A Story by Divotoo.

Battle To The Better End: Book 6: Death of Evil

Maybe I am biased, maybe I am just amazed, either way I wanted to share the work of our very own Divotoo.  Your division general and friend, my little brother. I hope you enjoy this as much as he did writing it. For an 8 year old to craft such a story, well, see for yourself…..

12 12 2009

Chapter 1: Code Red

It was a rainy day. The rain was pouring and water was up to your ankles. It was 12:30 A.M. It was a normal night at the ACP headquarters. Or was it..? Suddenly, sirens went off and searchlights searched the grounds. ‘What is it now?’ Said Divo polishing his jeep. ‘Why’s he up at midnight?’ Yawned Kt throwing his chaingun on his back. ‘Early troop gets the first shot.’ Grinned Divo. ‘Guys! Hurry! Hawk just spotted a Nacho spy on the move!’ Said Dry. ‘Aka’s alive?!?!’ Said Seth whom had not been briefed in a few months after the defeat at the coast. ‘Obviously!’ Said Paint rushing out of the service elevator. They sprinted out of the hangar into the courtyard. Guards were everywhere and shots were being fired. The group fought through the crowd and managed to notice the confusion was a giant Nacho transport. The sirens screeched and the guards ran everywhere. Aka ran through the confusion. He boarded the transport and they took off. The transport was gone, but it wasn’t the end of Aka’s mild manners.

Chapter 2: Spies

They all walked into the monitor room. Dragon was typing. ‘Uh.. guys.. bad news..’ Said Dragon. ‘What is it NOW?!’ Said Dry. ‘Well, why Aka was making a run for it some NachoTech spies snuck in and stole the data file..’ Said Dragon. ‘So what are the options?’ Said Saint. ‘Assemble a convoy and stop that transport. They’re being guarded by a huge army of Nachos so we need a convoy.’ Said Dragon. All the ACP ran to the hangar with their rain gear and weaponry and got in the jeeps and motorbikes. ‘Ohhhhh were fightin’.’ Said Divo laughing. ‘Just a fightin’.’ Continued Kt with a laugh. ‘In the rain!’ Laughed Dry. ‘Good ol’ show tunes.’ Grinned Kg passing the jeep on his motorbike. ‘I see something big and black.. not a transport..’ Said Hawk. Suddenly, a bullet bounced on a tree followed by heavy fire. ‘WERE UNDER FIRE! TAKE COVER!’ Yelled Saint ducking behind a jeep. Fox was running with another scout to Saint. ‘FOX?! WHY ARE YOU FILING YOUR NAILS?!’ Said Saint. ‘Broke a nail. They might break a face too!’ Said Fox jumping on top of the jeep and grabbing a chaingun. She jumped down and fired at the paratroop Nacho.  The paratrooper Nacho fell and screeched. He landed in a big, huge, puddle. ‘And this is the forest. Where you can enj- fighting?’ Said a tour guide. ‘TAKE COVER YOU IDIOT!’ Said Divo tackling him. Bullets flew overhead. ‘Where are we?!?!’ Said the person being toured. ‘YOU’RE IN MAMMOTH WARZONE! I SUGGEST YOU LEAVE..’ Said Divo throwing a grenade at the transport. ‘Ummm… they don’t say anything about ACP vs. Nachos in this handbook..’ Said the tour guide flipping through his handbook. ‘ARE WE REALLY HAVING THIS CONVERSATION?!?!’ Said Divo kicking and punching at incoming Nachos. ‘JUST GET TO THE PLAZA AND MEET BOOME-’ Said Divo. ‘OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! BOOMER20?!’ The person being toured rudely interrupted. ‘YEAH, BOOMER20! HE’S LEADING THE SCOUT CAMP RIGHT NOW AND WILL FIX YA’ UP AND GIVE YOU A BROCHURE!’ Said Divo. The person grabbed the tour guide and sped to the Plaza in the blink of an eye. The transport was hovering around the warzone. ‘STAND BACK, I’M GONNA TRY A GRENADE AT THIS POINT!’ Said Darth Vader. ‘DARTH?! SERIOUSLY, YOU’RE NOT IN THIS SERIES. THE COMIC CON IS IN SEATTLE THIS YEAR!’ Said Kg. ‘Ohhh…’ Said Darth Vader walking away. ‘LET’S TRY A GRENADE!’ Yelled Kt pulling the ring. He threw it and the ACP took heavy fire. The transport crashed to the ground and the databank card went flying. ‘I GOT IT!’ Yelled Fox. She jumped and grabbed it. ‘Owww… broke a stinkin’ nail!’ Said Fox filing her nails.

