Holiday Chat Page Background Contest!!


This is a contest to design a background for the PAGE chat is on, not the chat background itself. It has to be a holiday design (That means something I can keep up even in January, after the Christmas season has ended) so try not to put Christmas specific items on it. Stuff to put on the background:

-Words “ACP”

Optional: Along with “ACP” you could also put “Army of Club Penguin”     either under “ACP” or somewhere else on the background.

-Snow: A must in a holiday background

Note: Animated Backgrounds will be accepted but keep the animation to a minimum, otherwise chat will lag from it. If anyone saw the old animated snow background, that created a little lag so try to get lag equal to or less than that background.


-Grand Prize: Your picture as the Acp chat page background for the holidays, 200 xats, and 15 days.



Mr. Bear Part 3


It’s been a while since I wrote a new story for Mr. Bear. I decided to make a Mr. Bear Christmas Special but when looking for the old Mr. Bear parts on my personal site I came across part 1 and 2 and also the outline for a part 3. Since I promised a part 3 I wrote it before the Christmas special. I also promised to include these pictures because they were the winners of the picture contest about 6 months ago.


Mr. Bear Part 1 can be found here:

Mr. Bear Part 2 can be found here:

The Main Characters:

MR. BEAR: Photobucket

Submitted by Matre10

MR. WOLF: Photobucket

Submitted by Jediseth

Ahora cayaten las bocas y escuchen a la historia de Senor Bear y Senor Wolf numero tres:

Part 3

Note: MB=Mr. Bear and MW=Mr. Wolf

Chapter 13

Mr. Bear and Mr. Wolf had just finished eating the Ice Warriors but still were hungry. They decided to go to the Nacho Empire to see what food they could find there. On the way MB and MW stopped at the Frozen Server, UMA’s main headquarters, as a midway snack. The place was deserted but MB and MW could tell that UMA would be back at some point so they decided to set a trap. At the entrance to Frozen they set up a hole and put a covering over it so when UMA came through the entrance they would fall into the hole and become trapped. After the trap was completed MB and MW continued onwards to the Nacho Empire.

Chapter 14

Without a midway snack MB and MW were very hungry so they ran towards the Nacho Empire without being cautious enough to scout ahead to see if the soldiers were ready to defend themselves or not. Just when MB and MW reached the field that separated the neutral forest and the Nacho Empire they were met with a surprise. The entire UMA was waiting for MB and MW to defend the Nacho Empire against them. There were not even any nachos in site. The worst thing was that leading the UMA was…..none other than Compwiz. Since Compwiz has no idea how to lead an army UMA was quickly brought down in number until they were about 20% of their original size. The other UMA leaders decided to make a deal with MB and MW and sacrificed Compwiz in exchange for safe passage for all the remaining UMA soldiers to Frozen, their capital server. MB and MW decided to accept the offer but did not tell UMA that they would become trapped once they stepped foot onto Frozen. With Uma (easily) out of the picture MB and MW finally were able to get into the Nacho Empire.

Chapter 15

While walking through the gates of Nacho Empire a penguin rushed past, ignoring MB and MW completely. Confused, they stood at the entrance for a second until another penguin came running towards them yelling “SHADOW DON’T GO!!! WE NEED YOU!! WE PROMISE WE WON’T HATE YOU THIS TIME AFTER YOU SAVE US!! WE PROM……” The penguin stopped when he saw MB and MW and became speechless. Lucky for him MB and MW were focused on Shadow walking away to his personal jet waiting to take him to the CP Legends’ Retirement Home. When MB and MW turned around, the penguin was running for his life screaming for someone to sound the alarm. Person and Aka then come out to see what the alarm is for. When Person sees MB and MW he turns pale and Aka tries to look tough but as he starts to speak his voice is cracking “W-w-what d-do yo-ou w-w-want w-w-with us?” Obviously aka had not been paying attention to what had been going on because the answer was obvious, “Food.” Person, finally able to get out of shock, says “You can take Aka, just please please please leave the rest of us alone.” It seemed like a good idea until Aka started crying and pleading MB and MW not to kill him. The sound of his voice is so high pitched that MW swipes his claws over Aka’s neck, beheading him. (Side Note: For killing aka MB and MW were later given the Nobel Peace Prize) During that time Person turned and ran into his castle. MB and MW go on full pursuit after Person and pass by many soldiers who are unaware of what is going on. MB and MW finally manage to stop Person by showing him UNEDITED :O pictures of Oagal. Person, unable to resist making fun of Oagal, stops which allows MB to grab Person and hold him in place. MB and MW force Person to call together a meeting of all Nacho soldiers in the grand hall. Once he puts out the announcement Person is of course eaten because without Person the Nachos are as good as a bunch of noobs with sticks. (Porno sites faced a huge drop in profits that year).

Chapter 16

The Nachos, after realizing that their two best tacticians, Shadow and Person, were gone, ran around in circle for a while bumping into each other waiting to receive an order from someone. They made easy targets for MB and MW and were soon all eaten thus ending the Nacho Empire. MB and MW are finally full but they can not help but think about desert. They have eaten ACP, IW, UMA, and the Nachos. The only large group left are the retired legends and their retirement home is in a secret hidden location somewhere in the Forest of Awesomeness. Even if MB and MW found the retirement home they would never be able to make it past all the security……or could they???


You can decide if there will be a part 4 to the Mr. Bear Series. There WILL be a Mr. Bear Christmas Special coming out near Christmas so watch out for it.

Shaboomboom aka Mr. Bear

Hattrick aka Mr. Wolf

Soldiers Choice

I feel like we should do something else tomorrow, so I’m going to leave it up to you.  I’ll leave the poll up until 6 pm PST, and then I’ll post the info for whatever we choose, so make sure you check back here later.

Note: Divisional Patrol would involve breaking into Divisions and patrolling the server.

If you want, comment and tell me and other voters why you think your choice is the best for ACP.