The Dawn of the Decade | The First Annual ACP Awards: Results!

This post is separated into two sections: an epic speech (Dawn of the Decade, not as epic as Boomer’s lol) and the results of the recent polls (The First Annual ACP Awards: Results!). I ask that you read the speech, but if you wish, skip to the bottom of the post for the results. ~ Nono

A new decade is upon the Army of Club Penguin, and with it a new era. We have been pioneers on Club Penguin. We were one of the first organized armies and are the largest to date. We even  pioneered nations, the DRACP flag being the first to proudly fly over a server of Club Penguin. We are the unshakable foundation upon which the free world of Club Penguin armies is built. As such, we must progress into the new decade as a beacon of light emanating with inspiration. We are the Army of Club Penguin, and we are the best of the best.

With this new decade comes new challenges, already to be faced on Saturday, January 2, 2010, the day that a large portion of the DRACP shall be invaded by an enemy coalition. We must not back down. Although their numbers are far fewer than ours, we must prevail on a scale so massive that it sets a precedent for a new decade, a new generation of soldiers to follow. This and the numerous other challenges that lie ahead must be met with the utmost bravery, perseverance, and effort.

This new decade is not a curse that shall eminently befall us; we shan’t run from it in terror; we shan’t reject it as a narcissist rejects a commoner. Instead, we must embrace it. We must advance into the face of danger, into the face of hardship, into the new era.

A new generation of soldiers will undoubtedly emerge from the freshly cultivated ground that is the new year and the new decade. We must ensure that their growth is conducted in a manner which provides that our army has a future.

Vinimus. Vidimus. Vicimus. Nunc ad lucem novum ambulamus. Negotium magnus est, sed necesse est.

[We came. We saw. We conquered. Now we walk toward the new light. The task is enormous, but it is necessary.]


Without further ado, here are the results of the first annual ACP Awards!

Best Main Leader: Boomer

Best Co-Leader (2ic/3ic): Saint

Best Retired Leader: Oagal

Most Memorable Retirement: Boomer

Biggest War: The War Over Mammoth

Most Memorable Non-War Army Event: The Walrus Attacks

Best Division General: Thomas

Best Member-Ranked Soldier: Dan Popper

Best Senator: Matre

Most Contested Server: Mammoth

Thanks for voting, everyone! I’m really impressed at the turnout. And there is someone who has earned a special award that I, as the host of the first annual ACP Awards, have awarded for being the only one to win an award in more than one category…

Person of the Year: Boomer

Here’s to another decade. Rock on!

-!<~Dr Nono Jr~>!-