Chapter 3: Valkyrie

Back at NachoTech headquarters… ‘I quit!’ Said Woton, who was one of the spies. ‘What the?! Wotonz?!’ Said Aka. ‘You nearly killed us!’ Said Woton. ‘You’re not going anywhere, kid.’ Said Aka snapping. Suddenly, out of the dark stepped 2 armed guards and all the doors locked. ‘What the?!?!’ Said Woton. The guards grabbed him and disappeared in the dark. ‘AAAAAAGH!’ Yelled Woton. ‘That oughta take care of him..’ Said Aka with a grin. ‘Shhhh! C’mon, we’re getting you outta’ here.’ Said Zzz unmasking from under his uniform. ‘Huh?’ Said Woton, who was having quite a day. ‘He’s right, be quiet.’ Said Trick unmasking. They led him through several hallways and down the service elevator to the basement. ‘What? This is just the basement.’ Said Woton. ‘That’s what you think.’ Said Zzz pulling up a hidden panel. He pressed his thumb on the thumb pad and a sealed door came out of nowhere and opened and there was a big table and a a giant monitor. ‘What is this place?’ Said Woton. ‘Operation Valkyrie.’ Said Miroos. ‘Back when Zippy was leader, the rebels set up a plan called ‘Valkyrie’ and sneaked this room in.’ Said Gamer. ‘So who is in with it?’ Said Woton. ‘Just about all the leaders.’ Said Shadow. ‘And meet our head of operations..’ Said Miroos. ‘Welcome in the team, Woton.’ Said Puckley with a grin. ‘Wow..’ Said Woton admiring the room. ‘So here’s how it works. A month from now, Boomer and Fox are getting re-married for their anniversary. Aka is going to assault it, trying to kill Boomer. Since the whole army is on it, and we’re just leading it, on signal we raise our guns at Aka. Our head of communications has also worked out a plan with ACP, where they raise the guns at him too and the best men war-arrest Aka and the trial will punish him.’ Said Puckley.’Umm.. can somebody spit it out in english?’ Said Woton. ‘We going to assault Aka the bad guy at Boomer and Fox’s wedding.’ Said Miroos. ‘Ohhhh..’ Said Woton.

Chapter 4: The March To Death

All the Nachos were gathered in a huge theater. Aka was giving a speech. He walked on stage. ‘Hello sol-’ Said Aka. ‘WERE R TEH NACHOZ?’ Said a random guy in the audience. ‘Umm.. over there?’ Said Aka. ‘O KAY’ He replied. ‘Hello soldiers. Today, I won’t be talking. The monitor will.’ Said Aka. Then there was confusion in the audience. They all were saying many things like, ‘What?’-‘Is he insane?’-‘His sanity must be hanging by a fingernail..’. Then, a huge monitor, the size of the stage,  lowered down with the NachoTech symbol on it. ‘Welcome, to the death march.’ Said Aka with his eyes flaming more then a nuclear explosion. Aka typed on his keyboard and all of the Nachos were tied to their seats by metal bars. Aka’s eyes were red like a flame. He typed more and a many horrible images, (Wich I dare not describe) went on the screen. The images cleared their minds of thoughts and put the thoughts you would only find in the darkest corners of a mad man’s mind. Their eyes went red and bloodshot and their blood ran cold. They were unlocked and put back in their stations. The Nachos were on high alert, they must let nobody know about the order Aka gave. They knew he was strict by the flames in his eyes and the way the veins popped out he was clinching his fist so hard. Aka was in the Nacho terminal 56. It was guarded heavily by Nacho commandos. In the middle was a dome filled with nuclear energy and heat. There was around 50 computers and a huge monitor. At the top of the dome was an opening with another dome over it filled with poisonous air particles. At the top was a transparent tube. It went up over the roof. Aka knew what he was doing, and wasn’t giving it up easily. There was a long alarm on the computers and a map popped up on the monitors. It showed all the places in range of blackout. Aka’s blood ran cold and he felt so furious that tears came to his eyes. The one thing he didn’t notice, was the ACP HQ wasn’t in range of blackout. He clinched his fist so hard his veins nearly popped and spewed out what looked like bullets, but was blood. He pounded his fist on the keyboard and all at once on the computers showing everywhere in the world, (Except of course, ACP HQ.) the people dropped out cold.  Only people perfectly fine  now were ACP and Nachos. After the first few minutes, ACP noticed too. Puckley’s plan was in debt.

