Defense of Snow globe

Ken: My internet is finally fixed. I can go back on chat and cp now.

A small army, the Elite Romans have decided to Invade Snow Globe from ACP. Their main reason to do this is to get more famous just for attacking us, So lets show up at Snow Globe to give a fight, and end up recruiting! 😆

Defense of Snow Globe

When- July 5th
Where- Snow Globe, Town
Who- ACP vs ERCP


1:00pm PST
2:00pm MST
3:00pm CST
4:00pm EST
:arrow:9:00pm UK (Uk time is now fixed)

Note to ERCP – Your times are wrong, So we took “PST” as the main timing and changed all times to that Zone.

A hit on June

July has arrived here. A month of plain Summer (or Winter for Autralia, Africa, South America) to have plenty of fun! But first, lets take a review on what happened during June regarding visitors and hits: 


We achieved the mark of 100,000 hits, and passed it to 110,171. As you can see, we haven’t had that many since December and January. Thats 5 months! We’ve made a good proccess in the month of June 

This month the Chat page was the most visited, with 14,729 (Almost 15,000!) 

The Join page this month didn’t step back, and had 3,640 visits to it (with about 2,000 written comments!) 

Average ammount of searches by Google on June were 11526 (Good work recruiting!) 

And, to not forget our performance on battles on June: 


Pictures above were taken from Random posts from old Invasions/Defenses/Practice Battles held this month. About 80-90 Soldiers each Scheduled event on weekends this month. I can say we will hold that #1 Army Spot and defend it proudly.

Overall, I can say I’m proud of the great work everyone did on June, and I’m hoping to see the same Enthusiasm, Dedication, and of course, Fun on July!


Chat is out of control

Hey guys! I know I’m not ACP leader but i need to let all of you know something. Mods and Owners we have a new generation of members. We are gonna have to watch more often cause they dont know or follow the rules very often. So for those of you who don’t know them I’m gonna list them.

1. No cursing –
No swearing on the chat, the flip emote and censored swears are also counted as swears. Swearing in PC is also not allowed.

You all know what cursing is. Its bad words your not supossed to say. In ACP Chat we are child friendly. This also includes the flip and censored swear emote.

2. No innapropriate topics –
This goes from anywhere to sexual topics to drug topics.<br>No Racism OR Sexism OR Ethnicism– No saying anything racist or sexist or
 ethnicist. Kick,then Guest,Next Ban.

This means no racism or being sexist. Racism would be making fun of someone of someone different. You wouldn’t want it done to you so don’t do it either. Being sexist would be if your a guy your mean twoards girls and the other way around for girls. This you wont wanna do either

3. No Mentioning anything related to Homosexuality for any Gender.
Punishment for this can be higher than 2 hours of

This means no mentioning the topic of men like men or if woman like woman. You also may not make fun of them. We accept all in ACP.

4. No spamming –
Spam stands for Stupid pointless annoying messages, This means no saying things like “FJKWERKJWER” or smilies/audies over and over. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED 3 MOVING SMILIES ON YOUR NAME. Kick 2 times then Guest

Spam is when you make random stuff and say it on chat. It lags and wipes out other messages. You can’t spam with smileys or audies either.

5. No advertising –
Do not come and advertise your chat or site, Youtube and photobucket links are allowed. Kick 2 times then guest

You can’t link your site or chat. If someone links a site sponsored by ACP like the ACPTV site or an ACP post Club Penguin and other needed links thats ok. If you need to link someone PM or PC them it.

6. Don’t say things that you know will cause a fight.
Kick/Guest/Ban depending on the Situation

Basicaly don’t do something you know will cause a fight like YOU STINK or YOUR UGLY. This will start a fight and we don’t want that. This rule seems to be the most broken one because i see many fights on ACP Chat.
7. No innapropriate doodles –
Don’t put innapropriate images on the doodle. Being caught doing this is a Kick The drawing erased

Doodle is not a place where you can cuss and draw inapropriate images. If you do this you will be kicked and have the drawing erased.

8. Don’t ask for personal info –
Do not request to see pictures, phone-numbers, ect. Doing this on Main Chat or Private chat will be Guest

Basicaly don’t go asking people where they live or their phone numbers. If you need a leaders email just ask them. They have a special ACP email.

9. No cyber bullying –
Don’t pick on people. Kick,then guest-ban

Another rule i see being broken alot. This would also go in the catagory of don’t start fights. We are a child friendly chat and we do not accept bullying of any kind.

10. Do not mod unfairly –
Only mod people: 1.) Who have the correct rank to be a mod 2.) Were Hand-Picked 3.) Are approved to be a mod by the Leader

Owners this goes twoards you. Don’t mod someone cause they are your friends or they will give you powers and days. Only mod those who must be moded.

11. Don’t ask to be a mod or an owner –
You won’t get it just by asking.

Basicaly if you ask you wont get it. Plus its just annoying.


Basicaly no capital letters LIKE THIS. It’s annoying and laggy.

13. No Trading Penguins/Xat/Days.
This is a Kick,then a Guest-Ban

Don’t sell or trade. If you say can i buy a day or selling powers pc me would count.

Well I hope this helped you all.