Update: I just noticed this clause in Allies and Enemies section:

“If any of our allies are at war, we will do our best to help them, depending on the circumstances. If the war is between two allies, we will try to stop the conflict with diplomacy. If that fails, we will work to help whoever has the greater cause.”

This war is beyond the point where diplomacy will help, meaning if we join the war, then to be true to what is written, we must support the allies with the greater cause.  To me, this means help the side who was attacked first, which noting Icey’s declaration of war means we should be supporting the Orange Alliance, assuming we enter the war, in order to fulfill this clause.

Update: After 400 votes, there was only a 4 vote difference so I’m going to say neither side had enough of a majority for it to be a convincing reason to choose either side:

I stand by my initial statement that ACP will remain neutral in this war, however I would like to inform all of you the pros and cons of supporting each side in case we are forced to make a decision.  You never know, we could be the U.S. in WWII, who entered the war late, but made the difference.  We shall see.

Supporting IW, UMA


  • IW is our closest ally
  • They have helped us in the past
  • This side probably needs our help more
  • Would balance the sides better than if we joined the Orange Alliance
  • We would be fighting alongside the 2nd largest army as opposed to against them


  • We would be fighting against 3 of our allies (WW, GW, HSA)
  • We would be fighting a total of 6 armies
  • Would leave us more susceptible to invasions because of the number of enemies
  • We would be supporting an army whose behavior we should not be tolerating
  • It would damage our alliances in the long run
  • We could possibly make the invading side significantly stronger, potentially ending the war

Supporting the Orange Alliance


  • Would be defending 6 armies from an unfair invasion
  • Would be helping 3 allies instead of just 1
  • We would be giving the Orange Alliance the significant advantage towards us being on the winning side
  • Would strengthen alliances with many armies while hurting few
  • Could give us the opportunity to get new servers
  • Could potentially save more servers from being lost


  • Would be going against IW, our best ally
  • Would make the Orange Alliance significantly stronger and make the war unbalanced
  • Could cause the war to end sooner
  • Would could damage to the ACP/IW alliance

IF we are forced to take a side, which side do you think we should choose?  Please leave a comment explaining why as well.


92 Responses

  1. 1st??? woot

  2. Also, it’s not only IW and UMA, Nachos are helping them too, so that’s the 2nd largest and the 3rd largest armies plus UMA facing The Orange Alliance.

  3. 3rd w00t and i personally think we should stay out of the war joining either side would cripple our army

  4. you need a stay neutral choice…

  5. We need to stay neutral of course. But… If any reason what so ever I would pick IW/UMA, becasue it would be like older armies vs. newer armies 😆 !

  6. 7 th ahh not sure but ill vote

  7. Well, IW is a good ally and all, but isn’t ACP all about protecting CP? Yes, we are. Therefore, the better decision(in my opinion) would be helping the orange alliance. We will, as you said, help many allies instead of just one, and we can’t let IW think that just because we’re their ally means that we’ll support anything they do. Also, didn’t this same situation contrbute to the Fall of the Nacho Empire?


  8. I think we should help the orange alliance. If we help IW we might lose 3 allies. Besides its not fair that a huge army just wants more servers from smaller armies. By the way, the black army hacked one of our polls and its possible theyre doing it again.

  9. If we had to enter the war I tink we should go with IW and UMA. IW is a good allie of us and are 2’nd biggest army. If we helped them are alliance is going to be even better just in case a super power rose power ex: nachos then we could work together but yes we have allies on both sides.

  10. we need to cut off the recruiting so we can be in wars for a long time COME ON

  11. we need to be with IW an UMA beacause the IW helped us during WORLD WAR5

  12. i think that we need to stay neutral for now.


  14. Honestly, in my opinion, just stay neutral, we want our own battle. Btw, Nachos are backing out of the war, this IS like you guys fighting agaisnt Nachos for new leaders. We don’t want to destroy IW, we just want corrupt leaders, (like Licey :lol:) outta there.


  16. Well IW seem to be a a good ally in the past so why not join them



  19. IW is the 2nd largest army bye the way so lets help the IW

  20. i think we should help the orange alliance mainly because they have more armies and numbers usually wins battles

  21. Actually i changed my mind i would rather help ice warriors and UMA because nachos are on their side too

  22. DONE VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. iw has been are allies and orange alliance has been pushing therm around so i chose iw

  24. if nachos were never created its like chuck norris was never born.

  25. IW and UMA! Bring back UA!

  26. Morals dont exist in CP armies.

  27. If we helped Ice Warriors-
    The two look up to armies would be doing the wrong thing, and we’d lose plenty of allies.

