Defense of Snow Globe – Success

2 Hours after the Invasion of Mountain, we defended Snow Globe from an Army named ERCP. Seeing as their reason to declare war on us and Invade ACP was to get publicity, we won’t go on war with them as they were recently created and need to grow. Relationship towards them will be Neutral

The battle started at 1:00 PM PST, ACP was already at the Town with no Sign of any ERCP soldier. We went to check their chatbox and it was completely empty.

We ended up doing a recruiting session at the town and then logged off

Thanks to everyone who made it! Although this wasn’t a really big battle, It still got us some recrutis 😉


ACP- The Takedown Filming.

Hey guys! I know were in a war and thats why I’m placing times well. Its obvious this war is gonna last awhile and I need to get it started now so here are the times and date and chat.

Time: 1 PM EST

Date: July 6th


I hope I’m not clashing into any battles and if I am this will be moved an hour later. To join the movie sign up here!  If you don’t sign up there you are not allowed to be in the movie. Cya!


Results of Invasion of Mountain

The battle on Mountain started at 10:00 Penguin Standart Time, when ACP was at the Town and Nachos came to charge us in. We battled at the Town for 5 minutes, and the Nachos retreated to the Snow Forts. We used this advantage to claim the Town

When some Rogue Nachos came back, we Defended the Town with a Fart Bomb

We then moved to the Dock, which we waited for the Nachos but they didn’t come, so we claimed it aswell

We marched together to the Ski Village, and waited for the Nachos that were located at the Beach. Nachos came and we battled till they Left to the Iceberg, Nobody knows Why

And we claimed the Ski Village

Right after, we moved on to the East side of Club Penguin, to the Forest. Nachos followed us there, but they left to the Cove

We followed Nachos to the Cove, they had a Line at the Rock. There weren’t many Nachos so we claimed the Cove, Did nachos admit defeat by now in this picture?

With Nachos out of the Server, we scouted the Plaza, and claimed it Just in case 😆

We went from the Plaza to the Pool. The room quickly got full and as soon as we were about to claim the 7th Room, Club Penguin crashed and we logged off with a succesfuly Invasion of Mountain.

Overall Soldiers on this Battle [ACP]: 50-60

Overall Soldiers on this Battle [Nachos]: 10-15

Comment if you were there!