WAR!!! Or a battle anyway


Reminder to RBAA: You may invade Parka from ST only in accordance with the fact that you would be sharing it with ACP since we are the rightful owners after we invaded it from ST.  Tuxedo (and Brumby) are both ACP servers which Dudex told me he would remove from HSA’s Nation page.  I request that RBAA not invade Tuxedo, and that HSA remove both servers from their list as was agreed a few weeks ago.  We will reclaim any lost servers from this conflict so please don’t make it come to that.

Eli84 has an army “The CP Flame Throwers” and has challenged the ACP to a battle. I think ACP can accommodate him.

We will be meeting in battle Saturday, December 12, 2009 on the server Sleet, snowforts,  at 5pm Eastern, 2pm Pacific time.

This battle will challenge all our resources we can muster. It will be grueling, bloody, hot, cold and possibly smelly. All the things an ACP soldier cherishes most in an battle. So set aside any plans, cancel any movie dates, record the ARMY/NAVY game, set your alarm and be prepared to look the enemy in his penguin face and not blink. Lets make Boomer proud!!!  See ya on the battle field.

Hatt: I sadly can’t make it since I have to help my dad put up the new LCD 47” TV we got from our family. (I think they think we are poor xD).

57 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. Quack, Quack

  3. darn u jcapp!

  4. I will be there

  5. I think these noob army names get less original every day. =/

  6. Easy Win

  7. I might not come because the ARMY NAVY FOOTBALL GAME is still going at that time

  8. ill be there

  9. ill be there if i no what time it is in CST

  10. i found out so ill be there

  11. i am going to be making a ary soon its called
    BHP=bounty hunter peinguins
    hope it does not look dume

  12. or noobish even no it says yahoo at top lol!!

  13. ill try to be there and how big exactly is this army anyway?!

    Rock on acp!

  14. I’LL MAKE IT!!!!

  15. I will do my best to get their Boomer. How big is his army?

  16. Sorry, i have my birthday party then. 😦 i’m sorry, i cant be there.

  17. goey- he is his army. he has no soldiers at all. lets watch him be creamed…..

  18. I might make like the first few minutes it cant make it because of i church skool 😦 ik its stupid 😦

  19. Can you give me the link to there site?

  20. Seriously Somebody needs to disable the Sticky Post feature on this blog.

    I can make it.


  21. i always go to wars it will be a easy win

  22. it is a peace ‘o cake

  23. Same with the Echo incident, I can`t make it due to family matters! Sounds like when Obi and I had WW5 againstMaxy 😆

  24. You sound like KT describing the Div. War. I might make it, might not…

    teh Twing

  25. Lets show these cp flame throwers what were made of. Ill try and make it if im not there it wont be any different u better win. The acp glows hot and bright everyday so gosh darn it lets show the cp flame throwers that lets win Acp!!!

  26. yeah i know i am not yet a ACP agent but…
    I SOON WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    see ya at the battle!

  27. yeah i know to replys in a row
    its just that well
    are ya still fightin those ninjas?
    if ya are i have some info for ya
    did ya know a ninja called flapjack50?
    well she has set up a little army of ninjas and well…
    just look out for THE LFN’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. WATS the time in u.k

  29. is this time in Canada 2

  30. Im so there it my first battle

  31. WATS the time in u.k

  32. wats the time in u.k

  33. Moo 8) – means I’ll be there Moo Moo means i wont be there
    but yeah moo 8)

  34. maybe i can come

  35. i might be there because I have basketball

  36. I’ll be there
    ~Mr Dunning~

  37. 😆 :mrgreen: 👿 HA HA join http://www.naggroup.webs.com WAY better than ACP 😆

  38. Wow, we’re so going to PWN! A very n00by, small and pathetic army shouldn’t challenge major armies, they should challenge their own kind. And I heard its a one man army…… That army is going to run into MANY epic failures xD

  39. 👿 :mrgreen: I might not be able to show up, but i will definitley try.

  40. i cant i am having a sleepover with my friend tonight and they r pickin me up at 4:30

  41. yay

  42. i will try to be there but I have a christmas party at my house in real but i will try so much to be there

  43. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

    er no clue watta say

  44. hi. i was wondering if i could post an advertisement here for the new Ed and Eddie Show which launches on 24th December 2009. its a video show that anyone can watch and it is based on http://www.edandeddie.wordpress.com
    please visit our site now and post comments on what you’d like to see included on the show and if your suggestions are sensible, we’ll include them. we’re a bit stuck on what our show should feature, but we want to know what you’d like to see in an online show, so post away!It is based for older children / young teenagers.
    Thanks i hope lots of you come and help!

  45. sorry i cant come my birthday is today and people are comming over

  46. Not cool man there wasnt a battle no one showed up
    Better come next time or i quit

  47. sory couldn’t make it

  48. ha we won

  49. I MADE IT!

  50. Im there. WHERE ARE THE ENEMIES?!?!?

  51. I’ll be there! Lokk for my penguin Mollycruel!

  52. Someone should make shirts that we could wear in REAL life!

  53. no one is here at the snow forts 😦

  54. Mollycruel is the only penguin in the snow forts who is in the army!!

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