The Retirement of Yanksrule14

Well, its been a nice run, but its over. I have to retire. None to do with anyone, other than a death. More info pc me. Some People i wanna thank:

Bluey: Thanks for bein mah bff, even though i divorced u 3 times, soon to be 4 LMFAO!

Ennbay: Thanks fo bein funneh and a bff

Mah tree: Thanks for bein umm….. how do i say this xD.. Ooh well thanks for bein mah bff

Boomer: Thanks for bein a great leader, and a friend

Batin: Hmm… How to start without something funny xD. Thanks for bein umm… nvm xD

Pack: Thanks fo bein funneh

Kg: Best guest eva


Nosey: Thanks fo bein a friend of meh

Dry: You know the leader position is still open for the CPP xD

Sol: Can i make boot camp yet? ROFLMFAO!

Hat: Good luck wit acp

Anyone i forgot: Your either a close friend, A retard who THINKS u were my friend, or you were funny.

The last quote:

We could all retire tomorrow, and acp wont be forgoten as an awesome army

For the last time in 09, ~Yanksrule14

Practice Battle

Boomer: Don’t forget today’s event!

Recruiting Session

Time: 4 PST, 5 MST, 6 CST, 7 EST

Where: Breeze, Town (If Breeze is full, Grizzly)

Now please enjoy my Fail of the Day xD

Well that was interesting. Echo won at the end, but Alpha and Delta held strong throughout the battle and even gained the lead once! Final score was 5-4. I think we might have to fix the Divisions a little bit and give Delta and Alpha a boost. I might take over each division for a week and see if I can help with anything, or, maybe have someone else take over. We might see a boost. Of course we’ll have to have Boomer’s permission first 😉 .

This is how we started out when I got there o__o.

A/D 1-1 Echo

Alpha/Delta made an excellent charge to Echo while Echo(point for line) was lined against the Right. This got them two points eventually.

A/D 3-2 Echo

Echo made a charge to the top.

A/D 3-3 Echo

Echo followed the charge down to the bottom (I was kinda late on taking the pic Dx).

A/D 3-4 Echo

I think Alpha/Delta got a point for a good line, but my copy and paste cut off the bottom so it’s not worth posting D:.

A/D 4-4 Echo

Echo then got a point for size, as Delta/Alpha had decreased in size rapidly.

A/D 4-5 Echo

Yeah so it was okay, happy birthday Boomer! I think we could have gone a bit longer. I’m taking way too long to write this post so bye!

Comment if you made it!

*~*Saint1119 ACP Co-Leader*~*

Boomer’s Birthday Party!

Edit: Woj made a video of the party!  Thanks Woj for throwing the party and for everyone who came, I had a great time 😀

Thom: Happy birthday, Boomer!

Today, December 17th, is my birthday! 😀  Woj is throwing a party and all (anyone who wants to come) are invited!

Congrats on Completing your first mission for SSACP!!


Check out last year’s birthday post HERE.  It’s pretty funny 😆