Practice Session #1 Review

The practice session was EPIC!  Our so chat was over 60 the entire time maxing out at 66, and we had 2 chat rooms.  On Club Penguin we had at least 50 in each room throughout the battle with close to 80 on the server at the peak!  We really did excellent moving and charging from room to room and staying together!  Here are the pics:

We started off at the Snow Forts, where we had over 50 in the room:

We got into two lines, one at the top and one at the bottom, and had both charge at the same time, setting up a devastating joke bomb:

We quickly regrouped and repeated it, this time with a clover bomb:

We then regrouped into an impressive circle in about 20 seconds right after a charge, a bit tighter than usual, but over 60 soldiers strong:

From the previous charge to the circle charge, it only took about a minute as we closed down the circle on the would-be doomed army:

We moved to the Ice Rink, where we made another nice circle with 55 soldiers:

Closing down the circle for a massive joke bomb:

We then marched to the Plaza, which we packed with over 50 soldiers:

Charging into the Stage with 50 soldiers:

Back to the Plaza with 50 soldiers:

A nice square around the pool with close to 55 soldiers:

A solid clovers bomb:

We filled up the entire Mine with nearly 60 soldiers!  This is the definition picture for spreading out:

The Boiler Room used to be one of the major battle locations for ACP in Oagal’s era, but this room wasn’t built for this ACP unit of nearly 55:

Up into the Dance Club with close to 50:

We charged out into the Town:

Then we marched from the Town to the Beach, which we packed with over 50:

Into the Ski Village with close to 50:

An awesome circle around the Iceberg with over 50 soldiers:

We then headed back to the Town for some recruiting:

And finally ended the practice with some recruiting at the Gift Shop:

Here’s a pic from chat.  We were 3rd largest with 66 people!

My experiences being locked out of the main chat room of ACP chat o_e

Great job guys!  The practice was amazing!  You should all be very proud of what we have accomplished.  We will continue to work to get better though, because just being good is never enough!

Comment if you made it!


120 Responses

  1. 2nd! I was Adamster97 (duh), the one fyling with only a flying hat on.

  2. 3rd i came! I was Sky Warroir

  3. I was there.

  4. darn I was there but probably not in the pics wait i am in a picture im near the two chairs im the only blue penguin in my CA uniform [the uniform is music jam shirt,tall purple hat,rockhopper shoes and my bell] and there’s all these acp penguins around me what i said didn’t show in the picture so i will type it here “THERE’S SO MANY ACP PEOPLE HERE IM GOING TO CRY.” P.S 3rd seriously ★☆★๖ۣۜ§a¡уåмaη•๖ۣۜχ¢★☆★ how do you get first in everything?

  5. i made it,
    last pic ftw
    FLip your so gay

  6. That was great! I made it.

  7. It was not great Robot. It was EPIC. Pure EPICNESS. EPICNESS MAXIMUS.

  8. i made it

  9. Boomer i commented HERE to get credit towards a promotion.

  10. i was in thi sesion bommer and i be there tommorow also

  11. I WAS THERE!

  12. I was there.

  13. I was there!

  14. I made it!! 😀


  15. i was there boomer your awesome

  16. I made it 🙂

  17. I was the guy with the green santa hat on. I made it, so did Adav.

  18. I was in the ice rink picture, but you can’t see me very well in any more.

    And I don’t know if this will effect the promotion, but I am not on the ranks page yet.

    Just throwing that out there.

  19. I was there! It was great! I’m Waddler4441

  20. sorry, i had a xmas party at my dad’s work.

    ACP Brig. General

  21. lol i came it was pwnsome

  22. i was there

  23. I was there for about 30 minutes.

  24. Sorry I coulden’t make it. I had a thing at my school.

  25. Sorry I coulden’t make it. I had a thing at my school.

  26. oops I said it twice

  27. i forgot to come!! srry :[

  28. i think i was there *wary* XD i was there

  29. freddy257 was there

  30. Hey boomer, I was there at the practice session.

  31. I was There

  32. i was there for some but you guys laged so much i barely got to do much D:

  33. I was there it was awesome!!!

  34. i was there it was sooooooooo cool with the acp im glad i joined the acp im going to be loyal forever.

    GO ACP.

    acp acp acp acp acp acp acp YEA.

  35. I made it!

  36. i was allways there and i am not on the ranks yet which means u need to add me to the ranks and boost me up bye one rank boomer and just i u want proof i was there i was Zues109 and was visable i almost all of ur pictures of the practice

  37. i was there and i asked to be ur friend but u dident reply but still i was there

  38. i was in every pic!!

  39. I was only in the snow forts part of the session

  40. I came late, but I was there. (You can barely see me on the picture on the Ice Berg)

  41. i was natecat33 and i was there

  42. I was on chat and looking at orders, but I was unable to get into almost any rooms, then I had dinner.

  43. I made it ! But after we went to the night club, I had basketball practice. So I did make more than half ! Good job ACP !

