Practice Battle with GT


Noka Another army was hacked by an army this person was a formor acp warent officer.

Mchappy: Today I have Play-Offs for Soccer up North of my City and if we win the first Game (Starting at 7:00 PST), than my Team will be staying up North. I have a 50% chance of not coming to this Event 😐 I know I’m the new 3iC and I need to prove I’m Active, but this next Week my WHOLE Scheduled is filled. I hope you can all understand – Oh! And kick GT’s butt… Rawr :3

Luc edit – I need to talk to whoever is in charge while matre is gone when they get on chat

Ias: OMG superdy uperdy cool post HERE.

Mchappy: Matre messed up on the Day…Again 😆 Don’t worry it should be fixed now! I went with that it’s on Saturday, which is the 17th.

Aero:I am back home.I visited my grand parents house for 3 days.

GT wants to have a battle with us on Saturday, so why not? With the music jam being there, we could possibly rock out at the stages with a party right after the battle is over ❗ Here are the times:

Server: Frozen
When: Saturday July 17th


  • 11:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 PM MST
  • 1:00 PM CST
  • 2:00 PM EST
  • 7:00 PM UK

This is a Very Important battle considering it will decide the next Top Ten judging on how we do. I know this will be  a good battle, and we will have a great turnout, so try to be there!

Comment if you can make it!


Changes to Executive Branch

[Executive Branch: Owner Ranks]

We recently lost 2 great Soldiers on 2 Retirements. Luc & Seth. They both gave their best as Head/Commander Generals for the months they were in the Ranks, and today we say Good-Bye to them and see them Retire after serving for the Biggest Army of Club Penguin.

For those of you that haven’t noticed, 2 new Commander Generals have been promoted, and Somebody else was Temporary Promoted to Head Commander

General of the Army: Matre10
Head General: Bobcatboy10, Klug1234, Motor 20 (Temp)
Commander General: Kenneth1000, Noka11, Aero Master, Mchappy


Congratulations to both Aero and Mc for their skills and Promotions to 3rd in Command. Also Congratulations to Motor 20 who will be serving as Head General for the next 3 Weeks while I’m on Vacations.

New Division Generals will be picked in the next Few days to fullfil their services as Back-up Generals of Echo & Alpha. Once again Congratulations and Good Luck new Members of the Executive Branch!


Going Away for 3 Weeks

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Aero here :D

Hi ACP.I am aero master acp current 3rd in command..I ll try help matre and other leaders lead this  army with 100+ active soldiers xD.I ll do my best.Congratz to mchappy for his 3ic spot too.

Here few things about me:

  • I joined acp january 2009
  • My edit colour is green yellow xD
  • I like waffles  xD

I dont know what to write about.I ll post new events soon.

~aero master~

The Golden Doors Have Opened

Recruited at 3:50 PST:

I was lagging, sorry for the =/+ thing 😛 !


THIS – Shall be it for now…


I am Mchappy, most of you are all my close Friends. Some of you barely know me;Some of you could possibly hate me. “The Golden Doors Have Opened” for me, I am now facing what I have wanted. My biggest Journey starts here! I will walk side-by-side with you. Helping you cross that River or cross the next set of “Golden Doors”.

I am the newest ACP 3iC!!! Some of you might of known that by know. I, Mchappy, with all my Power that I can use will make ACP the best Army out there (We already are :mrgreen: ) Today along side me Aero was also picked as 3iC. We will become the best 3iC Team. Ever. We will take ACP into new heights.

ACP will be more epic than the Boomer Ages!!! We can become the better than you think we are now. We will be better than anything you’ve seen. We will grow to 100+, than 150+, than we will help others. That is a big goal! But we can totall demolish that goal.

Today is a new Day. Hello, ACP;And welcome to a bright future,


-Rawr ;3

-I love you Twingy!

I call ethier Green, Blue or Red Editing Colors

Shortest Retirment in the History of Major Army Leader History

For the last time and forever….. there is so much to say, but no words can be used to express it… except….

-Luc, Ex-Acp Co-Leader, Ex-WW Leader, Ex-Bleu’s Best friend… Ex-Lucario564

…It’s by doing whatever that one becomes whoever

The End, Retirement of JediSeth


Deuteronomy 31:6

Reasons For Retirement:

  • Taking away my life
  • Too stressful
  • Would rather not have this show up in my future. (Jobs, Family, etc.)
  • I’m going nowhere, this will not help me in the future, it did with some grammatical terms or learn new words, from good to bad, but nothing that important, unless if I plan to be someone who does that for a living.
  • I’ve finished the race, no I did not reach leader, but I reached the point to have the ability to retire, I made it far in this army, the largest army in Club Penguin.

Onto the Goodbyes (Yes, I lied to some.) Some of these are in order, some are not.

SeaneHawk: Best Friend for a very long time, You’re most likely not reading this, but please email me back for once.

CapnCook: “All I play is Halo” Thanks, I’ll see you on Reach.

IceFin: On the wild side, but you’re awesome at MW2 and Halo, Good luck in life.

Foxtails: I enjoyed talking to you in pc, even if it was mostly about Seane 😆

Matre: Good job, you made it to leader, and you are a great one.

Bob: I don’t have much to say, but thanks for a lot of things you’ve done for me.

Motor: I’ll Check out IOT when it Comes out.

Mchap: Sorry for kind of leaving you hanging on Echo…

Div: I love you’r Roflols, You’re pretty dang good at editing.

Speed: You now own ACP TV Live, I’ll tell you anything you need to know about it.

Aero: Thanks, I enjoyed talking to you in pc.

Dryvit: A little on the Strict side, but that can be good a lot of times.

Fort: I’ll See you in Narnia 😆

Dragon: You’re Epic at Drawings and I’ve had a lot of fun on chat at times.

Noka: No more pills, or you go to the wackyshack.

Omega39: Amazing guy, Love the verse you use for RPF.

Blueh: A little to perverted, but you’re still fun to play with on xbox live, as long as you’re not screaming into your mic.

Boomer: One of the best leaders. Sorry for all those pointless emails I sent you.

Toe: I got your toe 😈 Awesome Friend, You are quite huggable.

Fiasco: You are now in this post. Be a Good Therapist 😮

Pie: Umm, Thank you… I guess… 😆

Axe: Oh, it’s always fun for you to pc me and tell me that you just owned this member. 😛

Fiddyy: Get a life, No one is scared of you, if you want to be a hot shot, play it right.

Sorry if I missed any of you all.

I have a few last Requests after I retire.

1. That I stay at least  moderator on ACP Chat

2. That Capncook gets my rank.

3. I stay an editor, if this too much, at least a Contrib, because I have a few posts I plan to do after I retire.

I’ve finished the Fight… Onto the Next.

Read the End of my Story at:

JediSeth, Retired 3ic.