Chapter 5: Bleeding Bullets

‘Errrm, Dry.. you should see this..’ Said Dragon staring at the security monitors. Dry walked in with a coffee mug. ‘What is it?’ Said Dry. Dragon went back to the minute of the video the world dropped out cold. ‘Wow… one building falling out cold. That has Aka’s na-’ Said Dry. ‘It wasn’t just a building. It was the world.’ Said Dragon with tears to her eyes as she watched the surveillance. Dry ran and turned on the defcon red siren. Dry stood on the platform in the hangar bay and starting giving commands. ‘Ok, men. Today-’ Said Dry. ‘Ehm..’  Said Fox and Saint. ‘And women.’ Said Dry glaring. ‘Today we got the most important fight of our lives. The fight for mankind. First we start off in New York. We start at the Greenwich park, also known as zone 1 of our patrol. The end of our patrol, ending zone 1, will be the Statue Of Liberty. First, we’ll start at Tribeca. Alpha squadron, you’ll be surrounding the building. Echo squadron, you’ll be in the building protecting the victims.  (If possible, wake them up.). And last but not least, Delta squadron, you’ll be on the roof manning the mobile turrets. Move out, men. ‘ Said Dry. *Ehm*’ Said Saint and Fox. ‘And women..’ Said Dry rolling his eyes. ‘WOO! GO GIRL POWER!’ Said Saint. Fox slugged her. They all boarded the transports. Onboard the ACP medical transports were ACP’s head programmers, Paint and Dragon with the team of medics and other ACP technical supervisors. On the specialized transports, were Dry, Boomer, Saint, Shab, Ankita, and a group of generals like Thom, and Batin. On the SSACP transport, were ACP top spies like Kt and Bluey. The rest were soldier transports Nobody but the directors of SSACP knew where Divo and Kg were.

Chapter 6: Bounty

Kg and Divo were in NachoTech Headquarters in plain sight, but in Nacho uniform. They were spies. Kg and Divo were disguised as Miroos and King Kinz. ACP had made Miroos and King Kinz the first victims of the antidote. ACP held them in hiding in the ACP Headquarters so they would not and could not be tracked down and killed. Kg and Divo walked in the NachoTech command room. ‘Ahh, nice. It’s my best troops and my best bounty hunters.’ Said Aka. ‘What are our orders, Aka?’ Said Divo. Aka tossed a holopad across the table. They turned it on. On the screen was a picture of Dry. ‘So, we have to get Dryvit?’ Said Kg. ‘Yes, it will be a great advantage to NachoTech with ACP’s leader in our hands.’ Said Aka with the dark grey hair covering his scarred eye.  ‘Somebody’s got issues..’ Whispered Div to Kg.

