part or want to be in the movie come. Also i havent seen our camera man ST1 on lately so if you have hypercam let me know so you can film and send it to me.
I likes apple sauce
Geesh, someone make this kid a contrib already!!

24 Responses

  1. moo? No way! More like quack quack quack. I want a free membership! Quack. Gimme a membership QUACK.

  2. i can comez :mrgreen:

  3. I cant be there, sorry. i would like a role as an extra if u need anyone, so email me please at if you want me to help with anything.

    ACP Brig. General

  4. Moo

  5. moo

  6. i dont have wordpress so you cant XP

  7. Moo What is up with ACP doing all these tiny game thingies… : S

  8. ACP SAVES CHRISTMAS! I wanna come I wanna come! Just kill the midget elves though

  9. Sorry guys, might not be able to make it. I play Dryvit, and a Nahco sniper. Sometimes Saint xD


  11. I’m a proffessional filmer for nearly two years and I am ready to help if need be.

  12. why does saiyaman always get the first coment saying moo

  13. I prob can come 😉

  14. i got hypercam

  15. im coming

  16. I still find the plot to be too basic, but as long as it has explosions it’ll probably turn it out fine considering it has no compitition besides writen stories.

  17. Everyone stole my word “Moo” D:

  18. I HAVE HYPERCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Moo is so yesteryear. Now u say “Person”

  20. Moks4 2nd Lt.


  21. we are now at the pool for recruiting

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