WAR!!! Or a battle anyway


Reminder to RBAA: You may invade Parka from ST only in accordance with the fact that you would be sharing it with ACP since we are the rightful owners after we invaded it from ST.  Tuxedo (and Brumby) are both ACP servers which Dudex told me he would remove from HSA’s Nation page.  I request that RBAA not invade Tuxedo, and that HSA remove both servers from their list as was agreed a few weeks ago.  We will reclaim any lost servers from this conflict so please don’t make it come to that.

Eli84 has an army “The CP Flame Throwers” and has challenged the ACP to a battle. I think ACP can accommodate him.

We will be meeting in battle Saturday, December 12, 2009 on the server Sleet, snowforts,  at 5pm Eastern, 2pm Pacific time.

This battle will challenge all our resources we can muster. It will be grueling, bloody, hot, cold and possibly smelly. All the things an ACP soldier cherishes most in an battle. So set aside any plans, cancel any movie dates, record the ARMY/NAVY game, set your alarm and be prepared to look the enemy in his penguin face and not blink. Lets make Boomer proud!!!  See ya on the battle field.

Hatt: I sadly can’t make it since I have to help my dad put up the new LCD 47” TV we got from our family. (I think they think we are poor xD).

Echo Versus GW PB

Hey guys, Batin here! We are going to have a PB coming right up between one of our brigades and the one and only Golden Warriors. Here is the info;

When: Sunday 1 pm PST, 2 pm MST, 3 pm CST, 4 pm EST, 7 pm UK

Who: GW and Echo incase you can’t read titles.

Why: Fun, we’re all so bored! 😆

What: Errr… A  PB!

Where: Snow Fort, Snow Forts! For chat go Here!

I expect all of echo who can to be there and I expect NOBODY else to attend? So seeya then guys!


Fox: Should all the leaders come or just Echo Leaders?



Oagal: I have a question/suggestion. This is really old, and predates most of your CP existence. But way back when, the former RPF leader (Commando717) and I made an agreement that if the CP staff ever created an army uniform-type line of penguin clothing, the ACP called “dibs” on using it as our uniform.

So I suggest that Sergie suggests that the folks up in America’s Hat (MY phrase, by the way :mrgreen:) create an army uniform/camo clothing and helmet. It can be for a costume in the Theatre or as a way of honoring soldiers around the world (which Disney may or may not support?). Regardless, there will be TONS of new recruits wearing OUR new uniform, and ACP power will shoot through the roof. We wouldn’t double in size. We wouldn’t triple in size. We wouldn’t grow ten-fold. No, there would be dozens of new ACP soldiers and militia in every server of Club Penguin at all times. Will they be hard to control? Yes–impossible to control all at once. But many, many new soldiers will join the ACP, and–with a good patrol–we will at least be able to control a server at a time.

Does this sound power hungry? Probably. But if they make it a production in the theater, they will probably make another uniform for the other side . . . so one other army has the opportunity to rise to the occasion if they so choose. And there will be plenty of wars with unorganized bands of noobs. That’s all the fun of CP warfare–charges, chants, and an endless barrage of snowballs against an unwitting yet strong enemy–without all the politics that prevent such fun.

I think Sergie should make this suggestion.

Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday~

Sergie here,

I got some great news. I and my brother are going to our cousin’s house in Kelowna. Kelowna is a city of Canada just a little north of Seattle where I live. You might know Canada as, “America’s Hat”.

The reason why I am posting this on a CP-based-army-full-of-no-life-people is because the CP business headquarters are located there. Lane Merrifield is said to be there on the same day I will be going to my cousin’s house. Lane Merrifield, for those who are young and never watch the history channel, is BillyBob. Yes, I will be meeting him and asking him about everything.

You guys can help me make a list of questions to ask him. So please comment below and write down a question. After I come back I will post it on the RPF site.

I am not only doing this for the heck of meeting the real BillyBob in real life, but also to ask him why is he making CP Armies suffer in such a way we are today.

Comment with your questions! I’ll be back in a week or so!

– Sergie

This might be our best chance to talk with Club Penguin about the fate of our army communities (assuming he’s not lying), which means we need to get some questions written down for him.  Leave a comment and I can refer the best questions to him, or he can check them himself as well.  Hope this works out.


Fox’s Quick Off-Topic Note: teehee Saint I’m using your color…. Anyhow, since today is Bat’s day for join page and I am 99% sure he’s grounded, I’m doing it today, hope that doesn’t count as a strike for him or anything…

Batin: I’m not grounded so thanks Fox but it’s okay.