Do YOU Want to be a Leader?

YES MY NEW GAME SHOW! No, not really just a few tips for you guys.

I’ve seen a lot of leading from many soldiers, from Generals to Warrant Officers, Mods to Members, but not many of them know how to tell the soldiers and sometimes show them what to do. Lead them I guess.

Tip 1: Try saying things on CP AND on ACP Chat – This gets the word out to everyone, letting them know what’s happening if they’re not on chat at that moment.

Tip 2: Know how to count – Yes Kindergarten was a very important time, use that knowledge to count down a Charge, or Recruitment.

Tip 3: Repeat yourself – Yes it’s annoying sometimes, but the more you say something the more likely people will see what you said and follow.

Tip 4: Use visual representations – Move your penguin around on CP to show how it’s done. Example: Move back and forth for where you want your line to be.

Tip 5: Always be positive – Soldiers like nice people, when they get yelled at they tend to not like you or follow your orders (which is bad 😉 ).

Remember these are just tips, you don’t have to adopt it as your new Bible, or Torah, or whatever 😀 .

Hope that helps,


Join Page Schedule

This will (hopefully) be updated every month. Since there are only 6 leaders, Monday will change person each week. Failure to do the join page on your day without letting Boomer or Dry know beforehand results in 1 strike. If you have a real reason then tell one of them when you can in a timely manner (Less than a week after). After 2 or 3 strikes you, if Boomer agrees, will be punished.

If the day you are scheduled for is incontinent then talk to me (Shab) and I will fix it. Days with (Requested) next to them means that the person requested that day.

Sunday: Saint (Requested)

Monday: Larry (Requested)

Tuesday: Dryvit (Requested)

Wednesday: Boomer 20 (Requested)

Thursday: Batin

Friday: Fox (Requested)

Saturday: Thomas (Requested)

Have Fun,


ACP Christmas Cursors!!

Hey ACP! It’s Matre here again

I got Boomer’s Permission to share with ACP some Christmas Cursors! They’re Awesome and more colorful than the Normal Windows ones.

Left: Normal Cursor,the one you normally use but in a Red & Green Christmas Colour! 😀

Center Left: The Cursor that your Computer uses when you’re loading something

Center Right: The cursor you use when you’re highlighting a word or writing

Right: The one that appears when you put your Mouse over a link

Here are the Downloads:

Normal Cursor (Left)

Click Here


Loading Background Cursor (Center Left)

Click Here


Highlight/Type Cursor (Center Right)

Click Here


Hover over Link Cursor (Right)

Click Here


You can trust these files are 100% safe and created by me,Matre10. They also dont even take much space.

I’m Really Sorry if the Site has a Pop-up,but I could not find any other hosting website for files

How to Add and Use the Cursors

When you Finished Downloading the Cursors,you only need to set them and Ta-da! You can use them! Here’s a step by step

  1. Download the Cursor/s you want
  2. Go to “Control Panel” on your computer
  3. Open up the Mouse Setup on Control Panel
  4. Now that you are there,select the wished Cursor to substitute for the Christmas one

For example,to change the Normal Select Cursor,click on it,then click “Browse” and go the the Folder where you donwloaded the Cursor. Once you selectd it,click Apply and you’re done!!!!!

Comment if you had any problem,I’ll fix it.

Comment if you Like them! And,if you like them,and of course with Boomer’s permission I’ll be making more Seasonal Cursors later,I’ll be waiting for suggestions! 😀


Taking Sides

Reminder: DO NOT use the IW’s .com site link!  They lost the domain to a bad site again.

Leaders: Join page schedule official copy

Update: In response to Icey, the reason we are neutral is to CONTINUE the war, not end it, because we are at least twice the size of everyone else, and wars need to be balanced.  ACP alone is larger than the entire turnout of the Orange Alliance by almost two fold, and thrice for IW.  Whichever side we join would then have a significant advantage, therefore we will leave you to your war in the hopes it won’t be over right away.

Fox : I have a suggestion. What if only one division went to war with IW, like Delta did or something, or Alpha or whatever? And we could split Delta, Alpha, and Echo into branches of divisions so we had Kappa or whatever the other 3 were, because seriously ACP can’t get into any wars whatsoever anymore and I am bored out of my mind…. Boomer we at least need to get into the habit of weekly practices again, one every Saturday, because with Christmas break coming up we’ll have a lot of days off from school and we can do more patrols and such, so it’d be nice to use that time to improve formations and squares and such.

Boomer’s Edit: That is a possibility, although I would prefer not to go to war on our closest ally, as much as I disagree with their actions.  We will probably wait and see how things turnout before deciding any further.

Iceyfeet, the Leader of the Ice Warriors, has declared war on 6 armies, 3 of which are good allies of ours (GW, WW, and HSA).  This situation has been going on since IW decided to invade a bunch of HSA’s servers for no good reason, including Half Pipe, which is also owned by WW, GW, and the Tacos (the reason so many armies are involved).  While ACP will not go to war with IW, we do not in any way support the behavior of the Ice Warriors.

The last time something like this happened, it was the Nachos earlier in the year when their size made them unstoppable to any army other than ACP, and they used their size to cause quite a few wars with a lot of the smaller armies with little reason.  IW is in a similar situation, being larger than most of their opponents, however as the Orange Alliance proved yesterday, IW is beatable.  The team of WW, GW, and Tacos numbered close to 30, defeating only about 15 IW soldiers and a handful of Nachos.  At this time, I am not sure whether the Nachos will be helping IW or not, and frankly I would be surprised if they signed up to help an army who has invaded a handful of their allies for no reason.  Should be interesting to see how this plays out.