Round 1 Review

Put simply, the battle was huge, ACP had around 75 on the server between the Snow Forts and Town, and HSA had a solid 20-25 at their peak.  Tactically they did very well, and at times hold their own against us, though they were ultimately overwhelmed by our size.  Our tactics were much better than usual, our charges were clean and we were very unified on our clover bombs.  Here are the pics:

Five minutes before the battle, we played up the intimidation factor with a huge clover bomb.  Our size forced HSA to one side of the room.

HSA charges early and ACP holds their ground.

The official start of the battle was a mass of spamming from both sides.

Four minutes in, ACP makes a massive line of over 50 at the bottom of the Forts.


ACP scatters across the room to get ready for a circle, as HSA retreats to another room.

A massive circle of the Forts with almost 65 soldiers!


ACP pursues HSA to the Dock and crushes their line with a clover bomb.

The official end of the battle, ACP surrounds the HSA line, forcing them to the bottom.  Final count is about 40 ACP and 18 HSA at the Dock.

4th largest chat!  We even had two chat rooms! 😀

Comment if you made it, and be ready for the 2nd Round tomorrow against the Nachos!


82 Responses

  1. 1st?

  2. WOO O:


  3. oh and i couldn’t make it D< family activities (crs)

  4. Great job guys!!! I couldn’t make it too, because of family 😥 Good luck in the next round 😉

  5. 4th!!! i was there

  6. I made it!

  7. 5th i meant lol now 6th

  8. i see me in all the pic’s im next to you, but you cant see my name you can only just see in in the 6th picture where it say’s logrey (by you!!!!)

  9. I made it also Boomer can you please add me to the divisions page I signed up but im not on it. Also I signed up to be a Delta.

    Thank You

    -Lazer Blue

  10. I am in the pics!

  11. did i say 6th i meant 8th

  12. lol keep getting it rong

  13. I made it!


  14. oh can u add me to echo division i signed up

  15. I was there i remeber the clover bomb the ran to the other side.

  16. i made it

  17. I made it

  18. I was there you might be able to see me in the photos but i was there for every single photo and i remember it all

  19. okay, i came to the server but couldnt get in any of the rooms does that still count?

  20. Sorry I had to go against ACP in the battle, but HSA needed the most help

  21. cool! i see me and my sister

  22. I couldnt make it, I was out with family

  23. That was epic I am in all but the first 2 or 3 pics

  24. I made it! It was great!

  25. i made it wow we where huge

  26. I SAW MYSELF!!!

  27. I can see me in the pics, lol.

    And, I am ready for the Nacho battle tommorow. Two of the greatest armies EVER CREATED are going to battle.

  28. Boomer i am starting a new army called the Volcano army I was wondering if we could be allies

  29. I couldnt make it…..Family stuff

  30. I was there I’m in the first pic matre!

  31. MADE IT

  32. Under matre*

  33. MADE IT im in the pics

  34. Just seeing if my commets work I am Bird Jay

  35. nvm

  36. Made it!

  37. made it. nice going acp

  38. i was there!!! you can see me in the picture of the line, i was the one acp penguin out of line. :lol:, my comp was lagging then. it was really fun, but unfortunately, i was on an old, lagging computer, but my new fast one is fixed now, so it will be much better tomorrow!

    ACP Brig. General

  39. I was there and you can see me in the pics 😆 I was also at the invation of mammoth yesterday and I will be at the next battle 🙂

  40. freddy257 was there
    once again best of luck lincoln

  41. I was there. EPIC PWNAGE. 😀

  42. I’m in the pics 😆 you can seee me

  43. wat a battle

  44. I made it

    ps boomer please check the comments

  45. i was in the 8 ric and i was saying we won beacause i thought we won.

  46. i made it


  48. yeah we won and held the ground rock on ACP! victory against nachhos will also be ares!

  49. yeah i made it and we rocked i also hope i can make it to morrow i got to take my mini army of acp minions to do recruiting sesion for acp
    ~acp forever Zues109~

  50. Yeah i made it and acp rocked today. I will try to be there tommoro i have to take my army well they serve the acp but also serve me to help acp we will be doing a big recruiting sesion so i hope me and my minion army can make it
    ~acp forever Zues`

  51. sorry made duplicate messages because of slow computer
    ~acp forever Zues~

  52. Wow that guy who always says “moo” isnt first comment thats amazing! Battle looks fun i wish my army was in it but we would get owned.

  53. I WAS THERE! IT WAS AN EPIC WIN! i see myself hiding behind other penguins in various pics, and i cleary see myself in the last pic on the right.

  54. i dont think i can make it tommorow sorry and today i couldnt make it bc i was eating at mcdonalds

  55. I was there altough most people didnt see me.. i could only go for about 5 or ten minutes and then we had to play 5 hours of cards…. don get me wrong cards are fun, really.

  56. I was there

  57. I made it! 😀 But oh come on,on the acp forever my penguin said “Yes” for some reason and ya took the pic xD. Anyways it is cool!


  58. i was there! we charged and fought until we won! it rocked!

  59. I made the late and early stages.

  60. i made it

  61. i made it!!

  62. Woah, epic win! But you should make war times more British Friendly!

    The Nachos will be hard, but we could do it.

  63. i wasnt able to make it because it was 1:30 am here o.o

  64. I made it,my first battle, when can I have my ranking? 😦

  65. Im in the pics

  66. I was on Mammoth to defend from the Nachos 😀 !

  67. i was there

  68. I couldn’t make it. I had family stuff.

    P.S. I will be thier in Round 2 :).

  69. I made it, but I couldn’t see myself in the pic, probably cause I was at the bottom xD

  70. Sweet! I was there

  71. I made it and i remember all of the pics when the were happening and you could see my name if you look hard enough.

  72. wow thats one epic battle! wish i could’ve made it!

  73. i was there you can see me two times at the bottom of the pic with a goalie mask!!

  74. Ummm DID WE WIN?

  75. I made it!!

  76. i was there

  77. I made it in the server at around 3:10 (EST.) I was supposed to b there at three but the server was loaded. at least i made it!

  78. Forgot to post a comment yesterday but I was there.

  79. I was there

  80. I made it and if you look on one of the first pictures I am on the far right bottom corner and I am in the line in the snow forts towards the left by Boomer.

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