Echo Versus GW PB

Hey guys, Batin here! We are going to have a PB coming right up between one of our brigades and the one and only Golden Warriors. Here is the info;

When: Sunday 1 pm PST, 2 pm MST, 3 pm CST, 4 pm EST, 7 pm UK

Who: GW and Echo incase you can’t read titles.

Why: Fun, we’re all so bored! 😆

What: Errr… A  PB!

Where: Snow Fort, Snow Forts! For chat go Here!

I expect all of echo who can to be there and I expect NOBODY else to attend? So seeya then guys!


Fox: Should all the leaders come or just Echo Leaders?


28 Responses

  1. 1st, cool, i wish it was alpha!

  2. Echo=Pwnage

    Good Luck


  3. I’l be there.

  4. how do you get 1st on everything?????

  5. Alpha=pwnage

  6. I should be in Echo so I’ll just post that I’ll be there, aka i was transfered over to delta but i should be in Echo.

    Happyman444~Brigadier General



  8. Batin u cant pick things for Echo to do ur the DELTA leader

  9. ill try and make it lets go divisions :D!

    Rock on acp!

  10. can u put me in a division
    plz put me in the Echo
    srry I cant make it on Sunday have a YMCA basketball tournament
    ~Mr Dunning~

  11. I can make it :mrgreen:

  12. I`m in Echo!!! Yet, I might not make it due to a Family Trip 😦 I wish Echo luck.

  13. I’m in echo, and I will be there.

    Rawk awn errko!



  15. I’m in echo and i’m pretty sure I can make it

  16. i am not in echo but can i come plz batin reply

  17. I did not even get a Divisions yet

  18. cool i can make it. Hopefully i can go buy my new membership card

  19. im not in any division,but i’ll go with echo since that was my previous division

  20. y not anyone else?

  21. GUYS! Acp, Nachos have came! We dont know where they are! We need help!

  22. The real reason Icey pulled out of war after only 3 days? Could the true cause of CP Army Extinction be closer to us all than we thought? It’s all at:

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