♣•·Klash on Klondike·•♣ OR ♦•·Permafrost Parade·•♦

As you know, there is a war going on. And just in case you didn’t know, the qualities that determine a World War are:

  1. Most major armies are involved. [check]
  2. Each side includes at least two major armies. [check]
  3. The largest army and the most influential army are involved. [check]
  4. At least 5 major battles must occur on several servers. [one more to go]
  5. The war must last over a month. [15 more days :mrgreen:]

These rules have been in place since 2006 during WWII, but I guess a lot of people forgot about them. Regardless, this war is not an official World War YET.
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Invasion of Snowbank cancelled/Defence of Mammoth

I noticed that when SF invaded Fjord from Nachos, the deal from nachos was to give us and SF 4 servers, and one of those servers was Snow bank. So there’s no need to invade Snow bank tomorrow. However, this small army just created about a week ago wants to Invade Mammoth from ACP, so we will defend it.


Defence of Mammoth

Server: Mammoth
Room: Town
When: Wednesday, June 30th


4:00 PM Pacific
5:00 PM Mountain
6:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Eastern
11:00 PM UK

Most likely this will end up as a Recruiting Session as we are only defending against an Army that wanted to invade us when we were invading Snow bank, so we will show up to give a fight and Recruit after it’s done.



Klug: Yeah, it was definitely NOT ACP using the bots, considering the bots were screaming stuff like “ATTACK” and “GET ACP” in the video.

Once again guys, Great work today at the Invasion of Blizzard. Wether we won or not, You all made a great job. We proved once again to the the largest army by standing up for the 4th time against Nachos,IW,TG (3 top Ten armies) at once. This time we didn’t win (as CPAC says) but got a draw. Invading is much harder than defending. But we all ended up victorious by having fun.

Team Gold apologized for the missunderstanding, and we”ll leave everything just like it was in this war. Thanks, TG


Results of Invasion of Blizzard


Bob: Do not forget the invasion of Snow Bank tomorrow! Post is below this one, just scroll down!

Oagal: Ok, we had 70 at Outback, but we consistantly had 35-40 on Blizzard. This means what we had as many as 110 ACP soldiers fighting at once! :mrgreen:
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Retirement of Jcapp64

Hello Soldiers,
For the last time in my army career, I will be speaking to the loyal soldiers of ACP. This is the army I started with, and this is the army I will die with. Throughout my career, I have seen many good friends, and many bad enemies. Today, I want to set it aside to say thank-you and good-bye. Without those people present in my career, I would have never ever gone the way I have. I may have not been steered in the right direction during my career, but it’s how it happened.
I would like to describe the reasons of why I am leaving:
1. I am no longer into CP armies
2. I no longer like CP armies
3. I no longer like the situation of any CP Armies
4. I am going to be a freshman
5. I have been addicted to CP Armies for too long.
6. I have gotten bad grades for being addicted to the computer.
7. I have not gotten my sleep because of CP Armies
8. I am in love with my best friend.
I just wanta share a  poem about 8.
The Poem:
“In One Man’s Eyes”
In one man’s eyes,
He saw the one.
This one was a charm.
Gleaming brighter than the brightest light.

The man was always silent.
He never spoke one sound.
But when the one was seen,
His heart told him, “Go.”

Without any prior meeting,
The two met.
Eye to eye,
Face near another one’s face.

The eclipse happened.
The stars burst out.
The two combined and join.
Now just the one man’s secret secretion awaited the two.

In one man’s eyes
When he saw the one,
His action felt right
And a new bond was born.
Ok, Well since I was well known and internationally awesome, I want to thank the Major people still active in CP armies and not
Boomer 20
Dr Nono Jr

If I forgot your name, thank you.
Also, a note to future soldiers: You plan your future. Create it wisely.
Thank you for the memories
12/27/07 – 06/29/10
Read my 2009 former retirement here:

June Promotion Day

To Leaders: When you do Join page, Add people to THIS ranks so they dont get missed when the promos get moved to ranks page

Before I start I want to say I tried to be fair with everyone, and saw all names on the Ranks before Promoting, Specially at the High Ranks, but It’s for sure I may have missed people, So if you think you deserved a Promo, Leave a comment with:

Your Name:
Your Rank:
Why do you think you deserve a Promo this month:

Click “Read More” to get straight to the Promos and the Key/Legend

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How to conquer Blizzard

Matre: We reached 100,000 Hits this month! We haven’t hit that mark since December/January under Boomer’s leadership!

