Frozen Back

Good News for some, bad news for some. The defense of Frozen has been cancelled tomorrow BUT just for ACP. Why? Well, since we invaded Frozen IW has been trying to recover it.

Therefor, ACP hereby donates the server of Frozen to the Golden Troopers

July 3rd will be a peaceful day for our Nation, considering we will not need to handle with the stress of getting on Club Penguin for 240 Minutes (4 hours) to defend a server and then have a huge argument over CPA Central over who won.

100% of Frozen is given to GT. So if IW wants it from us, then bad luck we don’t have it anymore. We hope GT reconsiders which side they are in, and so IW.

We still have servers on our Nation really useful to Recruit, We can survive without Frozen 😉

We have some Sombreros to handle.


Back strategy


View The Webcomic Here


I will be posting these webcomics weekly.

Basically, I thought all of ACP needed a dose of laughter. =P

Comment what you think! =D

-Div, Creator Of Roflol