Freedom of Speech?

Ias: It is important to note that it is not just the US that has this limitation, my country Ireland has the very same limitations, in the Irish constitution it states:

—(1) It shall be an offence for a person—
( a ) to publish or distribute written material,
( b ) to use words, behave or display written material—
(i) in any place other than inside a private residence, or
(ii) inside a private residence so that the words, behaviour or material are
heard or seen by persons outside the residence,
( c ) to distribute, show or play a recording of visual images or sounds,
if the written material, words, behaviour, visual images or sounds, as the case may be, are
threatening, abusive or insulting and are intended or, having regard to all the circumstances,
are likely to stir up hatred

Date: 31/1/10

To: The soldiers and citizens of the Army Of Club Penguin.

From: Iasgae 56, ACP 2nd in Command

RE: Freedom of Speech?:

Well it has been practice in recent times to hammer ACP for its apparent prevention of Freedom of Speech. It is everywhere you look.

Nachos Site:

Pie almost certainly insinuating us.

RPF are big supporters of it, I found the term “freedom of Speech” 20+ times on the second pages of posts on the RPF site, all of them referring to ACP. Here’s just one: From THIS post.

RPF also accusing our supresion of Freedom of Speech.

But here is the question, are we really suppressing freedom of Speech?

Well, here are some common examples of what enemy soldiers say when they come to our chat, and then complain we are suppressing freedom of speech:


“ACP leaders are pathetic”

Every single one of these things is going to start a fight. Yes?

Well, that is clearly the result that will come from making these detrimental comments. A lot of fighting.

(Click to see better) :

This shows that even in America, the land that most of our accusers live, is not completely open to Freedom of Speech.

You see, there is a rather obvious limitation to Freedom of Speech. As the picture says “the right is commonly subject to limitations, such as on “hate speech”. It is this hate speech which is what our accusers usually throw at us on our chat, and results in them getting banned.

(Again, click to see better) :

This is the definition of "Hate Speech" and the limitations of Freedom of Speech.

As you can see, making these statements on ACP chat is going to start a riot/argument, and you have to know that when making such statements. As I have said before, this is a rather obvious limitation, and it is one that we impose on ACP chat. So please, other armies, when you are making your accusations please bear this in mind as it is the reasoning for getting banned, nothing to do with suppressing freedom of speech. Mkay?

~Iaѕgaє5б||a¢ρ 2ι¢

Nono: Just to add to this, here is the bill (which I proposed and had passed last summer) upon which our freedom of speech is based. It is not limiting whatsoever. This is our standard, and anyone who breaks it does not reflect the views of ACP:

The Free Speech Bill

  1. No type of punishment shall be administered for criticism, unless the criticism includes offensive language or sexist, racist, or ethnicist content or is a spam message.
  2. The “no being ’smart’ to the mods” rule will be removed from the chat rules. However, if this “smartness” is displayed arbitrarily to just infuriate the mod, this falls under the catagory of spam and will be punished as such.
  3. This bill applies to both owners and mods.
  4. Any violations of this bill can be reported to an owner (unless an owner committed the violation, in which case they shall be reported to a main owner, or a main owner committed this violation, in which case the senate will decide on their punishment through a vote) for punishment to be administered.

January 2010 ACPTR Graduates!

Hey,Its Matre here

Its now time for me to announce the Graduates! I’ll go from Blue team to Black team,well,just like I always did.

Blue Team:

Zeeco110 A+  Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Biohazard A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Green Team:

Bluebirds19 A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Red Team:

Penbird 100 A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Tntclay A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Black Team:

Mr Awesome555 A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Nicoleitorp A Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!


Great Month everybody! Its amazing how you were so dedicated,everyone got an A+! Once again Thanks to all the Staff for helping me along all the Month and we are looking forward to start accepting more cadets for February Starting tomorrow!

The ACPTR Site is & if you are under the rank of 1st Lieutenant and want to join,then come on! You’re all invited. Starting tomorrow we will start accepting join comments.

-Matre10 & The ACPTR Staff

The Defense of Snow Fort

For a fuller summary of the battle click HERE.

