An Apology to my friends, soldiers, and leaders

Hey guys, its Batin, and as you may have conculed I have not been on chat alot lately, which I know is not good! Last Saturday I said I would start getting abit more active starting that Sunday. Unfortunately my family had some personnel issues that we had to work out. Next thing (we had been predicting this for months) our computer just… well… died, meaning I couldn’t go on the computer for awhile and I got a new computer finally! Whuppee! Next, I will also use this post to wish you guys a merry Christmas becausse I will be going to Edmonton to visit some reletives come tomorrow and I won’t be able to go on chat much. Seeya guys!

P.S. To my fellow leaders, Could someone do the ranks page Thursday? Okay thanks.


Marching In a Winter Wonderland

Yup, the invasion of Winter Land was a complete success.  We had no resistance whatsoever and an excellent turnout considering many of our soldiers either couldn’t get in due to the server being full, or are still in school.  Despite all that, we still had over 45 for most of the invasion, maxing out around 60.  I would also like to apologize for starting early, we had so many soldiers there early we decided to go ahead with it.  Here are the pics:

You can see we had impressive turnout well beforehand, as over 45 soldiers awaited the invasion:

We made an epic line along the bottom with clovers, 50 strong:

We then invaded the Town and filled the place with clovers.  Look at the guy in orange: “OH CRAB” :mrgreen:

This picture is deceptive because we lost probably 25 soldiers who kept marching to the Beach, so this circle of close to 45 gave us around 60 on the server.  Check out the guy at the bottom: “THIS IS REALLY CRAZY THEYVE GONE MAD” 😆

We then took our remaining group of around 40 to the Iceberg.  You can see it in this pic, but all across the server people thought Rockhopper was here becuase of the crowd xD

Comment if you made it!


Defense of Avalanche

Update: We were only 13 hits short of 4,500 yesterday!  Nice job everyone!

Saint: I’m Back!

Boomer: Make sure you comment if you made our invasion of Winter Land HERE!

Invasion called off by the Ninja Corps

In case you were wondering, we swapped Tuxedo for Avalanche with UMA after RPF (Commando) turned their back on us, so I didn’t see much reason holding on to it for them.  Avalanche was an old ACP server, as well as my home server, and it’s location on the first page makes it one of the better ones we own.  The Ninja Corps will be invading it tomorrow, so we must defend.

Defense of Avalanche

When: Wednesday, December 23, 2oo9

Where: Avalanche Snow Forts

Who: Ninjas Corps vs. ACP

Chat: ACP Chat


3:00 pm PST

4:00 pm MST

5:00 pm CST

6:00 pm EST

11:00 pm U.K.

Comment if you can make it to defend our Nation!