A Real Practice Battle !!!

Ok Alpha, gear up for a real practice battle. The Brown Creatures of Club Penguin have kindly asked to face one of our divisions in a practice battle, and ALPHA you are it!  I am very confident Alpha will proudly carry the ACP flag to victory.

WHEN: Sunday December 20, 2009

WHERE: Grizzly-Snow Forts

TIME: 6PM Eastern/3PM  Pacific

Only ALPHA soldiers should be there for battle. Pictures will be taken for promotional purposes, pictures will be looked at for demotional purposes, so be there or be a corporal LOL.


Saint’s Edit: ACPTR had a Practice Session today and they did awesome! Here’s a pic I took at the end.

Massive Filming

Hey Guys. WE ARE GOING TO BE DOING MASSIVE FILMING THIS WEEKEND FOR THE ACP MOVIE! The only problem is it I may not be able to come due to HW. So, I’m gonna try to get it done now. Ok so we will be filming as much as we can this Weekend so we can premiere on the 23rd. Here is the info.
Time: 11 am EST (Because events are going on and since a lot of you have started Winter Break this should be a good time for you all.)
When: December 19th
Chat: Xat.com/ACPSavesXmass
Why: We have to finish filming
If we dont get able to finish we will do more on Sunday.
~Speeder109 & Divotoo~

Holiday Party Cheats!

Today’s The Christmas Party,with 1 other for Non members and One for members.

Non Members Item – The Santa Hat is located at the Ski village

Now If you want to win that Member Item,you need to complete the Santa Sled! Im not gonna say a lot…but I think you have to deliver 15 Presents in Chimneys and your prize will appear!

Woo a Santa Suit! Ho Ho Ho!

Now for the Current New Pin…

The new Pin is a Santa Hat Snowman pin and its located at the Lodge attic!

Remember you have this weekend to submit your igloo!

Check out all the cool and lighty decorations on all the Christmas Party!

Happy Holidays!