Acp Training Regiment

If you read Dryvit’s Previous post,one of his cures to that was to push ACPTR harder.

This is one of the best months ACPTR ever had,and i expect to keep growing it up. With this message,you officers,under 2nd Lieutenant that wish to become great soldiers and fight for Freedom and Justice on Club Penguin,I am not asking,but recommending to join us,the Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment. Towards acptr is experience learned and even for our graduates,a promotion.

I am making an exception for this month,and the Join page will be opened till the 18th instead of 15th.

Just so you know,I cant extend it more due to weekend Drills and it would be much easier to join on last event and just graduate dont you think?

You may have seen our Logo on the left sidebar,or heard of us. Our current staff is greatly active,and will be proud to train all of you officers who wish to learn. You have from now 3 days to join till Friday,its just a comment on the our Join Page. You can see on the sidebar our RSS feed from acp branch sites.

Currently we are working on keeping ACPTR improved,and bringing back an old Test and Classes system.

Click Here to join ACPTR. And remember,if somehow you couldn’t be active or join this month,you’ll always have the choice of Joining Next Month!


14 Responses

  1. hey fred here
    wow matre nice post. i agree that u all are very active even though i cant join acptr due to my rank i think it was a great idea to extend the join page open period. i acctually put that in my comment so i dont no if that is where u got it from all i no is that its a great idea and it will help fr sure.
    ~freddy257~ acp major

  2. ##################

  3. Join ACPTR is AWESOME!!

  4. I would like to join the ACPTR, I am a Staff Sergeant and I will be on when term ends (18th december – january 1st)

  5. ok nvm im not taking a break for a long time ill come back on the 3rd day of club penguins christmas the reason why is that januray 1st is to long

  6. i should have joined ACPTR when i was a yound soldeir, oh well, too late. although i did leave a comment for drill team leader a few months ago.

  7. It will be reallly good to have alot of recruits for ACPTR this month as this would help inproove grades by making Practice battles and other events bigger.

    Good look cadets!

  8. Please join! We are always looking for new cadets 🙂

  9. im already an officer (stg.)

  10. I think I accidently joined acptr today because Im a sargent!

  11. im going

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOMMER sorry i wont make it i get back from school at 3:30 and i have to do my homework too

  13. Patroler1, ranks of Warrent Officer or below are allowed to join the ACP Training Regiment. You are a Sargeant, you are allowed to join.

    ~General, Snowballpink, ACPTR Co Leader

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