Major Army Leaders Meeting


Also There is a Senate Meeting on Thursday:


We haven’t had a major army leaders meeting in a while, and there’s a few things to talk about and that should be addressed so I would like to hold a Leaders meeting. Only leaders and 2ics are allowed to come to the meeting from the army.

Armies invited to the meeting

Army of Club Penguin (2ic’s allowed)

Nachos (2ic’s allowed)

Golden Troops

Night Warriors

Watex Warriors (2ic’s allowed)

Doritos of Cp

Ice Warriors (2ic’s allowed)

Icy Troops

Team Gold

Roman Fire Warriors

And CPAC reps are also welcome to come. Not everyone who’s an authors on CPAC though.

Any other armies who aren’t on the list will NOT be membered, this isn’t because we think your small or anything it’s just because we can’t have too may people at the meeting.

Meeting info.

Major Army Leaders Meeting ONLY

When – Tuesday, July 13th

Time – 10:00am pst/1:00pm est

Where – Chat will be given out on right before the meeting starts

Why – To talk about major issues

Leaders if you could please post this on your sites.

And I know many of the people here will hate each other because of past or current problems, but you must try to get along just for this one meeting even if you really hate someone there, or else you will be excused from the meeting.

-This is War

-Luc Acp Co-Leader

To All Senators/To All Acp Members

Senators now have the option of using the forum to help with their senate meetings. In the forum there is a private section only for people in the senator group. In that part of the forum you can submit bills for people to improve on and you can also submit ideas to be turned into bills.

To access this go to:

Make an account or login to your existing one. Then send myself (Shab)  or Dryvit (Dryvit) a private message on the forum with your name and one of us will put you into the senator group. If I find out that you are not a senator I will ban you.

I suggest putting any bills you wish to present at the senate meeting Thursday (See Below For Details.



There is also a new feature on the forums. Soldiers can request their own groups to be made and they can also request to have their own private or public section of the forum. Details are in the “Whats New” topic.

I suggest that all current acp members at least make and activate an account for themselves incase the forums are used more in the future.


Senate Meeting

Due to high demand, a Senate meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 3:00 pm Eastern, 2:00 pm Central, 1:00 pm Mountain, 12:00 pm Pacific and 8:00 pm GMT. All Senators should plan on attending. If the same Senators who have not attended meetings fail to attend, new Senators will be voted in to keep the ACP Senate moving forward. Being a Senator is not just a title you put in your chat name. It is a responsibility you have to represent your fellow soldiers for the benefit and good of the ACP. If you have no intention of attending, do your fellow soldiers the honor of stepping down, and allow those who strive to contribute a chance to do so.

What: Senate Meeting

When: Thursday July 15, 2010


Time: 3:00pm Eastern..see above for all time zones..

Dryvit~ Senate VP and Grand Poobah~