Chapter 7: Storm From The Skies

It was midnight. This was the time they were supposed to get Dry. Dry was informed of the plan and ready. He had a pistol hidden in his shoe and in the correct location. They were off to the building Dry was in. When they got there, Div threw a smoke bomb in and the crashed through the door. They cuffed Dry and pinned him. Div took off his mask. ‘Div?’ Said Dry. Kg took off his mask too. Then the fireworks began. ‘WHAT THE-’ Said a guard getting shot. Dry picked the lock and grabbed his pistol. It was a killing spree. One by one the NachoTech bounty hunters fell dead. They were evil one way or another. Div slung the sniper rifle on his back. ‘I’m going to make sure the perimeter is-’ Said Div getting interrupted. There was an eerie tone. ‘Sounds like it’s coming from his leg.’ Said Dry kneeling down and investigating the leg. On it was a homing device. The moment Kg saw Dry point it out he rapidly fired at it. ‘Aka is probably on the way now. Div, you need to go try to snipe him if he’s alone. If he’s carrying men, hide.’ Said Kg. Div ran upstairs and put on his dark sniper suit. He saw Aka in a very-well armored black-camouflage Humvee leading a battalion. He was coming from the Northwest side of Glacier Falls. They had a chopper landing set up a few miles away. Aka was taking this sabotage very far. Div didn’t care what Kg said. He ducked down and ran downstairs. ‘GUYS, WE NEED TO GET TO THAT CHOPPER CAMP! WE NEED TO GET ON A CHOPPER AND GET OUT OF THIS PLACE!’ Yelled Div. ‘Let’s get this party started.’ Said Kg slipping on his ACP uniform and putting a clip in his assault rifle. They all pulled down their specialized goggles and broke through the wall. ‘Ready to rock, guys?’ Said Div with a smile. Div jumped on top of the incoming jeep. He broke through the roof. ‘I call shotgun!’ Said Div throwing the driver out of the jeep. Kg jumped on the incoming plasma-ray tank. He yelled in the turret, causing the pilot to look through the scope on top. Kg threw a punch in his eye. Dry knocked off the men on ATVs with his gun (He literally swung the gun at them).  Div pulled in to a stop and Kg and Dry got in. Suddenly, the Nachos started falling. Suddenly, ACP jet troopers started jet packing down. ACP started charged from the trees, a few heavy-loaded jeeps started coming over the bumps in the road. Aka was long gone in the heavy-loaded chopper when ACP was storming. ‘Fox? Dragon? What are you guys doing here?!’ Said Kg. ‘Oh yeah, we thought you guys would need a little help once we heard Aka was being the usually I.O.W..’ Said Fox. ‘I.O.W.?’ Said Dry. ‘Idiot of war.’ Said Dragon hacking into the chopper. ‘So, what about that whole knock-out mission?’ Said Div. ‘Oh, it was easy. SSACP helped the head programmers hack into the NachoTech files, and made a special nuclear-powered ray that sent the cure into the orbit of Earth.’ Said Boomer sticking a landing on his ATV. ‘Oh.’ Said Kg. ‘Showoff.’ Muttered a Nacho ATV driver that had got kicked off.

Chapter 8:  Death hole

Once the zone was cleared and the Nacho camp out was destroyed, they brought them back to the ACP camp out. ‘This is so cooler then the Nacho camp..’ Said Kg. ‘I know.’ Said Saint mixing cream in her hot coffee. ‘Guys, you should see this..’ Said Dragon. ‘Um.. I’m not scientist but that looks bad..’ Said Batin. ‘You’re correct. See, Aka measured the altitude of his chemicals wrong. Now, the cure and the chemicals collided. The fumes of dark matter caused a black hole that either instantly kills at contact, or brings you back millions of years in time. But, there’s no way you’d live along the way. Dark matter is not only poisonous, it also clogs up a sick person’s lungs in a matter of seconds, clogs up a healthy person’s lungs in up to 2 minutes.’ Said Dragon. ‘Is there a way to STOP a big scary hole from destroying mankind?’ Said Klug who was very irritated about Aka. ‘No, unless you wanna go jump in the main center of it.’ Said Dragon. ‘Incorrect. The whole reason they collided is because of the magnetic fields. One chemical stuck to South, one stuck to North. Then the magnetic fields came in. See, the aurora messed up the chemicals sending the chemicals mixing in the magnetic fields. They both formed black holes. Both are going to collide in at least a week.’ Said Paint, who had been studying it much harder. ‘While you both were ranting, I found out a way to stop it.’ Said Kt. ‘So spit it out then!’ Said Tux. ‘Well, you all know the ninjas, right?’ Said Kt. ‘You mean the ones in the faraway mountains in Japan?’ Said Houndy. ‘Yes. The black hole can be stopped by the pressure of all elements.’ Said Kt. ‘We’ll need a group of ACP to get their and receive the all-element Japanese Spell and Wind Stone.’ Said Boomer typing.

Chapter 9: The Alliance

Saint, Dry, Boomer, Kg, and Shab, the ACP Representatives in the United Nations, their guards, and a group of generals, Divo, Thom, Seth and Motor were sent off to Japan. ‘We were so lucky we ditched the ‘Fan Club’ at the airport.’ Said Thom looking at the island off the coast of Japan they were sent to on Google Earth. ‘Yeah, real smooth of you to say you’re ‘Testing the door’.’ Said Seth. ‘Thanks. Worked with the feds on that last mission, probably will work on a bunch of ACP fans on THIS mission.’ Said Div. ‘Guys, keep it down. Shark Week is on.’ Said Boomer eating popcorn that looked like limbs of a fish. Kg just sighed and nodded his head. ‘Hm. The weather around Japan is rough.’  Said Motor. Rain fell and lightning flashed. Once they got there, the island was foggy and the air was very damp. They were sent holographic transmissions from Sensei. ACP Sent back the plane name, passenger description, and purpose. They landed in the Main Hangar Bay hidden in a mountain. They were lead to the top of the mountain to meet Sensei by a Shadow Ninja. Once they got there, they were trapped with an energy cell. ‘What is going on?’ Said Saint. ‘You, grasshoppers, have been betrayed.’ Said Sensei. His guards got next to him. They were trained and had venom in their teeth. They were like human snakes. Fast, intelligent, and very dangerous. ‘He is right.’ Said Aka with 6 guards, 3 on each side of him. ‘We have allied up to destroy all ACP forces.’ Said the head guard.