    If we helped Orange Allies-
    We’d lose a great allie, our strongest allie that is. And, we’d just get hated by strong armies.

  28. OA FTW!!!!

  29. Hmmm. I don’t agree with Iw’s decisions of invading HSA. However, They really helped us win WW5, and it would be wrong to never help them in return. They shouldn’t of invaded HSA in the first place, but I never reconized HSA as good allies of ours. Stay neutral or help IW. I think Helping IW is the best idea. The two strongest arimes should be allies, not enemies…

  30. help IW and UMA this orange alliance is just like the red alliance but evil if UMA IW and Nachos lose their goes ur 3 major allies and the Orange alliance would realize hey were just as big as ACP put together (AND YES THEY ARE IVE SEEN THEM PUT TOGETHER) i bet we can take them on too and when that happens no allies to help u now cause IW UMA and nachos will be too weak or unwilling to help u and to tell the truth i dont think ACP can win a war when 6 armies are attacking it and it has no allies if u join UMA and IW we provide Protection UMA protects conquered servers well IW are on the attack if Snowfort or Breeze got attacked u can expect UMA to be the first on their too defend it

  31. Why dont you just send two divisions to IW and UMA and two divions to Orange Alliance. I say you should just be neutral lol so you wouldnt hurt anything and you could keep everything that you have and not hurt any other army. Either way-the army u dont help will most likely start hating you. So u should just be neutral -_-

  32. iw and uma

  33. Pros of IW / UMA’s side:

    – IW is our closest ally: Not really. You may think they’ve done a lot of stuff for you but really they haven’t.
    – They have helped us in the past: In like the last war or two, yes, but I think you’re forgetting about how many times the IW fought against you before. They really didn’t like you. Personally, I think they ACP is relying on this fake image that the ACP and IW are close allies because there really isn’t anyone else out there that wants to be close allies with them. They respect the ACP, but aren’t really together with them.
    – This side probably needs our help more: Not really. The IW are still massive, and the thing is that the smaller armies like WW, GW, HSA and Tacos aren’t very well organized since they aren’t just one big army. The IW can also probably equal most of them.
    – Would balance the sides better than if we joined the Orange Alliance: I thought you just said that IW / UMA’s side needed more help? Whatever, this is mostly true, however you would probably beat the IW / UMA’s side.
    – We would be fighting alongside the 2nd largest army as opposed to against them: So? It’s really annoying when the two largest armies team up, it just really is.

    Pros of Orange Alliance’s Side:

    – Would be defending 6 armies from an unfair invasion: True, but I don’t think that’s what you should be basing your decision on.
    Would be helping 3 allies instead of just 1: That is a good point, however do keep in mind that sometimes it’s better to have one large ally than a couple of small ones.
    – We would be giving the Orange Alliance the significant advantage towards us being on the winning side: Very true, however it might be interesting to see if any armies (like the Nachos) join IW / UMA’s side after that.
    – Would strengthen alliances with many armies while hurting few: I completely agree with this. As I’ve said, I really don’t think you have that much to lose from IW’s alliance (you could always get it back later if you wanted to anyways) and I think UMA usually is really just out to be on the larger army’s side in these wars.
    – Could give us the opportunity to get new servers: Not that you really need any, but sure.
    – Could potentially save more servers from being lost: Once again, true.

    In Conclusion:

    Really, I think that the ACP should remain neutral, but if they do take sides I think that the ACP should help the Orange Alliance. Right now, the IW / UMA’s side IS larger than them and I think it would be really interesting to see how this plays out, since other armies would probably join IW’s side if that happened. Also, I don’t think the ACP really has anything to lose from fighting against the IW since they were never really that close of allies in the first place.

  34. The IW is a very big army. If the IW and the UMA lose this war they will probably be gone forever upsetting the balance of the number of troops in each army. If we save the IW then they will be living for a long time and will not have to join our armies. Helping three major armies but smaller allies wouldn’t help is in the long run because they will not always be an alliance which means all three of them won’t be able to help us in our time of need.
    (Also, in your first short paragraph you said “Like the U.S in WWII” it’s actually WWI. that was just for the record. xD


  36. I think the Orange Alliance will benifit us. Though it will damage our alliance with IW. But I don’t think it’s fair that IW is invading HSA. After all, HSA is relatively new. Though I vote for the orange alliance, I hope that IW will make the right choice.

