New Clothing Catalog & Pin Cheats

Hey ACP!

Before we Start on the Cheats,Most Penguins haven’t noticed about an Event that happens during all the month of December,It’s that Favourite Winter Server,Yes! Im talking about Christmas It is always full during December. Here is one pic that talks by itself

Now lets go with the Catalog Cheats

Today Club Penguin Brought a new Catalog with some Christmas Clothes,Here are the Cheats:

Click on The Coins for Change Donating Booth to get the Stocking Cap!

Click on the Top of the Tree for the Long Johns

Click on the Drumsticks you see in the Tree to get the Drumsticks!

Click on the Trumpet you see in the Tree to get The Trumpet!

Click on the Acoustic Guitar you see in the Tree to get the Acoustic Guitar!

Click on the Snare Drum you see at the Bottom of the Tree to get it!

Click on the “R” on Penguins at Work for the Black Superhero Mask

Click on the White Puffle to get The Dizzy

Click on the Dojo At the Background to get the Red Viking Helmet

Click on the Dojo At the Background 4 Times to get the Blue Viking Helmet

Click the Mushroom on the Right to get the Black Cape

That’s all for the Catalog Cheats!

Now For the Pin Cheats ❗

The new Pin is a Christmas Bell,and you can find it at the Forest!

Have you looked at the Telescope? Someone Is Coming! But he’s not a normal Penguin,He’s our Favourite Pirate…Yes! Rockhopper!

His Ship looks Green coloured for Christmas,The Penguin Times said he’ll bring some Awesome Coins for Change Furniture! Wait for his arrival at the Island on December 9th.


11 Responses

  1. What Do you think? I like the Elf Suit!

    Christmas will be one of my most logged Servers during December,It’s full of activities!


  2. matre, missed a hidden item!

  3. U also missed another cheat, i have no pics, but i’ll tell ya on chat

  4. Thanks Seth,They’re up there now.


  5. Keep in mind I’m so tired and I like fell asleep to get the cheats when it’s late xD


  6. Thankz for the cheats again Matre :mrgreen: You Rulez!

  7. thanks! And hey yuo know the santa costume, think members will get it for the party?

    Matre: Maybe just a Santa Suit,Since the Santa Hat & Beard have always been for free on Christmas Parties.

  8. IW Owns Christmas 🙂

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  10. I read some posts here once in a while but this is top one i’ve read so far

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