Magical Hatt

I’m sorry TotalN00b!

Zupp? If you haven’t realized, I’m your new Third in Command. Some might know me from making chat designs, or from the awesome Mr. Bear Stories; some even from when I was a noob. But if you don’t know me, I’m Hattrick. Some call me the Magical Hattman for why I do not know. Others call me Mr. Wolf 😆 for reasons I know why. Well, I guess I should tell some info about myself.

I joined Club Penguin around it’s beta times, I think August 21, 2005. During the early years of fighting, I was in the color wars, and I was the leader of the Purple Army! Soon, through tough times, I later joined ACP on October 3, 2006. All those years of fighting, and I’m still here. Why am I still here? Well, I like to enjoy a game where kids join together as one and work as a team to fight (just like paintball :D). I am known more for my ability to find a solution and tactics, also persuasive essays! I have no enemies, I’m friendly to everyone… almost everyone. If you like more of this astonishing information about me, feel free to chat with me on chat.

As your Third in Command, I promise I will try to do my best in all ways possible with my intelligence and my patience. I can’t promise you I will be just like Boomer, or Oagal, but you might find me quite interesting 😉 or at least okay. I have a huge memory of military tactics, fun-o-rama, and other stuff I’d like to use to help the ACP and its soldiers.

Until Then…
Fight On!

“My decked crown is on my side because I never fail”

Fox: Hattie, mai brotha frum anotha mothaa! (Haha, there was no English in that sentence whatsoever.) Congratulations, and welcome to the Jungle, dude 😀

Thom: Fox, Tweety is going to have a fit if you keep using HIS edit color! So do you want me to start using pink? 😆

Fox: Sure hehe

The Retirement of a Total N00b/Retirement of Qjx2b

Retirement song: Numa Numa

Hey guys, Totaln00b here. I’m skipping my history, just going to thank you’s:

Thom- Echo still rocks

Dragon- *Flicks In Nose*

Maxthepen- Thank you for taking my advice with running the minor armies, UPP and the EACP

Boomer- Thanks for being a great leader and helping me through my carreer.

Dryvit- Very good buddy

Shab- For being the memo-man of my days.

All of my other friends- Thank you for being in armies.

All right, I’ll be on at some battles and stuff, checking on chat, and might rejoin in the future, but for now, good-bye. Until we meet again,

I first heard of ACP from a rogue, waling around and throwing snowballs at robbers and villains. I started doing my own little “JOIN ACP!” thing. Soon, I came across a few actual ACP members in the Dojo, fighting against some Anti-ACP N00Bs. They told me to search ACP, so I did. I found the website, and Shab was leader. Coming up was the Batle Royale for Mammoth, so I hastily posted a join comment and went up for the Battle Royale. I was in at the middle of the battle, but soon had to leave for Tae Kwon Do. When I came back, I found our forces defeated. I went to the pizza parlor with Meat, and we “ordered” a pizza. That’s when I came back to the Snow Forts and attacked in rage. I was submerged in a sea of “ALLIANCE!!!” messages, and logged off. That’s when Shab’s rebellion kicked in, and I decided to join the Loyal ACP, Jedi’s side (Oagal’s disloyal side). It took a week or so for things to calm down, and Boomer was elected leader, making his famous post; “A Dawn of a New Era”. I rose through the ranks as a Sergeant, all the way to a Brigadier General. I then used my Youtube channel, FatmanC4123 to create some pro-ACP and some Anti-Anti-ACP videos during RG’s terror campaign. Everything was going great until when Boomer retired. I then had summer school, afterschool programs, a whole pooload of extracurriculars to keep up with, hindering my army career.Before Boomer retired, I was promoted to a Major General; my peak in ranks. I then became a mod, and Saint became leader. After Boomer retired I was never promoted again, due to inactiveness. Then Saint retired, leaving Dryvit to take leadership, sparking the creation of the NGA. After I spammed the NGA site with comments, I finally succumbed to the longest spell of inactiveness in my career. 3 months inactive, all because of my parents making me take all these tests to get me into a private school. Now that I finally came to my 1 year anniversary in my army career, I realized that the time came for me to retire. I may join up again in the future, and I will pop in on chat as much as I can, attending any battles possible.



Retirement of Qjx2b

I am retiring from the ACP. I might return in the future, but for now I am very busy.
ACP was my first army experience. I fought hard and was loyal. ACP showed me what a real army can do. I have made a lot of friends in this army and met a lot of great people.
Here is who I would like to thank:

Capncook: You are an awesome friend. You were fun to hang out with on chat.

Rexrider: You are an awesome friend. Second person to actually talk to me on chat. Thank you! Good Luck in ACP, and in leading the Ninja Corps.

Mobious 4: Dude, you rock! You helped train me to fight. First person I met in ACP.

Dan 9765: You were fun on chat and you are very responsible.

Albaro Lord: You Helped me train and I would like to thank you.

Purple Haste: Fun on CP! You raised through the ranks with me all the way until now.

Dryvit: You were leader when I joined. You were awesome! Fun on chat!

Meat: You were fun on chat, but you screwed up in ACP.

Boomer: Great Leader! You are leading ACP higher every second. Great Job! Fun on chat! Good Luck!

That’s it! I don’t think that I forgot anyone, but if I did I am sorry. I will still be on chat every once in a while. Thank you ACP for making my first army experience fun and exiting. Well I guess this is Good Bye for a while.



Update: I just noticed this clause in Allies and Enemies section:

“If any of our allies are at war, we will do our best to help them, depending on the circumstances. If the war is between two allies, we will try to stop the conflict with diplomacy. If that fails, we will work to help whoever has the greater cause.”

This war is beyond the point where diplomacy will help, meaning if we join the war, then to be true to what is written, we must support the allies with the greater cause.  To me, this means help the side who was attacked first, which noting Icey’s declaration of war means we should be supporting the Orange Alliance, assuming we enter the war, in order to fulfill this clause.

Update: After 400 votes, there was only a 4 vote difference so I’m going to say neither side had enough of a majority for it to be a convincing reason to choose either side:

I stand by my initial statement that ACP will remain neutral in this war, however I would like to inform all of you the pros and cons of supporting each side in case we are forced to make a decision.  You never know, we could be the U.S. in WWII, who entered the war late, but made the difference.  We shall see.

Supporting IW, UMA


  • IW is our closest ally
  • They have helped us in the past
  • This side probably needs our help more
  • Would balance the sides better than if we joined the Orange Alliance
  • We would be fighting alongside the 2nd largest army as opposed to against them


  • We would be fighting against 3 of our allies (WW, GW, HSA)
  • We would be fighting a total of 6 armies
  • Would leave us more susceptible to invasions because of the number of enemies
  • We would be supporting an army whose behavior we should not be tolerating
  • It would damage our alliances in the long run
  • We could possibly make the invading side significantly stronger, potentially ending the war

Supporting the Orange Alliance


  • Would be defending 6 armies from an unfair invasion
  • Would be helping 3 allies instead of just 1
  • We would be giving the Orange Alliance the significant advantage towards us being on the winning side
  • Would strengthen alliances with many armies while hurting few
  • Could give us the opportunity to get new servers
  • Could potentially save more servers from being lost


  • Would be going against IW, our best ally
  • Would make the Orange Alliance significantly stronger and make the war unbalanced
  • Could cause the war to end sooner
  • Would could damage to the ACP/IW alliance

IF we are forced to take a side, which side do you think we should choose?  Please leave a comment explaining why as well.