War (With Nachos) is Over

Bob: Sorry to say but I dont think this was a World War. During the middle of the war it sure looked like it could be one. But it was a great war and we have more to come.

Yesterday on chat Pie came on to surrender to ACP on this war, But today Ads (Nacho Leader) proved this statement right by making a full post which you can read Here¬†, which explains he’s back from his vacations and that ACP officially wins this War, which lasted about 20 days. We fought over several servers such as Brumby, Ice Breaker, Mammoth, Blizzard, Sub Zero, Frozen and Mountain. As we have worked together since all the month of June, and July we were victorious at all our defenses and succesfully invaded 1 out of 3 servers (Mountain, Sub Zero, Blizzard).

During this war we earnt many things, and achieved some aswell. Thanks to this war we were able to become able to get on Club Penguin more often doing this summer, recruit more and have fun at all those battles. The battle with most soldiers was the one at Brumby in which we were able to reach 110 ACP Uniformed Penguins and arround 70 people online on our chatbox.

Once again and for like the 5th time Nachos attempt to destroy ACP by gathering up allies and the results end with ACP winning, and Nachos getting 4-12 at their last event

Today we have the Re-Invasion of Tundra, so try to attend!