Guess I Spoke Too Soon

Oagalthorp: Once upon a time the ACP lost a battle to the UMA. It was World War III, and we had our butts handed to us on a silver platter with a side of humble pie. But what did we do? Did we count our losses and give up? Did we let the UMA win the war?


We worked our asses of to improve. We created a more effective uniform. We made a network of alliances. We improved on dozens of tactics. We recruited. We chose our fighting grounds. And what happened in out next confrontation? We used every possible strategy and advantage in our power to beat them. Did we win?


In fact, we went on to win the entire war and reach the height of the ACP’s power. All because of one humiliating loss. So use this lesson to your advantage.


First off: WE LOST

Pathetic. One word about todays suprise PB. Heck it even surprised me, in many ways might I add. SW owned us, it’s true, don’t try to cover it up. Yes we came back near the end, and SW wants to call it a tie, but in my book that is a total failure.

We wont get away with this epic loss, we will work our butts off until I think we’ve had enough. This week I will schedule something EVERY DAY, and yes, it will be very hard due to finals this week for some of us. In basketball when we totally bomb something, like lay-ups or free throws, we run, run until we cry. So that’s what I plan on doing.

Yes I know Chat was silent for the most part, but I still believe what I think.

If I miss one of these recruitments/battles you will get a day off with me just by myself on CP recruiting for an hour.

Here is the schedule:

*Note UK soldiers do not have to attend.


Recruiting session

Time: 4PST, 5 MST, 6 CST, 7 EST.

Place: Breeze, Town to start. (If Breeze is full, Grizzly)


Tactic Session

Time: 4 PST, 5 MST, 6 CTS, 7 EST

Where: Snow Fort, Snowforts


Practice Battle (ECHO vs ALPHA AND DELTA)

Time: 3 PST, 4 MST, 5 CST, 7 EST

Where: Parka, Snow Forts


Recruiting Session

Time: 4 PST, 5 MST, 6 CST, 7 EST

Where: Breeze, Town (If Breeze is full, Grizzly)

If you can’t make it, you wont have 40 jumping jacks to do, don’t worry.  I just think after this EPIC failure by losing to an army that was made SUNDAY we need some work.

*~*Saint1119 ACP Co-Leader*~*

Boomer: I can’t say if we actually lost, the pics weren’t terribly convincing, but just treat it as a loss and work to make sure we do better next time.


Meeting saturday

7:30 est

6:30 cst

5:30 mst

4:30 pst

Senate Meeting

Meeting saturday

7:30 est

6:30 cst

5:30 mst

4:30 pst

I may not be able to make these times but eh i will find i way to make something happen. Also this will be a time for you senators to finish up what you want to say. Re-elections for senate next month so for you senators and senator wannabes you better get started.

Leading and Leadership

With all the active patrols and recruiting parties going on Club Penguin, I think we need to clarify some items to save trouble down the line. ACP is set up like a real army. We have a top leader, Boomer, who in turn promotes other soldiers to work for him and lead those below them. This is really the only way it can work, or we would have 600 soldiers following their own orders on CP during battles, drills etc.

The accepted method of leadership in ACP is that of the real army. Highest rank leads, period.

There will be times when the highest rank cannot lead, at that point they usually ask who is next highest, as I have done at times when having to leave or am tied up on the site. There should never be a time when a soldier just assumes command over a higher ranking soldier on their own.

If you wish to lead a small patrol or recruiting party, ask the highest rank available if you may do so , then proceed to do just that. There should be no threats, or promises of promotion or demotions made. Those are solely decided by Boomer alone. Just take a note of who does not gear up for the patrol or recruiting party.

It should be generally accepted by the soldiers that only the highest ranks will lead a drill or tactic session. These soldiers are usually veterans and know the tactics and drills quite well, and are qualified to teach these skills by means of Boomers ranking them in that position.

ACP encourages all soldiers to be proactive in recruiting and patrolling of our servers.  I have never seen a soldier denied this honor. If your a higher rank and decide to join that patrol, realize that it may be more efficient if you were to select another server and lead a patrol there. Lets try to follow these simple rules and make ACP the envy of all armies. Thank you.


Unscheduled Tactics!

Hello, Thom here! We had a pretty successful recruiting session today, and I’d like to thank everybody on chat who actually came on! I got 2 pictures, here they are.

In this picture, we do a “frenzy line” where we spam with clovers in line.

In this picture, since we can’t spam ACP, we spammed clovers !

Great job today to everybody who came and attended. If you were there (ON CP, FOLLOWING ORDERS!) then comment below!