As you all know, the ACP is at war with the Nachos and some of their allies. As you also know, we’ve once every single one of our defenses by a large margin. So why not turn those defensive wins into offensive wins? The ACP will invade Blizzard, the greatest Nacho server.  

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Invasion of Snow Bank

After spending most of the last week defending DRACP, We will now go into Round 2 and Invade 2 of The Nacho Empire servers. This Servers are Blizzard and Snow Bank.


Invasion of Snowbank

Server: Snow Bank
Room: Town
When: Wednesday, June 30th


4:00 PM Pacific
5:00 PM Mountain
6:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Eastern
11:00 PM UK


Once and only once we have Invaded one of these 2 servers we will be Dropping Vanilla . One of our less used servers that is often Full so any Army can Invade it without resistance and get a good recruiting Server. Remember it will be dropped off DRACP once we invade Snowbank or Blizzard

Although it seems like Nachos gave us Snow Bank, we will Invade it just In case.

Comment if you can make it!


War Overview

Table of Contents:
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<Armies Participating>

Nachos: After we offered you our help, you ended the war with GT. I don’t think this was just casual, But not only that, you decided for the 5th time to make another alliance to try to take ACP down. Most of the Armies you conviced in where because of Mammoth as an excuse, but somehow the “Confederation of Mammoth” tried to Invade Ice Breaker,Brumby,Grizzly and Mammoth. I wonder what (Besides taking ACP down) would you want from this? SF invaded your Capital

Ice Warriors: I completly understand you may have joined this for Frozen, but Join the Nachos? Join their alliance? Maybe you could’ve invaded Frozen alone without needing Nacho’s help.

Golden Troopers: At first you helped Nachos, then ACP, then Nachos, then you got out of the war, which is completely acceptable and understandable. But I wonder what has ACP ever done to you that you decided a bit to go against us?

Team Gold: Once again my question is, What has ACP ever done to you that you decided to go against us AND invade Grizzly? “Revenge” was the first answer I got, but from what? Did we invade you? or… Should we Invade you?

Night Warriors: Same reason as IW, Frozen. But you didn’t attend anything or go against ACP at all.


DCP/SF/RPF: Thanks for helping us this war, you were of extreme help. DCP  for helping us at battles, SF for distracting Nachos and taking Fjord and RPF for distracting Nachos at Fjord and Blizzard


Defense of Brumby: We had a great turnout on this one. It was the first defense this war so most of us were excited and did a Great job. Victory post Here and Written Story Here

Defense of Ice Breaker: This one was Mainly against Team Gold, which we outnumbered 4 to 1 most of the battle and that made us win along with our Tactics. When Nachos showed up DCP fought them at the Snow Forts. We used the Stealth bomb and claimed victory after. Victory post Here and Written Story Here

Defense of Mammoth: I couldn’t attend this one, So I thank alot Motor and Bob for being there and lead. This was the most Important battle this war, and we won it. IW didn’t come so it was against Nachos and TG. Victory Post Here and Incredible Written Story Here

Defense of Frozen: IW didn’t attend, so the Invasion was cancelled and we keep Frozen. Victory Post Here

Defense of Grizzly: Probably one of the closest battles we had, TG gave a good fight, and due to none of our Owner Ranks being on, Mchappy lead ACP to Victory Here . Absence of Leaders was mostly due to Argentina vs Mexico. Same happened to some TG ranks.

Invasion of Sub Zero: This one was won by the Confederation. We weren’t able to claim rooms and it was too early that once again Division Generals lead.

ACP Stories?: This person was added as Author possibly last Weekend, I didn’t notice him in the user list but He’s an Author and is writing excellent stories for us.

<Note to Nachos>
See Dry’s post Here

It must be hard to see post after post on your site saying we can’t win, ACP is too good, and then post after post on how bad the soldiers are for not listening, leaving battles, not showing up to fight. Thankfully our soldiers care, they care about pride, they care about winning. When the bells of war ring out, they run to answer the call. They use their training like a well oiled machine and it shows in our victories.

<CPA Central Top Ten>


  1. The Army of Club Penguin
  2. The Nachos of Club Penguin
  3. Ice Warriors
  4. Golden Troops
  5. Night Warriors
  6. Team Gold
  7. Doritos of Club Penguin
  8. Watex Warriors
  9. Icy Troops
  10. Snow Fighters


Overall, this post was made for everyone to see how the war Is going, but I have to say,

This War is not over


Results of Defense of Grizzly

Team Gold decided to Invade Grizzly from ACP today. I wasn’t able to be there for the Defense, So I thank Mchappy for Leading. I believe from what I’ve heard we won and Succesfuly defended our server, but lets allow the Pictures to talk by themselves:
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