Chapter 10: Armed and Dangerous

While Aka was talking to the group, Thom and Div were trying to get a message to the ACP HQ. ‘This is a military message center. Please leave your message and a guard will review it and reply soon.’ Said the guard on it. ‘NO, NOT SOON, NOW. I NEED TO TALK TO DRAGON AND FOXTAILS.’ Said Thom. ‘Oh, move out of the way, Hawk.’ Said Fox pushing Hawk away from the transmission screen. ‘Thom, Div, you guys are back already?’ Said Fox. ‘No, no, no. Just get Dragon to send some snipers down to Japan. Their main target- Sensei.’ Said Div. Fox got Dragon. ‘Guys, I got our best snipers. I just heard you had been held hostage by Aka and Ninjas.’ Said Dragon. Suddenly, in the forest of Japan, a sniper transport landed and a bullet bounced off the pagoda and hit the giant monitor’s trackpad. Aka was escorted out immediately and the Ninja Guards jumped and flipped in air. One’s leg got hit by a bullet. The snipers were now jumping from tree to tree firing shots. Each shot got closer and closer to Sensei. He started reflecting bullets with his wind bracers. Dry saw that while Aka was escorted out, he dropped his energy cell control pad. Dry grabbed it and hacked into the mainframe. Sensei was too busy fighting off bullets that he didn’t notice the energy cell was unlocked. Boomer tapped on Sensei’s shoulder. Sensei turned around to be hit immediately by a sniper shot. He fell dead. Dragon and Fox were escorted up by snipers. Behind them was Oagal with a grin on his face and welly-armed. ‘Never thought the day would come.’ Said Boomer shaking Oagal’s hand. ‘Aka is DEFINITELY off the island.’ Said Capn to Oagal. ‘Well, good thing only these Ninjas know we’re here. Gives us an advantage for when we storm the Ninja HQ.’ Said Oagal. ‘What do you mean WE? There’s only like 10 of us and 10,000 of them.’ Said Motor. ‘Not for long.’ Said Oagal. Suddenly, ACP transports flew overhead and landed in the forests of Japan. The whole ACP was on this island. ‘Now are you knuckleheads gonna stand around and come fight?’ Said Oagal getting out his specially-made sniper rifle. They all sprinted down to a camp-out of snipers and scouts. Their leaders were Paint and Bluey. They gave the group a ride up and soon ACP was surrounding the mountain. ‘AIM THE TURRETS!’ Said Oagal. ‘TURRETS AIMED!’ Said the turret engineers loading up. ‘READY… FIRE!’ Said Oagal. All the turrets rapidly shot at the hangar doors. The doors after about 3 minutes fell down. They all charged in and shot down ninjas.

Chapter 11: Red Blood Mafia

ACP had already got a division set up to be in Japan. The skies were dark. They were searching for the Ice Crystal. Div walked up to the top of the mountain. There, hanging on the pagoda, was a giant monitor. Div turned it on and there were 4 windows opened. Each was information on the Ice Crystal. Div was hacking into the pages to find the location, when suddenly, a tree nearby crackled. Up through the service elevator came 5 men. Each one in a red suit with a facemask on. All except one had ammo belts hanging on their shoulders. The one in the front wasn’t wearing it. He was smoking Crack. He took off his mask and revealed he was Pink Mafias, Founder of PM. ‘So, an ACP interrupting Red Blood Mafia business? Typical. Very typical.’ Said Pink Mafias lighting another batch of Crack. ‘So, you scum wanna mess with an ACP general, hm?’ Said Div. ‘Maybe we do, maybe we don’t.’ Said Pink Mafias. ‘Well, that’s a pretty stupid idea.’ Said Dry shooting the guards from behind. Thom, Oagal, Dry, and Dragon ran in and took down the guards. Div jumped and flipped in air. He and Pink Mafias fought. Div pinned him down. Pink Mafias flipped him over. Div immediately grabbed hold of him, taking him down and he broke through the red-painted wooden railing into the rain and fog of below. Div felt something in his hand. He opened his hand. It was the Ice Crystal and Spell Stone. ‘Thanks, guys. How’d you know-’ Said Div. ‘Pink Mafias has been around in Tokyo for a while. He was actually the one who ran for president, soon to be dictator.’ Said Dry. ‘Back when we helped RPF invade Japan from UMA, we had to deal with him. I even had to get into head-to-head combat with one of those mafia members.’ Said Oagal. ‘Oh, so that explains those sniper towers?’ Said Div looking everywhere and saw wood sniper towers armed with double-turrets.

