ACP Christmas Cursors!!

Hey ACP! It’s Matre here again

I got Boomer’s Permission to share with ACP some Christmas Cursors! They’re Awesome and more colorful than the Normal Windows ones.

Left: Normal Cursor,the one you normally use but in a Red & Green Christmas Colour! 😀

Center Left: The Cursor that your Computer uses when you’re loading something

Center Right: The cursor you use when you’re highlighting a word or writing

Right: The one that appears when you put your Mouse over a link

Here are the Downloads:

Normal Cursor (Left)

Click Here


Loading Background Cursor (Center Left)

Click Here


Highlight/Type Cursor (Center Right)

Click Here


Hover over Link Cursor (Right)

Click Here


You can trust these files are 100% safe and created by me,Matre10. They also dont even take much space.

I’m Really Sorry if the Site has a Pop-up,but I could not find any other hosting website for files

How to Add and Use the Cursors

When you Finished Downloading the Cursors,you only need to set them and Ta-da! You can use them! Here’s a step by step

  1. Download the Cursor/s you want
  2. Go to “Control Panel” on your computer
  3. Open up the Mouse Setup on Control Panel
  4. Now that you are there,select the wished Cursor to substitute for the Christmas one

For example,to change the Normal Select Cursor,click on it,then click “Browse” and go the the Folder where you donwloaded the Cursor. Once you selectd it,click Apply and you’re done!!!!!

Comment if you had any problem,I’ll fix it.

Comment if you Like them! And,if you like them,and of course with Boomer’s permission I’ll be making more Seasonal Cursors later,I’ll be waiting for suggestions! 😀


6 Responses

  1. Matre gets 1st comment 😆

    Enjoy! 😀


  2. Rock gets 3rd comment

  3. 5th Comment
    Could someone PLEEEEAAASE make a left handed mouse? They do exit! I have one 😀

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