Date: 31/1/10

To: The Soldiers and Citizens of the Army Of Club Penguin

From: Iasgae56, ACP Second in Command

RE: The Defence Of Snow Fort

Well today was a thoroughly enjoyable battle on both parts. I would like to start by thanking the Tacos for their great sportsmanship in admitting defeat, and also their brilliant performance at the battle, which I am sure warrants a significant ranking on the Top 10 Armies list. For clarification ACP, we did in fact win:

Riffy graciously admitting defeat.

Now, on to the battle itself. We had a great turnout today, and I have to say, anyone who thinks we are in crisis now with the loss of Boomer as leader is woefully inaccurate.  We first went on an hour beforehand and we had a good 30+ soldiers at the Snow Forts. We had recently devised some new tactics as to expand our technical ability on the battlefield, and the decision was extremely significant. We had prepared a particular tactic which really optimizes our huge size, it is a move in which we swept up and down the battlefield thus rendering the opposition useless to our enormous size. It was performed successfully to great effect, and we were soon, even 45 minutes before the battle was scheduled to start, both sides had arrived and the battle was well underway.

Here are the pics, thank you to Keano73, Jediseth, and Cg2916 for the pics.: (Note most of these will not be in a precise order)

Even a long time beforehand, we made a fantastic circle in which we numbered 41 people!

Yet another great circle still early on.

A healthy ACP bomb.

An ACP Bomb frenzy.

Yet another ACP bomb. They are in favour due to the fact they make us look very big due to the size of the speech bubble.

We made use of the tactic of sweeping the battlefield in this picture. Covering up all the Tacos.

A well constructed diagonal line complimented by a great response to the order for clovers.

A great clover charge successfully covering up a Nacho line.

Yet another new ACP tactic, the fart bomb, well executed here.

Another of the new tactics, the middle split, well executed here and successfully covering the entire room with ACP bombs.

I could go on here with several more pictures showing the ACP dominance but the message would be the same. I would just like to end with once again thanking the Tacos for a great battle today and they really were great opponents, a brilliant challenge.

But most importantly, thank you for coming and showing exceptional discipline in following orders. If this level of skill continues, I have a feeling ACP will be number 1 army for a long, long time.

~ιaѕgaє5б||a¢ρ 2ι¢


Location: [offline]

Don’t forget to check out the epic defence against the Nachos HERE.

8:00PM UK Time

The Tacos 3ic Houndy, came on our chat, and called our leader Saint, a tyrant and a dictator. He claimed it was his right of free speech to say these things about our leader on our chat. When my self and a few others used our right to free speech to tell Houndy the Tacos are horrible when leads, he declared war on us. I think we should Show Houndy all about free speech.

When: Sunday January 31, 2010

Where: Snowfort/Snow forts

Time: 12:00pm Pacific, 2:00 pm Central, 3:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm GMT.


Proof of Nosey being a spy for RPF, also proof of Tacos wanting war with us:

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The Defence of Ice Breaker/Slippers

Leaders check the private post ~ Saint




From: Iasgae 56, ACP Second in Command

To: The Soldiers and Citizens of The Army Of Club Penguin

RE: The Defence of Ice Breaker/Slippers:

The battle was not scheduled to begin untill 2:30 EST, but ACP had decided to make an early start and get on Ice Breaker to build up their numbers around an hour beforehand.  There was indeed a significant amount of ACP at Ice Breaker Snow Forts after only half an hour, bearing in mind this was still a good Half and hour before the battle was due to start. (Note: Most of these pics are not in order)

1 whole hour before the battle

45 minuites before the battle was due to start, there was a huge following so a clover charge was practiced.
Still early but a good line.

A circle charge still early on at Ice Breaker but great numbers.
We had built up such a good following already we could successfully execute a circle.
A good line with responsive troops creating a great clover line.
This was shortly before having to move we got 40+ in the room.

It was at this point that word had come that Nachos were not able to get into Ice Breaker. This meant that the Defence of the server had to be abandoned and we went to slippers where we could have a fun PB with Nachos. (Note: Untill the last ones these pics are not in order of time)

A succesful ACP bomb.
Great responses from troops as a great line is complimented by great clovers.
Ditto as above.
Yet another circle well executed.
Great Clovers cancelling out the Nachos suns.
Pretty equal, hard to say who has the edge here.
More direct competition Vs Nachos, I say we have this one.
A nice start for slippers. Considering we had only just moved from Ice Breaker.

