Tactic Session

Mchappy: This whole week I will be gone from 9:30 CST-3:30 CST! I will still get on and be Active, but those times I have to go to some summer camp thing 😕

Mchappy forgot the a in Tactic, 😆 so Ken fixed it. Isnt he kind?

Aero:Sorry acp but i cant make it.Its too late for me.

I would like to see ACP’s Military Power go up, Tactics would be a good way to help us. A Tactic Session is when you work on certain things to beat another Army. Like ACP’s Famous Clover Bomb (E+L Bomb), or ACP’s Famous Hamster Bomb! Workings on these and many more ‘Tactics’ we have will make us become more Powerful. Yes we are already Number 1 Army, but it never hurts to keep on getting better and better.

What? ACP Tactic Session!

When? Monday, July 19th

Server? Snow Fort – Meet at Town

Times? 1:30 PST ↔ 2:30 MST ↔ 3:30 CST ↔ 4:30 EST ↔ 9:30 GMT

Why? Grow on Military Power


  • Listen to an ACP Leader

  • Never follow N00bs on CP whom say: “ACPZZ FELLOWW MII!!1!!1_1!_”

  • Wear the ACP Uniform or as close as possible

  • Recruit in-between Tatics

  • Pay attention on Chat and CP

  • Do not corupt ACP Chat


I’m sorry it’s late for GMT, I wanted to make an Event and be able to make that Event! I’m truly sorry and please try in all your Power to get on. I hope to see many of you there :mrgreen: