Card Jitsu Tournament Sign Up.

Mchappy: This has been moved to next week and will be re-stickied than.

Another Note: Card Jitsu Fire Times Are Changed! Water Jitsus Time will Possibly Be Changed! Also Please Only Join One Tournament For People Dont Listen D:<

Another Note: Also you may only join ONE TOURNAMENT!

Note: Could someone on the site who knows times add all the other timzones please?

Allright. Before we start mchappy delete this if you dont want us doing it. Now the vote for a tournament for all 3 jitsu won so we are doing 3. So here is the sign up form. You must fill it out completely.

1. What is your cp and acp chat name? (please label which is which)

2. Which tournament would you like to enter?

Thats it. Prety simple. The winner for each tournament gets a prize which wont be given out till the day after christmas (cause im getting an ultimate gamer card which im using for the prizes). Now here are the details.

Card Jitsu Tournament Times

Note if any battles appear times will be changed.


Time: 5:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM CST, 3:00 PM MST, 2:00 PM PST

Date: December 24th 2010



Time: 12:00 PM EST, 11 AM CST, 10 AM MST, 9 AM PST

Date: December 25th 2010



Time: 12:00 PM EST, 11 AM CST, 10 AM MST, 9 AM PST

Date: Decembver 26th 2010


Now here are some rules. Not many but some.

1. If you can do it quickly, please take a picture of who won. (OPTIONAL! IF NOT FOLLOWED NO PUNISHMENT WILL HAPPEN! IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU DID THIS THOUGH!)

2. Don’t lie saying you won.

Thats all the rules. See you all at the tournaments!


Background Contest Winner

Thom: Really funny picture I got at the practice/recruiting today. It’s Rockhopper, REAL ROCKHOPPER came to the battle today! (Sorry for the edit Shab, if a new post comes out soon I’ll move this all to that post) Here is the picture:

Edit: I was also given a pic showing Rockhopper shouting “Snowball fight!” and although this isn’t in the pic, he was throwing snowballs!  (Click to enlarge)

I held a chat page background contest more than a week ago and the winner has been chosen. The winner is…..

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Saint: UK People do not have to attend like i mentioned in my post, we can’t really make it any earlier to matter because the times are all after school. Sorry again 😦 .

Just reposting this (thanks Saint).  Also, I finally found pics from the battle, I wouldn’t go as far as to say we lost, but we do need to improve.  These can be viewed HERE.


Recruiting session

Time: 4PST, 5 MST, 6 CST, 7 EST.

Place: Breeze, Town to start. (If Breeze is full, Grizzly)

WEDNESDAY: (today December 16th)

Tactic Session

Time: 4 PST, 5 MST, 6 CTS, 7 EST

Where: Snow Fort, Snowforts


Practice Battle (ECHO vs ALPHA AND DELTA)

Time: 3 PST, 4 MST, 5 CST, 7 EST

Where: Parka, Snow Forts


Recruiting Session

Time: 4 PST, 5 MST, 6 CST, 7 EST

Where: Breeze, Town (If Breeze is full, Grizzly)

Thom: Really funny picture I got at the practice/recruiting today. It’s Rockhopper, REAL ROCKHOPPER came to the battle today! Here is the picture:

My thoughts on ACP at the battle.

I must preface this Post by saying I was not on till the end of the battle. I had been lying in bed nursing a horrid headache. Nonetheless, had I been there, is there doubt the out come would have been the same? No one knows.

Point being, we cannot judge ACP or even the troops available at the moment a practice battle was called. Troops come in all types. Our grizzled veterans, our schooled officers and our eager to learn soldiers. We cannot gauge ACP as a whole by the mix of soldiers on chat at any one time.

The ability to do that is staggering in the odds. What might help in the future,  is to view the available troops on chat, the experience of those troops compared to what the “enemy” has available to them to even request a battle. If we see our chat is  not full, and those on are new and eager but lacking experience,  the invitation will be declined.

The way to attempt to cure that experience quotation is to 1. Push ACPTR hard, 2. Run non stop drills and practices ( this will most likely drive many away), or 3. Plan and execute drill practices, and run Practice battles on a semi weekly basis. We cannot run divisional battles until ALL soldiers are in a division, including those  who joined an hour prior to any battle.

So to say ACP was pathetic is a wholly untrue statement by the mere fact of the odds of  a chat being filled with experienced soldiers at any one time. Perhaps the lack of experienced soldiers, ( our fault, not theirs) led to a pathetic showing. All in all, I just want the fairest light shone upon those troops that made the battle. It has been over one year since ACP lost a scheduled battle, I think that alone speaks volumes of this army. Thanks.


Saint: These pictures are only at the time of when we were actually doing well, IF you were there you would have known that most of the time they either outnumbered us OR we were similar in size.

Edit: In defense of our soldiers who were positive we did win, I finally found someone with pics, and they seem to support your argument.  Thanks Goodwill.

I don’t think we lost the battle per se, but the turnout wasn’t great, so we need to work harder nonetheless.  The low turnout suggests we need to work on taking orders from leaders other than me, and we need to be more committed to getting on Club Penguin as soon as possible.  We would have been in trouble if that was an invasion.