Alpha Tactics Session

Ken: Alpha will meet on Alpha chat so be there at the time of the event

I want to schedule another tactics session for Alpha to work on our tactics, formations etc. We will be practicing stuff like charging, joke bombing, circles just to name a few.

Remember this is for Alpha Division only.

When: Sunday 11th of July

Where: Snow Fort, Snow Forts


12:00 PM PST

1:00 PM MST

2:00 PM CST

3:00 PM EST

Please comment if you can  make it!


Re-Invasion of Tundra

Over the past few days I’ve noticed many armies are “claiming” tundra or are invading tundra so we will be re-invading it just to make sure no one else claims it’s theirs, So I wouldn’t call it an invasion, more like a clearance.

When: Saturday 10th July
Server: Tundra, Start at Town

Times:– 4:30 PM PST
– 5:30 PM MST
– 6:30 PM CST
– 7:30 PM EST
– 12:30 AM GMT (United Kingdom) :(If we win, We will be giving WW & RPF (Allies and Past history on this server) a land grant. WW has been sharing it with us for at least 5 months from now and Tundra is a server that means a lot to RPF.

Comment if you can make it!



Only needed is the times.

Date: 7/9/10

Time: 1 PM EST



Echo vs N.E.D. – Results

^^ Flower Bomb!

^^ Igloo Bomb!

^^ Clover Bomb!

^^ Puffle Bomb!

^^ Fart Bomb!

^^ Joke Bomb!

^^ Circle!

^^ Up-Sidedown T!

^^ Diagonal Line & Nachos Fail Bomb

Retrieved from Echo Division Website


N.E.D. didn’t show up at all. Dawg (Who was gonna lead Nachos) left to have Dinner and handed the battle to Tan (Who was AFK) and Nachos didn’t log on. Echo ended up doing a Tactics Session being lead by Mchappy.

A quote to share:

There was tonnes of ACP at the town (there was even more at the plaza). Barely anyone was getting on Klondike, they were beating us.

To Nacho’s accusing us of using all ACP instead of just Echo, This is not true. I wasn’t able to attend the PB this time, But I never ordered Alpha soldiers on. There was 90% Echo and 10% Unexperienced people that join on Club Penguin, and Soldiers without Divisions. Besides, If we can get average 70-100 recently, Can’t this 40 Soldiers that were on proove that it was just 50% of ACP?


In other News: The octopus from Germany named Paul said that Spain will win the Finals and Germany will beat Uruguay for 3rd Spot. [That’s actually not a joke]

Bob: ACP Major General, Kong7, is leaving for about a month.