Official retirement of Frostbeetle

Well………………………………… this is my second retirement, and this ones official.

I started as a clubpenguin n00b minding my own buisness, when all of a sudden i was in the middle of a war between cp clones(retired army) and ST. I fought unofficially for a while. then i saw rbaa recruiting. i searched it and found their site. I looked their allies and saw ACP. I was inactive for a  while, but a mounth later i remembered the site and became active.


part 2: thank you’s and hate you’s

Falling: great friend and leader

Yankee: very talented, could be the next leader

Fox: go to (someplace not fun)

Dry: great friend. ill never forget what u did.

Capncook: ………….. i knew you, but your not rlly a enemy or friend.

Boomer: good luck as acp leader

jojofishy: why am i writing this you arent in acp anymore.


hasanb: greatest friend of all. i knew you since you and i were a n00b.

saint: might wanna change tacics


Part 3: uhhhh……..

this will be unofficial untill new years so hopefully i can be a mod on chat. i will still work on!!!

also a lot of retirements are happenning bcause of lack of war. we need war on clubpenguin. thats what armies are created for! not peace! WAR!

21 Responses

  1. 1st WOOT

  2. 2nd bye frosty

  3. moo

  4. 4th

  5. Final buh-bye Frost. Miss you, good luck in the real world, peace.


  6. 5th and 2nd woot!

  7. sorry left out a few

    machappy: awesome friend and mod

    noka: i’m watching you…………………………………………

    ashes: hope you will be allowed bac in acp

  8. gawd no ones reading it all the way through!

  9. Bye Frost, I won’t forget the thing we did in Capncooks igloo 😉 Have a good life, and keep up the good work at Club Penguin Igloo!

  10. you mean you asking me out and me screaming out the door?

  11. What ever you want to call it, BABE 😆 Joking… Seriously, good luck out in the world!


  13. Goodbye Frostbeetle,hope u do good in whatever u do


  15. Goodbye Frostbeetle i really never knew you but good luck in the real world peace!

  16. buh bye frost.

  17. aww cmon frost! man we lose so many awesome people right now oh well have a nice life frost!

    Rock on acp!

  18. im taking a break of acp sorry soldiers this may be the worst thing that happened to me in club penguin i just need a litte to myself im coming back on january 1st it sounds weird because im chase470 well bye till january

  19. oh ya and bye frostbeetle also to my retirement im going to come watch war when there is 1

  20. we all will miss u soldier

  21. moo

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