Club Penguin Rockhopper,Coins For Change,Catalogs & More Cheats!

Hey ACP! First off I gotta warn you this is a heck of a post full of Club Penguin Cheats 😆

To get the free item,the Candy Cane Hat all you need is someone to send you the Free Gift Postcard!

Then once someone sent it to you open your mail and Accept the Gift!

Send it to all your buddies and Celebrate Christmas!!

Arr! Who is Herrre? Rockhopper Arrived with some rare items

  • Coins for Change Background (Free)
  • Tricorn Hat (350 Coins)
  • Silver Bell (75 Coins)
  • Coins for Change Banner (Furniture) (500 Coins)
  • Coins for Change donation Station (Furniture) (500 Coins)

Now lets get on with the Coins for Change Cheats!

Since 2007,Every year on December Club Penguin Donates 3 Million Dollars to 3 different causes that need it. To help decide the ammount of money every cause gets,we donate coins on booths located all over the island and this year,On your igloo!

You may Donate 20,250 or 500 coins to any Cause all times you want! Just Remember,Any donation will be thanked!

Here’s a map I made with the locations of the Coins for Change Donating Booths

Here are the Cheats for the Better Igloos Catalog

Here’s how to get the Secret Stone Igloo

1. Open up the 2nd Page of the Igloo Catalog
2. Click on the top right of the wood

Here’s how to get the Secret Deluxe Stone igloo

1. Open up the 8th Page of the Igloo Catalog
2. Click on the Door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo

Also Club Penguin came out with some new Music!

And to continue celebrating this awesome Month,CP has added A Furniture & Igloos Catalog along with some Music! Remember to decorate your igloo and subscribe it to the judges when the time arrives!

Lets start on with the Furniture Cheats

Here’s how to get the Nutcraker:

1. Open up the 1st Page of the Catalog
2. Click on the blue bird the Santa Hat Snowman

Here’s how to get the Small Christmas Tree:

1. Open up the 2nd Page of the Catalog
2. Click on the center of the Wreath

Here’s how to get the Christmas Lights:

1. Open up the 2nd Page of the Catalog
2. Click on the blue bird the star at the top of the Tree

Click on the bottom right of the Coffe table for the Wood Stove

Click on the top of the Snow fortress for the Icicle

Click on the right snow tower for the Fire Place

Click on the brick for the Puffle jack o lantern

Click on the window at the cottage for the Cauldron

Click the tombstone for the Goofy Jack o Lantern

If you look at the Dance Lounge located upstairs the Night club,you will find a strange Construction

I’m Pretty sure this is the sled we’re gonna use for a Magic Travel just like the new Christmas Login Says!

Happy Holidays!


8 Responses

  1. Woah this took me 1 hour 15 minutes 😆

    Hope I helped with the Cheats.


  2. Whoa, that is a lot of cheats… To bad I`m on my family trip and can`t donate yet 😦 Happy donating!!!

  3. 4th!

    Also, thanks for the cheats!!


  4. The environment keeps us all alive (d) (WP NEEDS XAT SMILEYS)

  5. Nice cheats matre 😉 I don’t think u missed any 😆

  6. whyd it take u 1 hour and 15 minutes Matre

    Matre: Between Finding All the cheats,taking pics,uploading it,writing,revising grammar and centering the pics because WordPress messes them up it took me time 😆

  7. handy thx matre!!

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