  37. why cant ACP be neutral I mean wut if we dont wanna take sides,honestly

  38. boomer should make a vote for neutral

  39. we should join OA mainly because since iw has its rank and has been bratty latey, its mainly a punishment for them, like, discipline

  40. iw and uma cuz we would have war!

  41. make WAR not PEACE! cp armies were created for war, real armies were created to defend

  42. I agree with Noka, we can’t fight without recruits, but we can’t recruit 24/7 because war on CP is dying face it

  43. i agree with tricks idea

  44. We cant let IW and UMA do whatever they want to smaller armies. Are keeping allies more important than our slogan protecting CP?

  45. i vote that we see how the war goes and only join if we are declared upon, and go on the side that has not declared war on us. but that’s just my opinion.

  46. Is the IW’s alliance with the UMA worth putting the IW’s alliance with the ACP in jeopardy?

  47. Help the orange alliance

  48. i think stay neutral or enter as peace makers and as a third army to stop the other 2 groups, other wise if worst comes to worst and the iw’s start losing then step in and help them other wise we should be the peace makers

  49. Retirement of Qjx2b

    I am retiring from the ACP. I might return in the future, but for now I am very busy.
    ACP was my first army experience. I fought hard and was loyal. ACP showed me what a real army can do. I have made a lot of friends in this army and met a lot of great people.
    Here is who I would like to thank:

    Capncook: You are an awesome friend. You were fun to hang out with on chat.

    Rexrider: You are an awesome friend. Second person to actually talk to me on chat. Thank you! Good Luck in ACP, and in leading the Ninja Corps.

    Mobious 4: Dude, you rock! You helped train me to fight. First person I met in ACP.

    Dan 9765: You were fun on chat and you are very responsible.

    Albaro Lord: You Helped me train and I would like to thank you.

    Purple Haste: Fun on CP! You raised through the ranks with me all the way until now.

    Dryvit: You were leader when I joined. You were awesome! Fun on chat!

    Meat: You were fun on chat, but you screwed up in ACP.

    Boomer: Great Leader! You are leading ACP higher every second. Great Job! Fun on chat! Good Luck!

    That’s it! I don’t think that I forgot anyone, but if I did I am sorry. I will still be on chat every once in a while. Thank you ACP for making my first army experience fun and exiting. Well I guess this is Good Bye for a while.


  50. Help the ORANGE ALLIANCE. Iw has not helped acp much before. They used to hate acp and has fought them almost 4 times more than they helped them while gw, hsa, and ww idolize acp. Fight with the ORANGE ALLIANCE

  51. stay neutral boomer this isn’ our war, if i remember correctely USA ended the war by blowing up japan :/

  52. Boomer, why would we help a side that is unfair and are attacking smaller armies just for their own benefit? Maybe you should ask them why they are declaring war on smaller armies, and if they don’t have a good enough reason, I say we declare war on IW!

  53. I really dont see how we are forced but thats why im only a major lol. If we have to choose a side i would go with iw/uma. I think this bc iw is our closest allie. do u see more gw hsa and ww leaders or mods or 3 ics come on or more iw. iceyfeet is on here more than some of our mods! if we turn on our biggest allie not only will we loose our biggest allie. we will have smaller armies protecting us and we will have to defend and help stop invasions for 6 different armies. so i say side with iw.

  54. Hmm.. This is prolly’ the first time I agree with Woton..

  55. bommer can i join i commented?

  56. I rlly think we should stay neutral, but if we dont then we should take the Orange Alliances side. being with IW is a sign that we support they’re behaivior, which we dont. and the Orange Alliance would get mad if they had like the top 6-10 armies and we had the top 2 armies plus another top 10 army, it would be really unfair, the OA wouldnt even be able to get in a room if all of ACP, IW,and UMA had already got all of their soldiers in it.

  57. Gravatar testing

  58. Gravatar testing.

  59. Hmm after this ACP penguin in a week or so Im going to get the penguin blanket pic on my gravatar lol


  61. Vote IW and UMA! Also I think the Nachos are helping them too, so it would be the best known armies vs The Orange Alliance. P.S. I’m 3ic in UMA so that really influenced my choice lol

  62. Orange Alliance!

  63. ok i hate taking sides in this little ingagement and it was hard for me to choose but i think i will go with IW and UMA one reason perhaps we can bring this war to a fast ending i do not want to damage our alliances with all the armies but if you go with the iw and uma alliance then perhaps we can bring this war to a close without much server taking and just beating them back im not saying im against invading im saying we should end this war fast and maybe just cream them while they still stand!!!! so im voting for iw and uma!

