The Retirement of Fred317

Today we say goodbye to a loyal and dedicated soldier in Fred317.

Well guys you may not know me but i know you im retiring permantently from this Army mainly becuase im tired of the rumors spread by shab on how i attemtped to bring down ACP im one person and im tired of it so my thanks go to Mchappy Ias KG and all the others and shab

leave guys like me alone you possible trator my story with ACP begins late september of last year i joined and a week after we went to war with the crew and i did some notable spy work although no one belives me so i retired and went for SSACP just as it got shutdown and i came back unofficially so bye all of you i will be on chat vry rarely from when i used to.

Just a Little Reminder…


Just a reminder that you should check your division sites as often as you check the ACP site. Make sure you have your division site bookmarked or added on your favorites so you do not forgot to check them. You should check the sites everyday for updates, new posts, events etc.

ACP Alpha Division has a  Alpha Recruiting/Patrol Comment on the Alpha Recruiting/Patrol post if you can make it!

ACP Echo Division is having an Active Count Comment on the Echo active count on the Echo site if you are active!

ACPTR is having a Tactics Session Comment on the ACPTR site if you can make it!

Remember when you check the ACP site do not forgot to check your division site as well. To find out which division you are in check the Divisions page. If you do not have a Division go comment on the Division Registration page to join one.

– Kenneth1000


Retirement of Jet Nugget

Mchappy: I am very sad to see you go, Jet! You were a very smart kid and always loyal to ACP. I hope you continue in your life to be strong and sucessful. Your always a good person no matter what turns out in the end, you have helped me and many others become better people. This is very sad to say goodbye but we all got to say it some time. I’m honured to Post this for you. Good luck in life and hopefully you can check up on us in a while 😥 ?!

Aero:I ll miss you jet.Your the best.What about cpf .If you want pc me on acp chat to talk about it and other important things.

Well ACP, the time for me to retire has finally come. My time on ACP was fun, serious, and it was most of all the best time I have had in my younger years. Since I joined in 2007 I always wanted to be the ACP leader known as “Jet” but it looks like that dream wont come to me. I made it to Master General and now I stand before you all, not in defeat, but as a great victor. My full dream will never be met, but the goals along the way have been. Earn my way up in the ranks like anyone would want, and make friends along the way. I have met many people while in ACP. Some as friends, some as mentors, and some I looked up to, to find the strength to keep going. Before you ask, I will  not become inactive on chat, but I wont be on as much. This is a sad time for me as well as some others that are reading this.
I will now list the people that I have met along my journey. These aren’t just my friends, they are great helps to ACP and have helped me. Please, if I forgot you, ill be sure not to forget you in my mind.
Matre– Well, we have not spoken to each other to much at all. Keep up your great work as a leader.
Shab– Shab, you were leader so many times xD. I think, no matter what anyone else thinks, that you were one of the best leaders of ACP. We shared some good laughs.
Mchappy– Mc, you were of great help to me through-out my years in ACP. I remember when you got to be a Moderator on chat lol. Everyone did the clap emote.
Aber– Aber, we cracked a few jokes here and there, thanks for the great time.
LittleGuy– Well, if it wasn’t for you, I would not have known peg that much. I hope your friendship goes a long way.
Peg– Hope your having a nice time in China. Now go buy some rice for 1.5 yen… or something.
Jack– Well, jack. You have come a long way into ACP. I remember when you joined us hahah. You wanted to be a mod so badly. Also, I think you did great work with ACPTR.
Klug– I hardly know you but I thought I would put your name here because you never talk to meh. Speak or forever hold your peace (shifty)
Boomer– Ah, Boomer. Your “Boomer Era” was the best. Your leadership was amazing, and under your wing, everyone felt like they had courage.
Oagal– Well, with your alzheimer’s you probably don’t remember me xD. You did many things right and steered ACP in the right direction. I like that quote you said about the buildings.
Bob– Im speechless here. Bob, you helped me TOO MUCH hahaha. I would like to give bob credit for me staying in ACP this far. Thanks bob. I cannot explain in words how much you have helped me. You are even temp. ACP leader. I hope you make it all the way.
DJ– doood.
Luc– BTW when I first typed your name I made a spelling error. It said lic (hello). Thanks for your support buddy.

Aero:A great friend, a motivator,a great mentor(to meh 🙂 )
Nodear– You are retired, you left CP life to long ago. We made CPF together and were the best of friends. May peace be with you through out your life.
I have a request that I feel is selfish but are what I have worked for. I would like to stay a moderator on chat to enforce the rules. Not just because of power, I promise you this. Many people have retired but have never had a post. I thank all of those for there duty’s in ACP. I think I have served ACP to the fullest extent at my rank of Master General, which technically I am not anymore. I have done Special Ops, Undercover work, and shown up to every battle of ACP that I could possibly attend too.
My quote for all to remember is this.

“Failure is not an option. It’s a choice.”


Jet Nugget

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Until later,
March on!

Defense of Breeze?

Aero:They are going to invade our server on 20th july.

I was given word that a small army called battle army club penguin is going to invade Breeze. The time it said on the site is at 5est time. While i was looking on their site they only have 500 views and not many men, but it was a planed invasion and it is our job to defend it. I think no one will show up but you never know if they do not show up we could turn it into a recruiting event but only if they do not come.

That is all the info that it said i don’t know if it is worth it but what the heck.