Frozen Back

Good News for some, bad news for some. The defense of Frozen has been cancelled tomorrow BUT just for ACP. Why? Well, since we invaded Frozen IW has been trying to recover it.

Therefor, ACP hereby donates the server of Frozen to the Golden Troopers

July 3rd will be a peaceful day for our Nation, considering we will not need to handle with the stress of getting on Club Penguin for 240 Minutes (4 hours) to defend a server and then have a huge argument over CPA Central over who won.

100% of Frozen is given to GT. So if IW wants it from us, then bad luck we don’t have it anymore. We hope GT reconsiders which side they are in, and so IW.

We still have servers on our Nation really useful to Recruit, We can survive without Frozen 😉

We have some Sombreros to handle.


Back strategy

20 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. 2nd

  3. ok i dont care about 1 2 3 4 …… ok i may not get to come idk cuz my dad is coming from texas and he is in the navy but idk wat time hes coming …

  4. ok hes coming back 1 am tommorrow so i can make it i was going to see about a other army cuz i want to see how many more ppl are there im not joing i just wanted to see but i didnt make it i forgot but im staying in this army till im to old for club penguin ….

  5. ‘we have some sombreros to handle’ rofl

  6. And since Gt recieved the server in less than 24 hours from Iw’s invasion whether we win or lose the defence of Frozen tomorrow its still ours and for the server Gt is highly greatful.

  7. Sounds good I guess, though since I have been very unactive lately I was hoping to see some action =(.

    Lt. General~Happyman444

  8. Epic idea Matre, just epic. Skloop’s army needed a decent server for recruiting.

  9. Wow. You’re this desperate?

  10. wow thats too bad I was hoping for my first battle but if you think it’s best then I’ll live with it.

    Ps Go acp!

  11. @ Pie- Says the one invading sf for a misunderstanding. Really?

  12. Seriously Pie?

  13. Frozen really wasn’t that much of a ‘Recruiting Server’! Sometimes it wasn’t Full at all really. I hope GT uses it well 🙂

  14. Wow pie… seriously! Nobody wants to be on for four hours battling. And we didnt use Frozen that much anyways.

  15. I say desperate because you guys are trying to get them to be allies with you.

  16. u wish u could get allies pie

  17. why donate frozen? we invaded it why donate it to gt?

  18. I made a public penguin account. username: Gary 001, password: gary001. anyone can use it, i dont care.

  19. I remember having a friend point out to me once, “Someone should go tell the Nachos how much their hats look like targets…” 😛


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