Practice Session #2

Click HERE to choose what we do tomorrow!

Everyone who attended the practice session yesterday MUST comment HERE to get credit towards a promotion.

By the time this is posted, we will have finished our practice session covering Charging and Regroup (click HERE for tips).  Since the focus of that practice was in one location, I am scheduling another practice where we will practice similar things while moving around a server.  We will practice charging into rooms as a unit and spreading out while charging once we get there.  Here is the info:

When: Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Snow Forts

Chat: ACP Chat


12:00 pm PST

1:00 pm MST

2:00 pm CST

3:00 pm EST

8:00 pm U.K.

Executing Charges Across a Server

  • Stay alert at all times, if we are moving rooms, you need to be ready to follow.  There is not much point to moving around if we will be leaving soldiers behind us everywhere we go.
  • Keep an eye on chat, it is really important that you know when we are moving.
  • I will give a command (probably with a 3 second countdown), for example “All ACP to the Plaza”.  As soon as you see this, repeat what I said on Club Penguin, and move as a group to the next room.
  • As soon as you enter the new room, you need to spread out.  Remember what we practiced about finding an open space.  We are large enough that we should be able to fill an entire room as long as we don’t stand on top of each other.  If there is a white space in the room, I want it filled by a green penguin.  You should always be looking to fill a more open space.
  • DO NOT group around me.  If there is one thing you can do that is more damaging to ACP than anything else, it is stand around/on top of me.  People need to see me and my commands at all times and if you are covering up me and my commands, ACP stands little chance in a real battle.  Don’t be the soldier I call out in my next post for doing this.
  • Once we have regrouped in the room, I will give the command to charge somewhere.  The charge could be within the same room, or into another room.  Listen for the command on chat first.
  • Repeat the regrouping and charging steps in as many rooms as needed.

Hopefully these tips are helpful, and comment if you can make it!


71 Responses

  1. 2nd?

  2. Yah :]

  3. I will make it hopefully, but Echo has recruiting then….


  4. I can make it

  5. I can make it….my CP name is Genus1

  6. ill be able to make it

  7. ill be there

  8. I’ll be there

  9. Thanks for the tips, they are helpful 🙂 I will be there!

  10. I can so make it this time!

  11. I can come

  12. i think i will be able to make it not sure btw i cant find my rank i no i joined a long time a goif some one would rank me it’d be a lot of help(a desent rank if you dont mind) thanks, bobblehead71

  13. I might im not shure

  14. I will try but I have a basket ball game at 2, so Idk if i can make it… I will try my best. Btw, boomer, I posted my join-aply-thingy on december 2nd, and i wuz just currious to when u would add me + the others.


  15. You can count on me to be there General Boomer 20

    Brigadier General~Happyman444

  16. I can come.

  17. ill be there

  18. ill be there

  19. ill be there i cant wait

  20. guys there are fake people calling them selves on acp the only reason i didnt get on chat is beacause some baned me

  21. I was there and that was awsome speedyway(the nachon person) thought his small little group can win

  22. I was there and that was awsome speedyway(the nachon person) thought his small little group can win.

  23. I was there and that was awsome speedyway(the nachon person) thought his small little group can win.
    nice going boomer

  24. nope, i cant make it, i have my birthday party then. there is a VERY very slight possibility that i could be there, but its only like a 20% chance.

  25. and i wasnt there today because i had a xmas party at my dad’s work.

    ACP Brig. General

  26. i can make it and i was at the other 1.

  27. Can probably make it.

  28. Boomer I Want War With You.
    December 5 2009
    Snow Forts
    Leader Of Team Blue Generals

  29. I was there !

  30. i can come

  31. I am coming

  32. might come…

  33. I made it to Practice Session 1!!!

  34. Sorry I wasnt. But it was 11 00 here.

  35. I think I can make it.

  36. I made it. I shall be the god of first comments

  37. I’ll try to make it

  38. i cant come

  39. I can come
    srry I didnt get to come yesterday
    I had to go to a basketball game
    I hope I dont miss anymore
    srry fellow ACP soldiers
    ~Mr Dunning~

  40. ill make it

  41. I made it!

  42. I’ll make it to the second one!

  43. I was there, i can’t come today though =( i’ll try to com

  44. I will attend the practice boomer.

  45. i was at the first and ill be t the second

  46. ill be there

  47. I will make it there even though I don’t have a rank.

  48. I might make it, i hope i do 😀

  49. ill try to make it

  50. I can make it but where r u Boomer?

  51. I made it to the first one but i cant make it to the 2 one sorry…

  52. i can make it 😀

  53. i can MAYBE. i may go lazer tagging. :/

  54. yay i was there, but only for a bit

  55. i made it today and yesterday

  56. ow i missed another on sorry i had to go to the doctors

  57. I was there but late.

  58. I made it to today, but not yesterday.. I was there for half of it because I had to be right back for a while.. =P

  59. I was there to boomer but i came late sorry im new to the acp so i didnt know what was happening but batman617 was helping me out

  60. if there is a practice session tommorrow i will be there on time

  61. I was there bommer my friend mongoose611 join the acp hes my buddy and real life friend my and him liked it a lot in the acp today i can’t wait for tommorrow.



  62. made it
    p.s thanks for making the timme earlier for uk

  63. was in it in time

  64. i was there

  65. I Made It It Was Massive I Was Lilrj21

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