Active Count! (Lt.Colonels – Master Generals)

Retirement of Acp 2nd in Command, Lucario –

Retirement of Acp 3rd in Command, Jediseth –

Ken: I would like to congratulate our new 3ics…Mchappy and Aero!

Aero:My edit colour is yellowgreen.ALso i ll be inactive this thursday,friday,saturday cause i have to visit my grandparents house 😉

Hello Soldiers,

Well, after almost a month of not finsihing the active count, the last one will be this one. All ranks of: Lt. Colonel, Colonel, Brig. General, Major General, Lt. General, and Master General MUST comment on this post.

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Surprise Quick Low-Ranks Promotions!

If you read my previous post, I announced that the war was over. This means that we will no longer (at least for now) be invading Nachos. I would like to find a way to thank those that think they “Don’t get noticed” by the leaders or would like a promo for their hard work at the Invasions/Defenses we had.

Both combined, on this post those that are on the Rank Corporal to the rank 1st Lieutenant that comment will be given a Single Promotion.

Please fill in a comment with the following:

What’s your name on the ranks?

What’s your current rank?

When did you join ACP?

Once again we all thank you for being here to make ACP the biggest Army in Club Penguin and helping us win this war!

Note: This post closes on Thursday, So It will help proove you are active aswell!



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Hiring All Epic Idea Peoplez

No, not really hiring..

I just am open to all comic ideas. You may also request a comic.

That’s all..

-Div, Roflol Creator