Taking Sides

Reminder: DO NOT use the IW’s .com site link!  They lost the domain to a bad site again.

Leaders: https://acparmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/join-page-schedule/ Join page schedule official copy

Update: In response to Icey, the reason we are neutral is to CONTINUE the war, not end it, because we are at least twice the size of everyone else, and wars need to be balanced.  ACP alone is larger than the entire turnout of the Orange Alliance by almost two fold, and thrice for IW.  Whichever side we join would then have a significant advantage, therefore we will leave you to your war in the hopes it won’t be over right away.

Fox : I have a suggestion. What if only one division went to war with IW, like Delta did or something, or Alpha or whatever? And we could split Delta, Alpha, and Echo into branches of divisions so we had Kappa or whatever the other 3 were, because seriously ACP can’t get into any wars whatsoever anymore and I am bored out of my mind…. Boomer we at least need to get into the habit of weekly practices again, one every Saturday, because with Christmas break coming up we’ll have a lot of days off from school and we can do more patrols and such, so it’d be nice to use that time to improve formations and squares and such.

Boomer’s Edit: That is a possibility, although I would prefer not to go to war on our closest ally, as much as I disagree with their actions.  We will probably wait and see how things turnout before deciding any further.

Iceyfeet, the Leader of the Ice Warriors, has declared war on 6 armies, 3 of which are good allies of ours (GW, WW, and HSA).  This situation has been going on since IW decided to invade a bunch of HSA’s servers for no good reason, including Half Pipe, which is also owned by WW, GW, and the Tacos (the reason so many armies are involved).  While ACP will not go to war with IW, we do not in any way support the behavior of the Ice Warriors.

The last time something like this happened, it was the Nachos earlier in the year when their size made them unstoppable to any army other than ACP, and they used their size to cause quite a few wars with a lot of the smaller armies with little reason.  IW is in a similar situation, being larger than most of their opponents, however as the Orange Alliance proved yesterday, IW is beatable.  The team of WW, GW, and Tacos numbered close to 30, defeating only about 15 IW soldiers and a handful of Nachos.  At this time, I am not sure whether the Nachos will be helping IW or not, and frankly I would be surprised if they signed up to help an army who has invaded a handful of their allies for no reason.  Should be interesting to see how this plays out.


33 Responses

  1. 2nd!!

  2. Isnt Uma on IW side too Boomer?


  3. 6th or so

  4. I do not like how some of the leaders treet people who are not mods like dirt.
    It ticks me off… :@

  5. No Mrchips i was 2nd XD

    Brigadier General~Happyman444


  7. Speed mbile your kinda harsh xD


  8. Boomer, can we please fight in the war, with our close allies Nachos and Iw, we may never get a war like this

    and Boomer, what ever you do I am on your side forever.

  9. IW is helping UMA.

  10. i cant come im sorry i have swimming but i might be able to attend i have no idea but tommaro can be 12:30pmCST if there is battle tommaro

  11. Boomer isnt it funny when the IW are invading Half Pipe today today is the anniversary when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor what a coincidence

  12. IW is recruiting on our server is that allowed?

  13. im just y’know, commenting for coming to that big patrol because i see no posts

  14. How come GW isn’t on the allies + enemies page at all?Also, are we going to help out at all, or are we hoping Nachos will?

    Sorry if that sounds like I am trying to be smart, but I couldn’t word it very clearly another way.


  15. ya i accidently went on their site about a month agoa nd got that virus

  16. Not to sound bad but possibly if this war keeps on for week or two why dont acp get involved it would be fun to have a major WW.


  17. Allies are practicly puppets you throw up for your own safety. You might help them grow abit, but only to better your numbers.

  18. So we can just sit back and watch the fun?

  19. Icey is a corrupt and mental leader 😆

  20. bomer make a poll

  21. cool. i agree, we should mind our own business. i have a snow day today and tomorrow, so i will be more active than usual.

    ACP Brig. General

  22. 😮 Action!!!

  23. I’d like to suggest we make a complaints page on the ACP site… where mods can request soldeirs are banned forever… and members can report stuff…


    p.s This has come to mind because I just saw speedmobile, the guy who called you a “fat arse” boomer, said the f-word 40 odd times. Weirdo.

  24. if we join we should be with orange alliance

  25. stupid iw

  26. Boomer ACP wouldnt off set the balance of the war what it would do would annoy the Orange Alliance into surrender cause yah u have alot of soldiers but most are noobs not saying everyone is but a majority are and their the worst kinds the one who say they didnt lose when its obvious they lost badly but the Orange Alliance does a cheap trick unlike the Red Alliance who divided up their armies the Orange alliances attacks as one and stays in a group their size does match ACP and probally goes above it but thats because its almost what 5 of the top 10 armies forming one big army yah ofcourse it would probally outnumber ACP

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