Do YOU Want to be a Leader?

YES MY NEW GAME SHOW! No, not really just a few tips for you guys.

I’ve seen a lot of leading from many soldiers, from Generals to Warrant Officers, Mods to Members, but not many of them know how to tell the soldiers and sometimes show them what to do. Lead them I guess.

Tip 1: Try saying things on CP AND on ACP Chat – This gets the word out to everyone, letting them know what’s happening if they’re not on chat at that moment.

Tip 2: Know how to count – Yes Kindergarten was a very important time, use that knowledge to count down a Charge, or Recruitment.

Tip 3: Repeat yourself – Yes it’s annoying sometimes, but the more you say something the more likely people will see what you said and follow.

Tip 4: Use visual representations – Move your penguin around on CP to show how it’s done. Example: Move back and forth for where you want your line to be.

Tip 5: Always be positive – Soldiers like nice people, when they get yelled at they tend to not like you or follow your orders (which is bad 😉 ).

Remember these are just tips, you don’t have to adopt it as your new Bible, or Torah, or whatever 😀 .

Hope that helps,


24 Responses

  1. Moo. Damn it Saiya! Give me your secret or perish! xD


  3. moo nice saint

  4. MOO


  6. saiya how do u do it?

  7. I wan to start a undercover acp team and be the leader
    and lead us to victory

  8. Nice post Saint. By the way mods, don’t kick someone for leading something unless they KNOW that they shouldn’t be. I see alot of that.

  9. Woooooo


  10. I want to and I hope I do become a leader

  11. Somehow i dont think most people will listen to these. I mean, i LOVE the ideas but i already use some and people tend to be rude on chat and dont listen to me or anybody else. 😦 boomer, will you give me some advice for this?
    P.S. Maybe you should make an advice page some if someone needs advice they can comment on that and you will answer. 😉

  12. Don’t excite me again with titles like that Saint! XD

  13. wont be on today

  14. that really helped saint i like to do that stufff its how do i put this… awesome!!!!! it more action and everything

  15. i wanna be a leader

  16. I try sometimes but no-one listens to me anyway =|

  17. I dont need any tips but they were very good ones saint, on Sunday i deffended Breeze with 20 ACP troops under my command by these rebel nachos and my team and I succeeded to deffend Breeze

    Brigadier General~Happyman444

    P.S. Twingy let me command

  18. The fluffy pillow that releases a buzzing noise in your ears and folds like paper is best now? Sorry, I thought we were still in the age where people could charge without having someone count down like they’re counting trees in a yard. Mabye it will come back again, in a couple hundred years.

    In having a very large army you need more direction for more people, i guess you wouldn’t know much about that 🙂 . ~Saint

  19. yay thx 4 posting that!(ninja)

  20. whats boomers email

  21. i like the acp

  22. What is my rank? I am on an iPhone.

  23. Will someone look at my join comment and put me in the ranks? I really want to get included in the active count.

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