Echo Won

Saint: I’ve noticed during Recruiting Sessions that when you have too many people shouting the same things it starts showing only one bubble at a time (many people probably noticed this too). I think our best bet of getting more recruits is to have small recruiting parties spread out in one server instead of everyone in one room. I might schedule a recruiting session, but I’m not sure. If any other leader wants to, go ahead!

Fox: Nice idea Saint. I agree – small recruiting parties are better, the (small and easy to fix) problem is if Klug’s leading one party and Matre’s leading another and Bfan’s leading another, we’ve got people shouting different orders and dumb people (Fox) might get confused. Now if you’ll excuse me, people are overusing the audies on chat and I need to kick them.

Echo beat GW in the practice battle today. It was hard to get an exact count of how many people were there, because Disney has to make sure our computers glitch when we have a battle on CP. Saiya pced me saying Echo won. On some screens there were 20 Echo and 3 GW, others 15 Echo 10 GW, others 8 Echo 2 GW, and it was different on everybodies screen. I will post a picture later today and good leading Divo! Thanks for showing up Echo,

Edit: Sorry for the edit Thom – I wasn’t there for long but I got two pics, so I figured I would post them. Basically Echo got to the battle with strong numbers and recruited a ton, so we ended up having a solid 30 soldiers from one Division (one-third of ACP is bigger than the 3rd largest army 😆 ). Anyway, here are the pics I got:

This was already 10 minutes in, but it was about 30 Echo vs. 8 GW:

At then this was the end not even 15 minutes in (again close to 30 ACP):

Not a very long battle, but a victory nonetheless. Well done Echo!



Official retirement of Frostbeetle

Well………………………………… this is my second retirement, and this ones official.

I started as a clubpenguin n00b minding my own buisness, when all of a sudden i was in the middle of a war between cp clones(retired army) and ST. I fought unofficially for a while. then i saw rbaa recruiting. i searched it and found their site. I looked their allies and saw ACP. I was inactive for a  while, but a mounth later i remembered the site and became active.


part 2: thank you’s and hate you’s

Falling: great friend and leader

Yankee: very talented, could be the next leader

Fox: go to (someplace not fun)

Dry: great friend. ill never forget what u did.

Capncook: ………….. i knew you, but your not rlly a enemy or friend.

Boomer: good luck as acp leader

jojofishy: why am i writing this you arent in acp anymore.


hasanb: greatest friend of all. i knew you since you and i were a n00b.

saint: might wanna change tacics


Part 3: uhhhh……..

this will be unofficial untill new years so hopefully i can be a mod on chat. i will still work on!!!

also a lot of retirements are happenning bcause of lack of war. we need war on clubpenguin. thats what armies are created for! not peace! WAR!

A Story by Divotoo.

Battle To The Better End: Book 6: Death of Evil

Maybe I am biased, maybe I am just amazed, either way I wanted to share the work of our very own Divotoo.  Your division general and friend, my little brother. I hope you enjoy this as much as he did writing it. For an 8 year old to craft such a story, well, see for yourself…..

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