Defense of Mammoth

Why We Invaded Mammoth (Sparknotes Version) – See Bottom of the Post

Unless UMA calls it off because Mammoth is no longer neutral, we will be defending from an invasion tomorrow (Saturday) on Mammoth.  ACP vs. UMA on Mammoth, like old times.  Here is the info:

When: Saturday, December 26, 2009

Where: Mammoth Snow Forts

Chat: ACP Chat


2:30 pm PST

3:30 pm MST

4:30 pm CST

5:30 pm EST

10:30 pm U.K.

Comment if you can make it!


Why We Invaded Mammoth (Sparknotes Version)

If UMA invaded, chances are the first major army who invaded would win (that’s not a war).  You need an army with a chance to hold on to it in charge of it, like ACP did for years before it became neutral, otherwise it’s just a series of invasions   (once again does nothing to provide us with the war they were claiming this would cause).  UMA said by invading they would be saving CP Warfare, but when we invaded it, they said we were destroying it.  Now UMA is still invading, therefore we gave them the war for Mammoth they wanted, so the only logical explanation for them complaining is that they don’t have a free shot at Mammoth like they thought all week.  We also wanted to divide the armies into a potential war situation by allowing IW and the Nachos (soon to be others) access to Mammoth, creating some separation, as well as a stronger alliance with the Big 3.  If any major army leaders want to talk about it, I can probably give a better explanation in person.

Batin Edit: I do not know if I will be able to make it, as my family and I are still on a trip until Monday and the next few days we will be very busy. However, as SOON as I get home I PROMISE YOU thaat I will get really active, as it very much bugs me that I have not been for a couple weeks.

Thom: I cannot make it because I have to celebrate Christmas with my dad’s side of the family today. I will be on tomorrow morning and do some type of unscheduled event, but please don’t think I’m inactive if I don’t really get on Sunday afternoon because I also have more family activities.


Ok Shab’s gonna yell at me for posting over his Christmas Post, but this is kinda a big deal.  Towards the end of last week I was trying to think about not only what to get family and friends, but what I could give to ACP.  To me, a big part of my Christmas memories comes from the home, my family getting together and sharing a time of great joy together.

That lead me to think, what means most to ACP?  If you think along the lines of our “home” you might say Breeze because it is our capital, although I don’t really think of any one server as our “home” anymore.  I thought back, to ACP’s former home, its birthplace, its legacy.  Since this will be my last Christmas leading ACP, I wanted to do something really special.

So for Christmas this year, I give you – Mammoth, the server where ACP was born and raised. And no this is not a joke.  Remember that “Division work” Christmas Eve morning?  I planned an invasion along with some help from Oagal, Dry, and Saint starting last Thursday (we were actually ahead of UMA, we just couldn’t say anything at the time), the post about it went up Monday (called “Holidays :)” – the one that looked meaningless unless you read the rest of it 😉 ), and we invaded the morning of Christmas Eve (pics are below).  It was so well planned only a few ACP soldiers even knew about it, which made it much more fun to surprise you 😀 (and thank you to all of you who knew for keeping it a surprise).  Upon rethinking it, I’m surprised no one questioned why we were supposedly “patrolling” a server we didn’t even own 😕

As you probably already knew, UMA had an invasion of Mammoth planned for Sunday, which did not interfere with our plans at all, although we will have to deal with it shortly.  I didn’t see any armies show interest in defending Mammoth from UMA, which made me question why one of the smaller Top 10 armies was going to own a server like that, and it seemed to make more sense for a larger army to own it.  ACP is the only army to own Mammoth in its history, and only a period of neutrality spanning about a year and a half separates these eras.  It only seemed right for the first step towards a Golden Age was to actually revert back to the way things were in said Golden Age. Many say the Golden Ages ended when Fort and a few other leaders allowed Mammoth (then owned by ACP) to become neutral back in the summer of 2008, thus ending fighting on the server, so this seemed like a good first step towards bringing back Club Penguin Armies.

Our plan of action with the server starts with our allies.  In order to maintain the balance of powers among the armies, we will be doing our best to strengthen alliances with our closest allies by giving them access to recruit on Mammoth. So far, we have approved the Ice Warriors and the Nachos for use of Mammoth as a recruiting server.  Chances are, more armies will be added later once negotiated, although for the time being, armies other than IW and the Nachos will not be allowed on Mammoth (if we allow everyone free reign, that won’t create any wars, will it).

As for what ACP will do with it, we will hold off on making it our capital for now, but begin to use the server more often until we can develop our reputation on the server once again.  Many of these events will be unscheduled due to the server being full most of the time.  I look forward to seeing how this unfolds in the coming weeks.

Now it’s pic time 😛

We met underground so I could scout the server a bit beforehand:

Everything looked clear, so we started our march into the Boiler Room with a group of just over 25.  The Boiler Room on Mammoth was a primary base of ACP when I first joined ACP and met guys like Fort57, Texas Vs A, and Manjensen.

Up into the Dance Club on our way to the Town:

A complete takeover of the Town with over 30 soldiers:

Storming the Forts, usually the room with the most resistance, although early on a Christmas Eve it was overtaken easily:

A better shot of our size, we numbered 35 strong, not bad for a Christmas Eve morning.  LOL at the guy shouting “acp invade!”

Charging into the Plaza, which was annihilated with green.  I have to agree with the orange penguin, “ACP IS BACK” on Mammoth.

Marching straight through the Forest, and as one penguin correctly pointed out, “ACP IS TAKING OVER THE SERVER”

Into the Cove, which we filled with green within seconds:

With over 30 soldiers at the Cove, we were probably the largest organized force to enter Mammoth in a while.  “I HAVENT SEEN THIS MANY IN A LONG TIME”.  That’s a good start.

Club Penguin Warfare was born in the Dojo of Mammoth, so of course we had to go there.  A perfect way to end a perfectly planned and executed invasion.  This will go down as a historic day in Club Penguin Army history.

This has nothing to do with the invasion, but my penguin turns 1000 days old on Christmas Day! 😀

Just like George Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware to surprise the Hessian Forces back on Christmas Day 1776, we took a big risk, and we pulled it off.

Both Dry and I agreed it was the most fun we’d had in a long time (perhaps because we knew what was actually happening), and I’m so glad everything worked out.  Hours upon hours went into figuring out how to pull this off, and it is a great feeling when you are able to accomplish something of this magnitude.  A few of my leaders called me crazy, but Mammoth is ours once again.