After a while of Nachos being at Snow Forts, retreating to other rooms, getting bored, coming back to the Snow Forts, getting owned (which is depicted in these pictures) we eventually followed them on another retreat to the Forest)

You can run Nachos, but you can’t hide.
We can win any room we go to.

After this clear ownage at the forest, Nachos decided to change tactics and move back to the Snow Forts for the final 10 minutes of the battle:

Once again Nachos, any room, any time, we will own.
Nachos last ditch attempt to make a line ends with the tattered remains of Nacho Uniforms with a sprinkling of clover.
The good old Oagalthorp “ACP Win” bomb is not always inaccurate, as proved by this picture.. and the 18 preceeding it…
Well there you have it folks, a clear success for the Army Of Club Penguin. A clear conquest of the intimidating mountain of the Nachos, conquered with relative ease thanks to many reasons, among them the skillful and tactical leadership of Motor20, but most importantly, you, the soldiers. Your brilliant co-operation and unflagging loyalty to this army has resulted in another fantastic win, and a great battle all round, and it really was, a great battle. A sentiment im sure shared by our Nacho opponents.
Even after this though, the first reaction of one of the Nacho leaders at the moment the battle ended:
I guess you can’t please everyone lol.
Thank you ACP for your great effort today, you earned this win, be proud.
~ιaѕgaє5б||a¢ρ 2ι¢

ACP V Nachos at the Dojo (Raid)

Date: 30/1/10

To: The soldiers and citizens of the Army of Club Penguin

From: Iasgae 56 ACP 2nd in Command, and Motor20 ACP 3rd in Command

RE: ACP Raid Defence Against Nachos. Ice Breaker, Dojo:

The ACP defended against a Nacho raid at Ice Breaker today in great traditional style with a fight at the Dojo. Predominately consisting of snowball fights and lines. No charges as this was agreed beforehand. =)

(Thank you to Chapa, Flipperboy and Bobcatboy for the pics ;))

A good stay here bombto override the attempted Nacho “ACP to Mammoth” spoiler.

A good old healthy clover bomb.

Both sides a good size but it was ACP: 15, Nachos: 10 in this pic.

And to finish it off a great T formation tactic that was really pulled off brilliantly (for the second time because we forgot to take a pic of the first time lol)

At the end of the Battle, we went to 3 rooms and spelt out ‘ACP’ Check it out: (Hover over it to see the letters more clearly)

~ιaѕgaє5б||a¢ρ 2ι¢


Hello ACP!

I have made this poll to find out what timezone our soldiers are in so we can try and make events at times that is best for the majority of people. Be Honest!




