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Great job at the battle guys, you were fantastic. And congrats on 8,000+ hits! Thats an amazing accomplishment, and with a little work, a few battles, and a bit of recruiting, I bet we can reach my record of 33,000 hits in no time! And I might be sticking around through Spring Break to help jump-start the ACP’s war strategy in the upcoming onslaughts against the Nachos . . . been there done that (mrgreen). Here’s a speech . . .

  • A letter from Oagalthorp: ACP Creator, retired ACP Head General and Supreme Commander, current Chief ACP Advisor
  • “As you may know, war is upon us. In their desperation, the Nachos have chosen to cling to us through war, and rise from the depths. Will we ignore this invitation to battle? Will we sit while our strongest competitors stand up against us? No. We will fight. We will fight not just any fight, but our fight!

    “For too long have our wars broken down before our eyes and the hand of petty political squabbles and deals. No, we will fight the fight this army war born to fight! The fight that crushed the Roman uprisings in Mammoth and throughout Club Penguin!–The fight that pulled us out of obscurity to crush the omnipotent UMA, and bring about our Golden Age!–The very fight that has all but fled the strategy of this hallowed army . . . No longer! We will wage the very breed of war that made the ACP great! We will battle is such a way that turned the ACP from an army in Club Penguin to THE Army OF Club Penguin! Brothers and sisters in arms, in the approaching weeks we will prove our own worth and the glory of this army will never again falter!”

  • ~Oagalthorp
    Until later,
    March on!

^^^      OAGAL EDIT      ^^^


Hey ACP, I have a reasonably long post to do here with lots of information in it, so if you only need to know the important parts, skip to “War with Nachos”, but please try to read all of it, its very important.

10,000 Hits results:

Unfortunately, ACP didn’t reach the 10,000 hits :(, but we still amounted to an impressive total of….


You should all give yourselves a big pat on the back, 8,393 hits in a day is incredibly impressive, and you can see how much of an improvement it is on what we normally get 😀

In addition, the 1000th comment prize was won by Btime (Who should contact Ias, or if not, another owner, on chat)who narrowly defeated Sai. It was fantastic to see the 1,000 comments reached, and then surpassed, and we ended up with


on one post, that is an unbelievable achievement!
Overall, I feel that the 10,000 hits day went incredibly well, we several prizes being given out, and LOADS of competitions to be entered. I hope you all had fun, and the defeat of UMA to regain Mammoth and restore RPF’s freedom was the icing on the cake!

During the 10,000 hits day,We’ve held a lot of contests,that Includes The Codes contest,Oagal’s Hard code contest that took 1 hour and 15 minutes,Matre’s Picture Finding Contest,Seth’s Animation contest and Div’s Treasure Extravaganza contest. All of those with great prizes! We hope you enjoyed the 10,000 hits day as we did!

We might have another one soon,we need to reach those 10,000 😉

War with Nachos

Nacho Leader, Ads 354 has decided to declare war on ACP in a post HERE. ACP accepts his challenge. No battles have yet been made, but be sure to keep checking the site www.armyofclubpenguin.com for details on when the first battle will take place. I am sure this will be a fantastic battle to take part in, and Nachos have especially requested that we do not turn this into a full blooded hate war. It is ok to have some passion, but Nachos declared this war to have fun.. let’s keep it that way. This means no spamming their site with hate comments, in fact, no hate comments at all. Do not go to their chat and start cursing them out.

Also, Nachos have requested we keep this an old fashioned war. This is something that we welcome with open arms. This means the utilization of snowballs, use of emotes to signify our army, lines and other tactical endeavours, and little or no charges.

I will re-iterate these messages in the first battle post, but I am just letting you know about them now.

Moving on

On the evidence of the weekend’s battles, I think it is fair to say we are the Number 1 army, but more than that, we are coming back into a, if not golden, rejuvenated age. We were able to fill the town, and then fill the majority of the Snow Forts. We defeated two reasonable sized armies with overflow soldiers. That is all well and good, but ACP does not strive for acceptable, we strive for greatness. What makes us so unique amongst armies is our willingness and determination to keep on going. Continue when it seems we have what is good, not drop into a slumber, but instead set bigger and more momentous aims and goals.

Boomer said in his second retirement post, ironically speaking of his first retirement he said:

A total of 170 soldiers packed the Dock, Town, and Snow Forts, and for 10 minutes, I was unable to get into any of them (even though it was my final battle). My first retirement was something I will always remember.

ACP did manage to fill 2 rooms just about, but even with this size, this massive size, Boomer’s size puts us into perspective. We as an army have more to go if we are to replicate this size. If we want to maintain a good foothold in Club Penguin, we need to get back to this time. This can be done, no matter what the cynics say. When Boomer took over, ACP was in a much worse state that it is now. Boomer was arguably the greatest leader ACP has ever seen, and most likely Shab and I will not be able to match it, if even come close, but we have a much better foundation to work on, and our week or recruiting, tactics session and practice battles was evident in that war. We had a much bigger size in both of those wars than we have had for a long time.

So, I propose that we really give this a big push in April. April 2010 should be a month to be remembered for all time in ACP. It should be the month we reach 170, and then surpass it into 180, 190 if not more. We have a lot of work to do, but this work can be done by two groups of people.

  1. The Leaders
  2. You, the soldiers.

So, we want you the soldiers to start doing what you do best and start being pro-active in getting on CP, and getting recruits. If someone on chat says “Where are we on CP?” get on CP! The one and only way we as an army can grow is through getting recruits on CP, and if you are the soldiers that can make this happen.

If you want this back:

You’re gonna have to work for it.

We, the leaders will be trying our hardest. Will you?

~ιaѕgaєƼб||acρ ℓєa∂єя

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  1. 2nd damn u!


  3. 1st! ias u dont count u made the post

  4. rofl nvm. CURSE UR OHLIE

  5. 4th

  6. Shab is too inactive to do anything so all of the other leaders have to do the work, Even oagal is doing more then shab at the moment


  8. Look at that pick O_O .Good times.

  9. yeah i know right!

  10. close… so close

  11. Good post. Also, I think we should try to have a 10,000 hits day once a month. It would boost ourselves immensely.

  12. I wish my army was as big as yours and gets 8k hits a day =I

  13. Yes I will

  14. I will. Ok, I’ll try my very very very very very very very very hardest. I can’t guarentee much though :p

  15. I made it


    rookie nacho

  17. I will.Whatever you say.

  18. I missed the battle because it was 1:00 in the morning for me. . . . .. . .

  19. Omg, awesome post! Yes, in response to the last question!

  20. I know we can deifnetly get there 😀 !

  21. Yeeeeees! I wiiiiin! Yaaaay! So anyway I am not allowed on chat or email you. Could we go on a private website of mine?

  22. I

  23. I was part of the roman army.. Lol

  24. My,my,my,my,my! 😮 I [I]knew[/I] those Nachos couldn’t hold out forever! 😆

  25. What should I do? When can I post?

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