    Rock on acp!

  64. The Orange alliance because if we help them, they might get bigger. This armies are majorily small. So they need help. I don’t consider “Ice Warriors” an army.
    And UMA is brutal. They started as rebels against ACP back in early 2007. Oagal surrendered his acp to UMA once because they were outnumbered but ACP got alot of beating. So we need revenge over them. As for IW, I don’t know what really to say but all they are, are just penguins in underwear, a cape and blue paint on their faces. These 2 armies are like rebels, guerillas or something. We DON’T want to mix with them. We are a regular military army. We allie with armies in appropriate uniforms who match with ACP or closer.
    I was also on Oagals ACP since late 2006 and rejoined the new acp so I have alot of experience.

    •Would be defending 6 armies from an unfair invasion: Yes unless they are small. But we NEED to help them and give advantages. We are a regular army so we can help them make bigger.
    •Would be helping 3 allies instead of just 1: Yes because IW and UMA are considered to me ‘guerillas’, rebels etc…….
    •We would be giving the Orange Alliance the significant advantage towards us being on the winning side: But that will also give the Orange Alliance further new/ skills, strategies, tactics and etc.
    •Would strengthen alliances with many armies while hurting few: In order to defend CP we must be an alliance made of tactics and etc..
    •Could give us the opportunity to get new servers: That would lessen servers for bad armies and easier to track them. As an ACP me and acp friends/squad go look for ninjas CP-server wide.
    •Could potentially save more servers from being lost: Which will trap armies that are trying to invade our servers.
    •Would be going against IW, our best ally: We have been allies with a guerilla like army. Now we should not. Its time to flush them out and make allies with appropriate armies.
    •Would make the Orange Alliance significantly stronger and make the war unbalanced: Unbalanced indeed, but this is the first time.
    •Could cause the war to end sooner: Well that depends on our new recruits
    •Would could damage to the ACP/IW alliance: Its time to unfriend with IW a guerilla like army or rebels sort of.

  65. you know thats a bad idea the orange disterict will take over iw then they will go after us and trooper how do we no your not in the orange disterict so boomer will make the disisions or another leader

  66. IW has helped us in the past. they have done alot for us, we cant betray our best ally! that is just horrible and selfish. we should stick with IW.

  67. Trick’s idea is good, but involving ACP in two sides of the war would ruin it forever. Wars are for being together, for fighting for the same cause – and that would make it a practise battle.


  68. stay out of this war…. we have the second and third largest army against OA, it’s already murder for OA, so JUST STAY OUT


  70. how do you do that thing called gravatar

  71. and i think this is totaly dumb why do we have to be on the orange alliance side the iw and uma vs 4 or 5 armys thats so fare!!!! and iw might not need use and same with orange allinace!!!!!! this is there war!!! not ours!!!

  72. stuiped E button!!!!!

  73. FAILURE, you should take both sides on. acp would trash them

  74. Yay we get to help someone in an unfair war GO ACP!

  75. i say we help IW and UMA

  76. We should help out orange. They were unfairly attacked, and the allies/ enemies page says we HAVE TO help the unfairly attacked side.

  77. Well I think the IW and UMA are bigger than the Orange alliance so I think we should help the smaller side.

    P.S.Aren’t the nachos also helping IW and UMA?

    P.S.S. Why did the IW invade the orange alliance in the first place?

  78. P.S.S.S. i like pie

  79. Boomer should get back to schoolwork


  81. we should go to war against iw

  82. It states we will work to help the army with the Greater cause. We wont help them at all unless we battle with them (the orange alliance) instead of saying we support them.

  83. take it from a soldier who has been in this type of situation before. we should fight iw and uma. and this war started when? i think it’s time we settle the war down by wiping out 2 very powerful armies, that way we could finish off the weaker guys, and finish this bloody war once and for all! we have CP families who miss us and are scared that we might not come back. In all of my time being a soldier, i have been struck 6 maybe 7 times. and a medic wasn’t always there. BUT if we wipe out the bigger armies first, we got the toughies out of the way so that we can focus on the small guys.
    and i know my plan may sound a little off, but it’s either 157 soldiers with no skill, or 5,000,000,000 penguins in a society.

  84. interesting

  85. Boomer, I am never able to attend battles because I am in school at 12, so could we change the times or have them at weekends and spend the week plotting

    Brigadeir998 aka
    Lord Falkon aka

  86. I think we should be neutral if we are forced to join the war you should send divisions on both sides so no armies will be angry

  87. iw and uma is out of the war

  88. Iw have said sorry

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