Picture yourself walking down the street to get to your home. You see a house that looks completely trashed, as if someone hosted a really big party and drink spills and pieces of cake were all over the place. Then, out of nowhere, you see a piece of cake on the ground, you not only notice the cake, but you notice that it has a $50 bill smudged in it. You pick it up and put it in your pocket. Soon enough, you look around the house trying to find more pieces of cake that contain money. You find $20, $10, $5 dollar bills smudged in pieces of cake all over the place. You then come across a $1 bill, but even though it does not have the same amount of value as the other dollar bills, you still take it because you notice that it still does have value. After you see that there are no more dollar bills, you head on home. Once you get home, you start to take out all of the bills and carefully clean them from the cake. Once they are good and clean, you feel that you can now use them for however you wish. The reason I asked you to imagine this and read it, is because that is exactly how ACP views the fellow members of Club Penguin today. We go in to Club Penguin and we find recruits that have an extraordinary value and we train them and turn them in to soldiers. Even the most silly, goofiest penguin that we may find, he may not have the wisdom and strength and character as the other recruits, but we still see his/her value and we take it and train him/her. We cleanse Club Penguin with our extraordinary wisdom and power every day when we go out and recruit, doing so, we are able to find tomorrow’s ACP leader and 2nd In Command or 3rd In Command, as well as tomorrow’s high ranks. It is for that reason that I am proud to thank you all for the great amount of work all of the soldiers are doing each and every single day. Although some do it for the recognition, the majority do it because they have a deep and profound feeling for this army and wish to share it with the rest of Club Penguin. Let’s take in to consideration a few of our soldiers that have been able to recruit some of our finest men/women.  Noka, an ACP general, recruited Saint1119, one of our leaders and the first ever female leader of the ACP. Mitch and Cas helped to bring ACP to what it is today with their wisdom and willingness to work. Solraida, trained Magic077 in to being able to achieve the rank of Sergeant Major General. Peguin21795, even though retired, has helped ACP at various recruiting sessions because of the deep love he has for this army, thus bringing in many new soldiers and helping the ACP in numerous ways. Boomer20, he brought up this army to it’s highest peak and lead the ACP in such an intelligent way. Oagalthorp, he founded the Army of Club Penguin, thus helping penguins all over Club Penguin come in to the ACP and becoming more civilized, tactical fighting soldiers. Mazachster, he founded the SSACP which has helped the ACP in many ways and continues to do so today. Headofpolice did a hell of a lot, the first ACP foums for instance, he also helped out with the ACP HQ project which was a big hit. Thomas recruited his sister Adav, in to the ACP, now Thomas serves as 2nd In Command and Adav serves as an ACP division general. Divotoo, ACP 3rd In Command, recruited his brother Dryvit, one of our finest leaders and soldiers and recently someone who has earned the Medal Of Honor, the highest award here in the ACP. Those are just to name a few, but you get the point. All of you soldiers are hard work, from the younger ones, to the ones that are more mature. You all help out in many ways. That is why we must be grateful for every thing you are awarded here in ACP. Think of a clock for example, the hand that tells the seconds represents the lower ranks here in ACP.  Just as the seconds hand, the lower ranks are energetic and willing to work for the ACP in anyway possible. If you took out the seconds, you would still be able to tell the time it was, maybe not the exact time the minute starts, but you can still tell. The minute hand represents the higher ranks here in ACP. They may not be willing to go as quick as the seconds hand, but they still maintain their pace. Could you be able to tell time without the minutes hand? You could take a wild guess, and it may or may not be the correct time, but it’s still close. Now lets think about the hours hand, it represents the leadership in ACP. It may not have the quickness and stamina as the other hands, but it helps out the clock by taking in all the hard work of telling the hour. Could you be able to tell time without it? No. So you see? Each hand, or soldier, has his valuable place in the ACP. Even though you may still be able to tell time without the seconds or minutes hand, you can’t tell it without the hours hand. So everything here in the ACP has its place, you need all parts for it to be able to function properly and not have to take wild guesses. That is why we are glad to have all of you here, because you compose ACP. ACP couldn’t be run the same without you. So I urge you all to take your stand in ACP and keep working to bring the best out of it. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, trust me. And even though you may feel down at times, always remember that you are valuable in many ways. So keep on forward ACP, thank you for your outstanding work.

Forever Army, Forever Club Penguin, Army of Club Penguin


New Club Penguin Pin Cheats

Hey ACP!

Not a very busy day today on Club Penguin,Just a new pin & the Cave expedition Closed down

Here is how to get the pin

1. Loggin on Club Penguin
2. Open up your map
3. Go to the Plaza and then to the Pet Shop
4. Walk to the top of the Speaker

Congratulations! You now have the Newest pin on Club Penguin!

Now for the Bad news,The Cave Expedition has closed down at the Mine. Hopefully it will re-open next month.

Also check out the night club! If you go there with more than 15 penguins a new Cool design will appear!


True Dedication


Best of the best. None can beat his goal. Never stopping always going until he’s there, until the top has been reached. The kindest, though a strict look. The back bone of this army, ever since a certain someone left. Helping us up, getting us to our feet. Defending, fighting, everything possible for a soldier. I am proud to have served under him, and have him as a trusting guardian. Not letting anyone get in our way, always there to fight alongside.

The Medal of Honor is the greatest award in Club Penguin military. I have gotten approval from a past leader I believe his word is all we need. This soldier has always been there and according to Oagalthorp-

The Medal of Honor is given to all troops in the ACP that show exceptional dedication, bravery in battle, and help in any great way necessary. The ACP Medal of Honor is the greatest award in Club Penguin military.


This soldier meets the requirements.

I am proud to award…

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