Alpha Victory!

Saint: I will not be here on Monday OR on Tuesday. I’m going to Wisconsin. I’ll be back on Wednesday!

Boomer: Have fun Saint, and geez each of our Divisions is its own major army 😯

Saint: Oh ya I’m thinking of stealing one 😉 , also it would be nice if someone could do DR on Tuesday, just like 5 or 8 comments would help out.

Alpha won because of a no show . . . However! We had a MASSIVE turnout!!!!

We started before the battle with a line along the bottom.


Then We made a Vertical Line under Motor20.

We then did a ‘Go Santa’ bomb

Then a Clover bomb

Then some Alpha soilders when to Bfan’s igloo to meet santa. We did a ‘Santa’ bomb

So overall it was very good. Yet there was a no show ,we still had an excellent turnout. Good Job alpha!


Happy Holidays!

Yes thats right! We finished! We are gonna premiere the movie this week since most people christmas break start this week.
When: December 23rd
Time: 4 PM EST
Thanks to all who helped make the movie. I will be making more Vids probably. I’m not sure if Div will do them with me or not but except more (I will help in a few. xP). Also I interviewed Saint last night and here is the video.
Well I can’t wait to see everyone there. Also everyone from ALL armies can come. It doesn’t matter who you are in CP armies because this an event for everyone.
Happy Holidays,
Edit: Thanks to the ‘No Bfan Left Behind’ Sponsor! Very important sponsor!
Second Edit:
By- ~Speeder109~ (Click if not all shows up)
By- dιvoтoo αcp мeмo мαɴ (Click if not all shows up)

A Little Laugh

I got this email from an unnamed individual. I found it very funny but I do realize that the person is probably a young kid. Heres the email:

“I am sorry to email you again, but i have a huge problum concerning all armies and the safty of CP! I was told by another trustable army leader that herbert, the polar bear in the mission, will attack club penguin soon with his army the white army! I was confirmed of this by Gusw, leader of the orange army, red army, and purple army! He says that in order to protect CP we will have to put togethor all armies soon! Please pass on the news and email me back to tell me what you will do! This is a huge probleum for all of club penguin!”

Just a little thing to put some happiness in your day