Reporting Unfair Bans

To all the Members: If you have been unfairly banned there is a button that comes up allowing you to send basically a picture of the last 5 minutes to matre and myself so you should use it. I advise that you put your email in so Matre or I can respond should it be an inappropriate ban.

I can see your id number on the picture so if you are sending it just to waste time then I will find you and ban you myself for abusing the unfair ban button.

Remember, there are a list of rules under chat. Follow them and you will not be kicked or banned (If the mods are being good mods).

To all the Mods: I will keep track of all the unfair bans that you commit that are sent to me. I will be passing these on to Matre so watch yourself. Also remember that the rules under the chat apply to you guys too. Mods do not have invincibility for the caps rule nor do owners have invincibility for that rule unless the mod or owner is leading during a battle/event.


ACP: The Takedown Filming. :O

Hey guys! Wow today was great! No body gave trouble and we got a good amount done. So anyway since its summer and since there seem to be not many battles tommorow we will do this at the same time. So here is the info.

Date: July 7th

Time: 1 PM EST


Wow this movie is going better than I expected. So cya tommorow!


The Hush/ Summer events.

As the post say’s the Hush. During war time a leader will use hush to calm everyone down so you can listen to the orders. Anyway’s when you get hushed it says i have gaged (name) for 10 seconds-1 minute. YOU WERE NOT THE ONLY PERSON GAGED/HUSHED. what you can see is on the side of your name a circle. It has a red circle on the outside and inside of it is all white with a red line going threw the middle. That mean’s you have been hushed if you look down the xat chat user list almost everyone will have that same circle that means they were also hushed not just you. So what i have to say is just wait for it to be over don’t go like WHY DID YOU GAG ME WHATS GOING ON THIS IS UNFAIR HELP ME. Just simply wait for it to be over.

The reason why i made this post is because a lot of you are freaking out over it and making a biger deal then what it really is i hope now you won’t freak out over it.

Ok over the summer theres been something big each summer since 2007

2007- Club Penguin world war 3.

2008- ACP almost destroyed and many leadership changes and just nothing but trouble.

2009- Walrus attack’s

2010- The war that is going on right now.


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Fourth ‘o July

Happy Fourth, everyone!

Try not to blow up your hand with a firework! (Learn from Cat’s mistakes on the fourth, too.)

And remember, don’t wave a sparkler near your hair!

Divotoo, Creator of Roflol.

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