Chapter 12: Militia and Mafia

What they did not know was that Pink Mafias was not yet dead. He had a few minor injuries and one huge injury. His arm had fell off during impact. He was transported to a camp in a rain forest of Brazil. There his arm was replaced with an electronic cast. The Militia was lead by  Harv. His eye had a scar and his gray hair was cut short. He and Pink Mafias had an agreement. They’d both be allies and work as an illegal militia for Nachos. ’Dry, we got a lunar drobe going over the base. Let’s fire at it.’ Said Dragon. ‘First, ask for description of drobe and purpose. ‘ Said Dry. ‘Drobe, describe your purpose or be destroyed.’ Said Dragon on the holopad. There was no answer. Snipers were sent to the sniper towers outside to fire down the drobe. They loaded the double-turret cannons. They rapidly fired. The drobe went into a death-spin and landed in a huge creek. The impact was horrible. A huge explosion went off.

Chapter 13: Sniped

Snipers and scouts were sent out in toxic-suits to investigate. Dry and Boomer were with them. They hiked through the jungle and to the impact area. ‘Woah, this drobe is no normal drobe..’ Said a sniper. ‘What is it then?’ Said Dry. ‘It’s a U.S. Military Classified 2.0 Drobe. They only supply U.S. Classified forces with these. Mainly used to store data and very toxic explosions.’ Said the sniper. Boomer bent down and rubbed a bit of leaves off the side of it. On the side, in graffiti, was the initials, MM. ‘MM? Wier-’ Said a sniper. He was interrupted by gunfire. A bullet went overhead and landed in a scout’s chest. ‘FALCON!’ Yelled Boomer. ‘GET DOWN!’ Yelled a sniper tackling Boomer. ‘YEAH, THIS IS DRYVIT, DR. Y VIT OF ACP. WE HAVE A CODE RED IN SECTOR 6, ALL RESPONDING UNITS MOVE OUT.’ Said Dry into his intel pad. ‘SO, EVERYONE REMEMBER ACPTR?’ Said Boomer. They all saluted. ‘WE GOTTA BE FAST, SO REMOVE ANYTHING THAT YOU DON’T NEED THAT CAN SLOW YOU DOWN’ Said Dry crawling through the mud. Bullets flew overhead as they followed. Rain started to pour. A few gunships landed on the Search & Rescue ACP Landing Pad. ‘Permission to land, Drag?’ Said Paint with a laugh piloting the gunship. ‘Permission granted, Paint.’ Laughed Dragon. Gunships landed. The glass sealed-closed doors opened. Saint walked onto the landing pad.

Chapter 14: Deployed and Destroyed

Div and Kg stood by their helicopter. They were leading an attack fleet. ‘Ok, we’ve got a Code Red in Sector 6. Dry and Boomer have gone missing, due to attack. No reports of death. Fox and I will lead the Delta Search Party Divo and Kg will lead the Echo Attack Fleet, and Paint and Dragon will lead the Alpha Search Party in Sector 7. Understand?’ Said Saint. They all saluted and armed their vehicles. The men in Div’s group got in helicopters, some hitched a ride as a sniper in the helicopter. The hovered over Sector 6, rapidly firing at the Militia & Mafia camp-out. It wasn’t easy. They were heavily armed. They quickly deployed paratroopers. Batin and Thom jumped out with special heat-detector goggles. They tracked down the militia. Div and Kg landed along with the fleet. They searched for any soldiers left.

