The Finals


Boomer: Be at the battle 30 minutes early, and make sure to read the tips at the bottom!

ACP is in the Finals, we need the biggest turn out of the year.  Promotions will rise and fall on this one battle. Every owner needs to be there, every mod, every general, every soldier, no exceptions.

Round 3:

When: Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Snow Forts  (Meet at the Snow Forts, if full go to the Plaza)

Armies: [ACP] vs. IW vs. NACHOS

Chat: ACP Chat


12:00 pm PST

1:00 pm MST

2:00 pm CST

3:00 pm EST

8:00 pm U.K.


  • Spread out at ALL TIMES
  • Never leave the room or do anything without being ordered by me
  • When we charge, charge with clovers, DO NOT JOKE BOMB
  • When we change rooms, everyone do clovers and then move to the next room
  • When you get to a new room, keep clovering and spread out
  • Keep alert for orders at all times
  • If the Snow Forts are full, go to the Plaza

Comment that you WILL make it!

~Boomer, Dryvit, Saint

Day 2

Edit: Half the soldiers in the picture on Nacho site are HSA soldiers, in HSA uniforms in the dance club. I am sure CPA Central will consider this in their voting.

Here are the pics from the battle, we held the forts the entire time. We sent the troops that could not get in to attack the Nachos.

This is not a victory post…. yet

Pictures from Snow Forts:


My pictures kept getting cut off at the bottom o_o:




Next got cut off again Dx :


Plaza and Other Rooms:

Pictures provided by Motor20 😀

ACP had alot of people locked out of the Snowforts. Around  30+ were locked out.

Nachos went to the cove and charged the forest so the locked out ACP went to the Plaza.

Nachos charged the plaza but were joked bomb by the acp there.(Picture didnt save properly D=)
Nachos then went to the Pool but the room filled up so half of the locked out ACP went to the town.
The People at the town started to recruit and got bigger and bigger.
Eventually, the Nachos went through the dance club and Out into the town where they were Joke bombed heavily by ACP.

This Wasnt that bad saying that this was only the ACP locked out of the Snowforts. There was over 80 ACP soilders on the server.

We did an awesome job in my book! Thanks to Dry, Fox, Thom, Motor and the other leaders for helping out. And thanks to you guys for following orders!

Comment if you made it!

*~*Saint1119 ACP Co-Leader*~*

The ACPTR December 2009 Graduates

Well Guys,It’s been a great month,And now I want to announce the graduates and their proper rank earned. I hope you learned a lot this month,and this month as cadet will guide you through your Career in CP Armies.

Now,Without further Ad,the Graduates.

Blue Team Graduated Cadets

Timmy0000 A+ … Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant on ACP! (80% Monthly Test Result)

Goey45 C … Gets the Rank of Warrant Officer on ACP!

Green Team graduated Cadets

Mr Robotman A+ … Gets the rank of 1st Lieutenant in ACP!

Mr Dunning A+ … Gets the Rank 1st Lieutenant in ACP! (90% Monthly Test Result)

Redfame1000 A+ … Gets the rank of 1st Lieutenant in ACP!

BEBE94959 B Gets the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in ACP!

Jackie202 A+ Gets the rank of 1st Lieutenant in ACP!

Dash Dev A+ Gets the rank of 1st Lieutenant in ACP!

Red Team Graduated Cadets

Ben Quincy A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant on ACP! (80% Monthly Test Result)

Sofia011 A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant on ACP! (90% Monthly Test Result!)

Monkeyjuun B+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant on ACP! (100% Monthly Test Result!! Congrats!)

Black Team graduated cadets

Bluebirds 19 B Gets the Rank of 2nd Lieutenant on ACP!

Tntclay C Gets the Rank of Warrant officer on ACP!

Wow Thats 13 Cadets Graduated! Awesome Work.

Congratulations to all our Graduated Cadets,those with A+ will be awarded a Space on the Hall of best cadets with A+ Page.

If you dont mind,please when you leave a comment I’d like to thank all the Staff of ACPTR for helping me this Month. We did a great job and Im proud to be the Leader. All our staff is active.

Claps for Matre10,M0t0r20,Snowballpink,Rider2249,Danny9632,Twingy,Monsterfully,Smsm3 (Chris) And McHappy & all of the Retired Staff that made all this possible.

ACPTR Wishes you a great happy new year

Till Next Month!

-ACPTR Leader,Matre10

The 2010 Senate Elections

Dryvit’s Edit:  Just a quick notice that registration will end around 12pm eastern time today. This will allow ACP time to get ready for the biggest tournament battle EVER!!  Thanks.

Dryvit/ACP co-leader

Just when things could not get any more exciting for ACP, they do! Election time. Like a rebirth for the new year, Senate elections offer a new face and voice to the ACP. Have you ever wished your voice could be heard on the ACP political scene? Well wish no more. Become a Senator for the ACP. Ever wish all the girl penguins or boy penguins on CP would scream for you to add them when ever you log on? Wish no more, become a Senator for ACP. Looking for respect from those neighborhood bullies? Wish your sister would stop bugging you? Got a brother who is just a pain? Solve all these problems by becoming a Senator for the ACP!!  Wealth, Fame, Travel and free senate meeting tickets are yours for the taking.

How you ask? Simply fill out the registration form in the comment section and you are well on your way to a political career in ACP.

The election will be simple and straight forward. The first 20 comments will be slate 1, the second 20 will be slate 2 and so on. We will be electing 14 senators. Plus Boomers choice for senate VP will make 15 in all.  The soldiers receiving the highest vote total  from each slate of candidates will be ACP senators. So register early, press your best suit and pucker up for baby kissing, the ACP 2010 election season is about to kick off. Good luck to all !! As always, you may put your candidacy in your name on chat, but no advertising.

Dryvit/ACP co-leader

1. ACP name and rank

2. Total time in ACP/CP

3. Four words to best describe you

4. A promise to follow all election rules

Saint: Sorry for the delay on Divisions Registrations, it has been a very busy week. I will try to catch up tomorrow.