  44. I made it wasnt a member though

  45. I was there im kiko 9989 but then i gtg i was anfry but i was there and today i will go to the entire pratice session 2

  46. I was there briefly.

  47. i came i came remember me boomer??
    iam sofia011(the temp owner) lol.
    most of the rooms got full 😦

  48. the only pics iam not on is Iceberg,Stage, and gift shop
    always full!!!!!

  49. i was there for a bit

  50. I was there the full time of practice session

  51. It was awsome and the jokebomb was big!!!
    I was there so please promote me!!

  52. i fought but then i had to go off but then i was back on again then there was these ghosts during the battle me and a couple of guys went i was very supiscious so i fought and followed them but then they went

  53. me too please promote me

  54. I was there but not in the pics 😦

  55. My penguin name is Ekpenguin9
    I made it and i’m in the ice rink circle pic and the iceburg circle and the stage and ski village!

  56. I made it

  57. I was there for a bit but then I got tired and went to bed, I find it hard to stay awake at 11 pm, but ill try and stay there next time.

    – Plate Clean

  58. i was there woot we pwned

  59. i made it to the practice session #1

  60. I went to it! I was there in till 6:00ish when I had to go to Soccer 😐

  61. i Totally made it boomer so can u add me in to the acp? But i did make it to the sequence last night

  62. I could’nt come. Ill try and make the 2nd session

    Dan Popper
    Rock On!

  63. i made it

  64. person with the epic white puffle in all pictures ^_^

  65. Hi! I made
    it there, but im new to ACP so it might take awile to get promoted. I was happy to see you on CP and i followed every command.


  66. I made it too

  67. it rocked!!!! at the beginning i changed alll the nachos to our team!!!!

  68. I want to Participate. I want to be even on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Boomer I was at the practice please promote me if you do not believe me you can see me in the second picture.

  70. i only made it at 6 o’clock to 6 thirdy

  71. plz premote me i was there i sware to boomer20 and ACP acpy of club penguin

  72. plz premote me i was there i sware to boomer20 and ACP army of club penguin

  73. I was there

  74. I made it mostly at the end though. I still made it 🙂

  75. I was there and I think we did a great job

  76. I was there!

  77. i was so there i did a good job

  78. Hi
    I was there
    Thank you for your time.
    Warrant Officer Semper Fi95

  79. i did sorry but i had to leve cuz i was going somewhere BUT I STILL DID!!!!!!!!

  80. I WAS STILL THERE i leved when it was almost the end

  81. i was in all the pictures IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. I was there and on chat too

  83. Always there to fight there side by side w/ the leaders of the acp. see you later on. ps ( i was there! )

    – Lucky 888

  84. I was there and on the chat to!
    Thanks Boomer sir!

    Bebe83959 Warrant Officer!

  85. i was there
    P64173323 2nd Lt

  86. awesome i was there and you were great at commanding us boomer 🙂

  87. i made it it was awesome!!!

  88. I was there sir 😀 though i was kinda following on CP cause chat wasn’t loading up and when it did it froze.

  89. club penguin made me log off and couldn’t get back on but I made it for a little while.

  90. I was there, and hell, We were HUGE

  91. i was there! 😀

  92. I made it

  93. i was there. But i left to do something, so when i came back it was full. 😦

  94. i was there and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. i was there but my computer like crashed or the server crashed and it stopped playing


  97. I was there. My name was Blutuxo.

  98. I declare war on ACP in the name of the CPFBI
    Add the CPFBI too your enemy list ACP
    Co-Director of the ACP

  99. Wait I meant o Co-Director of the CPFBI

  100. i made half of it

  101. Oh yeah, that message will NOT self destruct. That was an idea of MY CO-DIRECTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. I was at that battle and I declare war on ACP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: This Message will self – desruct in 10 9 8 7 6….
    From Super Pal 3, the Co-Director of the CPFBI

  103. WILL YOU STOP IT AGENT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. He is very crazy wait he is comlpaining ok this is very convusing gotta go!

  104. He uh, is a top agent. ( grins )

  105. I’m very crazy

  106. Ha ha I typed that just kidding

  107. This is the Co-Director again… Richman wil join

  108. This is the Co-Director… I’m letting the director talk Over’n’Out

  109. I was there, and sorry my comment was so late my mom was hogging up the computer.

    Happyman444~Brigadier General

  110. i was there

  111. i was there for some of it

  112. The battle was awsome!!!

  113. That battle was amazing and i was there

  114. i was at the practice session yesterday my penguins name is icyluv2

  115. I WAS THERE name =haha4575

  116. The battle was late at night cause I am in the U.K but I still managed to go to the battle luckily!!!!!

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