Un-Scheduled Event||Division Updates Bill

Thanks to Oagalthorp, ACP had an Un-Scheduled Event today! I must say it was really good. Oagalthorp, Bobcatboy10, Motor20 and I (Icey Cold27) all lead. You guys listened nicely and you follwed orders well. I’m really glad we went through the Tatics. Keep on paying attention on Chat. I managed to get a decent Picture – If you have any Pictures Comment here! – I will Post them up here :mrgreen: .

My only Picture, sorry for bad quality, I was in a rush and Chat was just… Chat 😯


The Division Updates Bill was a Bill that got passed in the Senate, but was never put into use. Today that will be changing! I will be making a Weekly Post on Friday’s and make sure everyone knows what is going on in Divisions and that they remember to sign-up or Join.

  • Echo is an ACP Division! At the momment all they are doing are Events. I believe they have gotten 10-15 on CP latley and are really close to Full Chats. They use to be ACP’s Best Division 4 Months running, though they took a fall and are now re-building. Their Site is: http://acpechodivision.wordpress.com and their Chat is: http://xat.com/echoacpdivision .
  • Alpha is an ACP Division! I’m really proud of this Division, because they are really rising. They have done so much improvement and Post everyday! They are in an Active Count and many Events. They are still working on getting more people to their Events. Their Site is: http://alphaarmyofcp.wordpress.com and their Chat is: http://xat.com/thealphadivisionofACP .
  • ACPTR stands for Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment! This is for new ACP Soldiers who want to learn more about CP Warfare and ACP. If you graduate than you get Promoted;How cool is that?! They just had a Spy Class and are having some Events. ACPTR is one of our best Divisions!!! Their Site is: http://acpbootcamp.wordpress.com OR http://acptr.co.cc and their Chat is: http://xat.com/theacptr .

If your a low Rank, Join ACPTR! If your a Medium Rank, Join Divisions (Click HERE To Do So.) Thank you for reading and please Comment :mrgreen:

Thank Rexrulz for this cool Picture!!!

Lol Cool Search Terms || By posting this, I’m wasting space on the ACP site. Woops. =)


Yeah I like these.

Search terms that lead to the ACP site:

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