Echo vs N.E.D.

– Battle Moved to Friday, Same Times –

Sorry for the late notice guys, I’ve been off all day today for a Birthday Party and some other life events, Including the Semi-Finals were Germany Lost, (Sorry, just had to add that 😆)

Anyways into our next event, N.E.D. (Nacho European Division) wants to have a PB with our Echo Division. I know we didn’t have much time to organize our Divisions since we changed them again, and the war going on, but I know that we can give a battle without that much notice for most of our Echo soldiers.

When: Friday 9th July
Server: Klondike, Start at the Plaza

Times:11:00 AM PST
12:00 Noon MST
1:00 PM CST
2:00 PM EST
7:00 PM GMT (United Kingdom)

Note: Although Echo’s color is blue, Everyone wear GREEN as this is not an Alpha vs Echo Drill

Note #2: Seeing as this is a chance to let Division Generals lead, I’ll hand it over to them and be there to help on the PB

Note #3: If you don’t have a Division yet, you can assist to the event anyways.


ACP: The Takedown filming/Disapointed

Speeder: Heey guys. Just saying sorry for this post being out late it got deleted the 2 times I put it up.

Hey guys! Well you know I’m starting with info on filming!

Date: July 8th

Time: 1 PM EST


Also guys I need you to behave more. 2 days ago you listneed and did what I said. Today it took almost 2 hours to get 3 small parts done. You need to go where I tell you dont talk about random crud and not do something we tell you not to. I do not mind firing anyone from the movie. I will fire anyone who does not behave. I hope tommorow isnt that bad.