Chapter 15: Hostage Camp

When the search was done, a few soldiers were left to scout. Suddenly, they were flying back to the Landing Pad to report status when they flew over the Search Camp. Smoke was coming from it and guns were aimed at heads. Dry, Boomer, and the rest of the Search Party were held hostage. The helicopters took action. Batin and Kt jumped out and shot down 2 Militia guards with their sniper rifles. Dry grabbed the guard behind him’s arm and twisted it. A bone snapped and Dry grabbed his pistol that had fell to the ground. When the helicopter started hovering closer to the ground, Kg took over the controls and Div got on an ATV. He flew out the side of the helicopter, landed, and skidded in the mud. He jumped on the flat bed of it and fired like a mad men, killing a Mafia Sniper. Suddenly, there was a crackle in the bushes, and a gun was fired. They took down Eagle, ACP’s best sniper. This had gone too far. Those were 3 soldiers too many. ACP took it to the UN.

Chapter 16: Meeting in Progress

Oagal, Boomer, and a few other leaders, (Along with a few branch generals), were sent to the UN HQ. They had requested the Nachos to be removed from the UN, along with UMA. As Oagal presented his speech, and the leaders and generals talked about the troops they lost, the power went out. The room was pitch black. There was a gunshot, a loud groaning noise, and a sound of Nacho Trooper boots. The lights came back on. Oagal was gone, and there was a trail of blood. Aka was as well gone. This cleared up the fog on the finger-pointing.

Chapter 17: Killer of The Darkness

They had been transported back to the ACPHQ and troops were busy at work tracking Aka. Dry, Boomer and Saint were having a meeting in a highly-reinforced meeting room with other leaders. Suddenly, the electricity went off in all of the ACPHQ. A loud gunshot and groaning could be heard through all the hallways. The lights came back on and Paint and Dry’s seats had puddles of blood. They had been kidnapped. On the ACP Emegerncy Intel screen, above everything in the room, Aka flashed on the screen. His blood ran cold, Div was nearly motionless he was so surprised and scared. ‘Well, as you know, that’s all I shall kidnap. But they may lose their lives. That twerp, Divotoo, will be stopped. He may lose a life, too.’ Said Aka. ‘I’m no twerp you dirtbag.’ Said Div, furiously. ‘Your brothers are on death row. They will be executed. Dare not interfere. I have many on my side, I shan’t ask for money. I ask for..’ Said Aka with a pause. ‘For WHAT?‘ Said Kg. ‘For the death of you all.’ Said Aka, with the scar on his eye turning dark red. ‘I will be located at the Empire State Building, with many more hostage if you dare interfere. I shall be on my way.’ He continued. The screen went black.

Chapter 18: Unexpected Visitors

Boomer ordered everyone onto a Transport. They loaded up and guns clanked all around. Div looked out the window of the Transport. He saw they were moving at great speed towards the Empire State Building. For Div it seemed like forever. His arms were cramped and his eyes red. ‘Hey, Div, catch!’ Yelled Boomer throwing Div a Sniper Rifle. ‘Thanks!’ Said Div with a grin catching it. As the fleet hovered around the Empire State, Div and his best snipers crashes through the windows. Div fired like crazy. Thom came down along with them. He shot down a Nacho Guard. ‘THEY’RE NOT ON DEATH ROW UNTIL I SAY SO, DIRTBAG!’ Laughed Div shooting down a Nacho Sniper. Soon the ACP helicopters were bombarding. NachoTech troops charged from all over. ACP was stopping it. ‘KILL THEM ALL! KILL THEM!’ Said Aka aiming at Oagal’s head with a pistol. As Aka nearly pulled the trigger, a gunshot was heard. Aka fell motionless on the ground with a puddle of red surrounding him. He had been killed.  Question roared through the crowd like, ‘Who killed him?’-‘Is he actually dead?’-‘Where’s Div? I hope they didn’t get him, too.’-‘Was it a headshot?’. As the steam from the guns cleared off, it looked clearer who killed him. It was Div. ‘I’m not letting my bros die this way. Dirtbag.’ Said Div polishing off his pistol. A few ACP Doctors took the body in for an autopsy. Some ACP Snipers untied Dry, Paint, and Oagal.

Chapter 19: Anniversary

ACP was transported back to the ACPHQ. They all got dressed and headed to the Ball Room. All armies, (Even Nachos), had attended the event. They danced and had a great party. ‘Three cheers for the Aka Killer!’ Yelled Fox shooting a confetti cannon. ‘HIP, HIP, HOORAY!’ The crowd roared. Boomer came over to talk to Div. ‘Kid, you did good out there today.’ He Said. ‘Thanks, Boomer.’ Div replied. ‘I want you to have this. The Medal of Honor.’ Said Boomer. ‘I couldn’t. I just killed him. So?’ Said Div. ‘Oh, just take it!’ Said Boomer with a grin slapping Div on the back. Boomer and Fox had a great anniversary. The End.

