January 2010 ACPTR Graduates!

Hey,Its Matre here

Its now time for me to announce the Graduates! I’ll go from Blue team to Black team,well,just like I always did.

Blue Team:

Zeeco110 A+  Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Biohazard A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Green Team:

Bluebirds19 A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Red Team:

Penbird 100 A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Tntclay A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Black Team:

Mr Awesome555 A+ Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

Nicoleitorp A Gets the Rank of 1st Lieutenant!


Great Month everybody! Its amazing how you were so dedicated,everyone got an A+! Once again Thanks to all the Staff for helping me along all the Month and we are looking forward to start accepting more cadets for February Starting tomorrow!

The ACPTR Site is http://acpbootcamp.wordpress.com & if you are under the rank of 1st Lieutenant and want to join,then come on! You’re all invited. Starting tomorrow we will start accepting join comments.

-Matre10 & The ACPTR Staff

12 Responses

  1. Congratulations Cadets


  2. Thanks you marte but my rank as not improved i am still sergeant and i should be 1st lieutenant can some one please change me

  3. Congrats recruits! welcome to the real deal.

  4. WHAT GRADE DID I GET!??!?!?!?!

    Matre: You have to attend your classes and do your test (hehe)

  5. What rank do you get if you are an A? And can you be in the ACPTR for another month?

    Matre: With an A you get 1st Lieutenant too,but you do not have the privileges of being listed on the A+ Graduates page. And however,you can be on the ACP boot camp as many times as you want,but you wont be promoted again

  6. Ban also needs that certain sense most humans posess… what’s it called?


    Well done cadets! As Your PB Manager I am extremely impressed. My last grads 😦


  7. when will saint come on so i can get my rank

  8. I’ve Added Nicoleitorp,he took the test too but he send it to me instead of sending it to snow by error.However he got 90%


  9. it still says im corporal.

    ~Mr awsome555~


  11. i helped the acp fight and we won
    this is my fist day

  12. how do i try a graduation

    To graduate in ACPTR you must Join them and participate in their Events.

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