Chapter 20: Epilogue

ACP Was now in peace and Boomer lead through thick and thin. Person is no longer in ACP or Nachos and is working for the Postal Service. Puckley is now leader of Nachos. ACP and Nachos are great allies. Div is still leading Echo division alongside with Kg. Oagal is now in hiding with other UN leaders. Dry is now ACP Co-Leader, leading under Boomer. Fox is now ACP Co-Leader. Meat is still in a mental hospital. Aka is dead. Paint is now ACP Head Programmer. Dragon and Saint are now ACP Co-Leaders. Harv and Pink Mafias are in ACP Top-Secret Classified prison lock in a classified location. The blackhole was destroyed and the world remained in peace.

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  7. its so long time read i couldnt bother lookking or reading it

  8. wow that was awesome great story. =D

  9. Like Person said you should take an IQ test and I would recommend adding paragraphs easier for the eyes.

  10. Very nice Div, I see future authoranism in you. :]

  11. Laaawl ,
    Divo .
    You’re one smart 8 year old .

  12. Not to brag, but Div goes to the school for the gifted here in Georgia. We know his IQ, he was tested for the school, at that time, 2 years ago it was 137, so yeah.

  13. dang I wanted to kill Aka along with Fiasco to become the dominant males in Ohio

  14. 137?! O_O The first IQ test I ever took, I was 121.. Then I got 145 (wary)

  15. Person I highly doubt you are considered Genius ROFL. I bet you got that 145 on line right???? Get over yourself already. Quit being jealous of an 8 year old. Of course Div would remind you he will be 9 in Feb.

  16. Dry, hes not insulting your brother, hes simply marveling… or… ehh… i don’t know! I can’t find any other word for it! TO THE THESAURUS!

  17. Dryvit, I’m jealous that I wasn’t as intelligent at him at his age. aaand I got the 121 in an online test, the 145 was in an optional test at my high school =D. I really don’t understand why you snapped there, Dryvit XD.

    Sorry Per, I am protective of him.

  18. I’m amazed at the genius of this guy… 0I may meet him in ”Authorship” one day (I am an extremely talented author, according to my old teacher- oh, and me xD!). He (my old teacher) thinks I’m ready to write my first novel now, (to be published, 0.o) at the age of… 11 =D. And I got all 5s (top score) in my English SATS test. And I got a 5 in Maths, and in Science! =D I’m one smart cookie!

  19. Lje, Div owned u, he’s 8, and 11 year olds dont take the SAT

  20. “Girl Power!!!!”, said Saint and Fox. LOL!!!!!! That was pretty inaccurate because Fox would never say that and Dry would never roll his eyes when he fixes his mistakes. Just sayin’! And why do u act like u hate me?! Just askin’!

  21. WOW! Nice story!

  22. Girls of club penguin, don’t worry, Div hates all girls, they have cooties LOL. Give him a few years.

  23. Dryvit, my name is Waldo Frost. and well, I understand. My sister who is 9 thinks boys have cooties.

  24. Someone should make this into a movie on CP and put it on youtube! Really great story!!

  25. Boomer, I was at the battle at Snow forts, server Snow forts and you showed for like thirty seconds and left i sent a request and you didnt add me. I was waiting on that all day. So thanks alot. 😦

  26. and my penguin account name is Avenged7xxxx

  27. Great story Div!!! You write better then me, and I like how were becoming active in a different way 🙂 (We already were active.)

  28. DUDE!!!!!SWEET!

  29. niice 😉 your’e one smart 8 year old, div

  30. wow! I still cant believe an 8 year old wrote that. Its an awesome story!

  31. Bfan, you haven’t even seen one of my stories, so you can’t say ”Div owned u” Oh, and what I meant isn’t what you think I meant: Here in England, just before we leave ”Primary school”, we take these test called ”SATS”, and your results decide what class you’ll be in during Secondary school (High School to Americans and other countries, Idk)

  32. nice dry 😎 i love it its awesome make more!

    Rock on acp!

  33. I meant the lurgy. She thinks boys hvae the lurgy.

  34. I’m here by mistake. I started reading and I should tell you that your site is great. You are writing so many interesting things. I can’t agree with many of them, but it’s ok. I will probably visit your blog more often. I would like to use your words on my own blog. Is it posiible? – Monica

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